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Milk and cookies.
Hi friends! Thanks for checking out my thread! (ᶫᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ)
Please do not post here, PM me instead. ^^

About Me:
❥ My name is Crybaby, but feel free to call me Cry or Baby.
❥ I'm a long time role player of like over a decade and am currently trying to find a long term partner to RP, be friends, and be creative with! I took a long hiatus from here just due to life getting in the way and mental stuff. (If anyone recognizes or remembers me, hi!!)
❥ I'm a 22 y/o female and would prefer my partner be at least 18+ as I very much enjoy detail, am not afraid of being graphic or in depth with my writing and generally enjoy being a bit more mature in my behavior. (butnotoverlymature)
❥ I'm Pacific US time.
❥ I guess I'm advanced literate? I love to write, and can write upwards of 8+ paragraphs per post with ease. I don't expect my partner to be just as advanced (because I'm excessive and have a too much gene and am absolutely aware of this ahahaha,) but I would like something to work with and reasonable effort. Quality over quantity in my eyes.
❥ I am employed so there will be some downtime in-between replies but I am frequent and very attentive, so expect replies at least every day. Should I miss a few days, always feel free to nudge me. I can be a little scatter brained but I'll often let you know how I'm doing or if there's gonna be some delays.
❥ I do any and all pairings, but I often need different stimuli/story/characters going on so I don't feel trapped in a monotonous romance RP loop.
❥ I LIKE TO TAAAAALK, especially about my feelings in the RP if I get invested so I hope my future RP partner won't mind! I usually do parentheses for OOC.
❥ I'm cool with coming up with plots and all that good stuff if my partner isn't into it and I prefer playing more than one character. The most I've ever played at once was about 20. I do fall into slumps though where I'm not AS creative as I normally am, so a partner that can help me brainstorm and come up with fun goodies or just little sparks of things or ideas would be really fun!

Things I'm into:
❥ MxM, FxF, MxF and everything else. Canon or not is also fine.
❥ Gore, Violence, Death, and other mature content.
❥ Slice of Life, Romance, Fan worlds/plots etc.
❥ Canon characters. I enjoy playing canon characters and take a lot of time in writing for them, and the more of a favourite they are to me, the better I can RP them. In general, though, I can roleplay a lot of canon characters decently well.
❥ Canon x OC. I'm very canon x OC friendly and love seeing OCs. I'm the type of partner who will get invested in OCs and loves learning about them, and frequently asks questions about them. Basically, I will take a great interest in your characters and adopt them as my children.

Fandoms + Info:
Kimetsu no Yaiba
(Demon Slayer) (Soft Close, potential partners in consideration.)
I have watched the anime + read the entire manga so far. Big obsession/special interest atm.
Plot 1: Standard Slice of Life because I love all of my sword children. I haven't really fleshed this one out, am happy to bounce ideas!
Plot 2:
During the late Taisho era and leading into the Early Showa Period, Tanjiro and the Demon Slaying Corps had defeated Muzan and the demon population he had reigned over with a cruel fist for centuries.

During the Postwar Period, shortly after World War II, Japan was devastated. All large cities, industries, and transportation networks were severely damaged while food shortages continued for several years. It was seemingly a dark time for the once reigning country, with countless dead or dying. Those that were not were suffering, birth defects rampant, and recovery seemed as though it would not happen. Doctors were scrambling to heal the wounded and suffering. It wasn't until one particular doctor had seemingly found a miracle concoction, crafted from a peculiar and seemingly mythical flower - the Blue Spider Lily.

At first, the drug worked wonders. Humans were growing better, the fatally wounded were walking miracles, and other doctors fabled it could correct those whose DNA was scrambled or compromised from the nuclear radiation or could cure death. The one who created the drug was revered as a savior among men.
However, as some time passed, people began to notice peculiar side effects in those who were treated. All cases reported the insatiable desire to consume human flesh, their strength was seemingly inhuman, their bodies enhanced to act like lethal weapons. The human psyche within these persons began to break down, reduced to seemingly delirious beasts who were hellbent on the consumption of others. Many were killed and put down, but there were few surviving that did not lose their conscience. Instead, they began to see themselves as Gods. Alongside the side effects of flesh eating and inhuman senses, the wounds they had healed turned into gifts. The blind man who recovered his sight was given the blessing of infrared vision, while the girl with the ruined arm was given an enhanced tool against her enemies.

These remaining creatures, seeing themselves as Gods, were only seen as monsters by the doctors who healed them. The original group of the healed and conscious, after murdering the doctors who had saved them and ridiculed them, had devised among themselves to stay hidden after media reported of their disappearances. They turned similar into a coven. They were demons, demons who would bring a new era among humanity, blessing it with their carnage. Their numbers rapidly grew as they worked in the shadows, mimicking a plague that worked in the night and took more lives than they turned.

Only one man recognized what was happening when the reported incidents of a man consumed and left partially eaten were broadcast to Japan. Tanjiro, elderly and frail now with age, brought together the Ubayashiki Estate and forged a new reign of Demon Slayers. With what knowledge he had, crafted and trained those who had their hearts broken by this new wave of monstrosities. He never thought that this period of peace would have been so short, but if the Corps had done it once, they could succeed again.
❥ Needs a partner that can do soft world building/plot development. This Plot is only bare-bones in my eyes and I'd like to make it *our* RP.
❥ Needs a partner that is comfortable playing potentially many different characters.
❥ Needs a partner that enjoys character dynamics, power play potentials, etc.

Digimon (Closed)
MAIN PLOT: In a highly sophisticated, technologically advanced world, humanity has integrated the digital world amongst their own, creating a joint universe where Digimon and Humans live freely beside one another. Digital tamers and digital breeders are among common occupations of humanity. With the prevalance of Digimon, their quirks, abilities, and companionship have become vital to the survival of humanity as a species.

In the process of converging the two worlds together as one, Legendary Digital tamers sought to eradicate the existence of one of the three types of Digimon: Virus. Seeing the corruption and digital-evolution trees the Virus Digimon brought, legendary Digital tamers felt it to be in the best interest of humanity. A relentless battle ensued between man and the the three types of digital beasts. Neutral digimon, ambivalent to the eradication, became allies with the alias:Good digital beasts and their tamers, forming a large army against the opposition. The two sides fought endlessly, each pushing their limits, until Digimon grew into mythical beasts unseen before. Old scripts and lore explain the appearances of fabled digital monstrosities such as the Seven Great Demon Lords, the Seven Heavenly Warriors, Lucemon, and Apocalymon. Blood was shed, partners were severed forever, and Cyberspace was in chaos. It was said a single, mythical digimon (Ordinemon) was the remaining Digital lifeform that shown forth before the victor, and the wish they recieved had been granted. The present world that was given was the one humans live in today, and it is unknown but is an unspoken truth that after the New World had been created, the remaining survivor manipulated the data of the Cyberspace to erase the memory of the Virus subclass in all digital monsters. Humans are aware now of the Virus digimon, but only in the form of myths, legends, and stories that have been told in the last two centuries.

More stuff if interested:
Digital Tamers undergo extensive testing and training to receive a tamer license.

Although all Digital monster owners have a digital device, not all are permitted to use them outside of emergency situations. Instead, they are seen as a form of authentication and right of ownership to a Digimon, much like an adoption certificate. In order to operate and use the powers of their Digimon or to evolve the digimon in question further, whether professionally, for recreational use, breeding purposes, or for competitive battle or show usage, all digital monster owners must receive a license in some way, shape, or form. As such, and with the strong prevalence of digimon in the cross-bred world, students are often given opportunities to pursue their licenses alongside their educational plans. Many students take the opportunity as it brings more prospects for their future. There are many subtype of licenses, such as botany, machinery, informational technology, etc. but the four core types of licenses are as follows, and often overlap or conjoin with one another, and it is not uncommon for many students to pursue multiple licenses at once on top of their studies;

Monster licenses: These are seen as "Master" researches of a type of digital monsters. Although a much longer license to obtain for certain types of digital monsters, it is without any malice to state that those with this license are experts on the digimon that they possess. Multiple monster licenses may be owned, and it is often encouraged for all owners of a Digimon to have a monster license for the digital monster that they were given.

Breeding licenses: The license to replicate and "breed" their digital monsters. Although digimon do not repopulate in the same manner as typical animals, their data can be extracted by digital breeders and used for the crossbreeding of other digital monsters in order to produce an egg that possesses multiple lineage. Cross breeding enables for digimon who have the possibility of multiple evolutionary lines to achieve them. For example: A Gatomon and Hawkmon cross digital breed would enable the offspring digimon, whether Gatomon or Hawkmon, to digivolve into Silphymon under the correct conditions - without the usage of a DNA Digivolution. Of course, DNA Digivolving is still common, but it is not the popularized route of achieving a specific digimon.
Breeding licenses allow for Breeders to record breeding lineage, write seals of authenticity, and write out certificates for any offspring. Many eggs that become a byproduct of their field of work are sold and that is how many breeders make their living.
To achieve specific breeding requirements, some digimon require further evolution, and in some cases it must be permanent. As a result, many breeders pursue all four of the core licenses for higher degrees of breeding.

Data licenses: With the allowance of subclass "Data" digimon, their has been the possibility and fear of Virus digimon making a resurgance. Due to the nature of data and coding and the possibilities of bugs or corruption, those with Data licenses have the certifications to monitor and check on the data of all digimon through the file searching of Digidevices. As such, Data license users are seen as "Vets" in the modern day world - Digimon are routinely brought in for yearly data checks, where they are closely monitored to make sure that their data has not become bugged or corrupted. Likewise, many people take digimon they have obtained not from a breeder in to check the lineage of a Digimon's coding to better understand it's evolutionary potential.
Data licenses allow for the teaching and instruction of permanent digivolution by sharing or providing the necessary data requirements for permanent evolution, but unless a Tamer and Monster license are obtained, they may not have a digimon exceeding the champion level.

Tamer licenses: This license is given to digital monster owners who intend to either extensively digivolve, compete with their companions, or both! Digital battles are a recreational sport and greatly reverred by the public, often holding competitions that go up to international level. Many tamers who have strong or rare digimon are encouraged to obtain their tamer license and further increase the power their digimon can possess. Those with rare digimon can often come into public fame or enter into appearance-based competitions or shows.
Tamer licenses are what allow for digimon to achieve forms beyond the champion level and keep them permanently in some cases. All digimon are allowed to be at champion level, but anything beyond is strictly prohibited unless a Tamer and a Monster license are obtained by their ally. Many people do not know how to obtain permanent evolutions, and as a result, a Data licenser is employed or a data license is obtained.

Pokemon (Closed)
Nothing fleshed out, but I would like it to be a more mature roleplay. Something similar to Reborn if anyone has played that ROM.

No Game No Life
Again, nothing fleshed out but I have random plot bunnies that can be expanded on.

Boku No Hero (Soft Closed, potential partners in consideration.)
I can and will play canon, but I'm a bit picky with this one as I've been burned by a few partners before.
❥ I am ANIME ONLY (sorry, special thing me and the boytoy watch together) and have seen up to episode 63. I'm gonna binge Season 4.
❥ I am comfortable playing Bakugo, Kirishima, and Todoroki best. I can RP virtually anyone, however, with females being weaker than my males.
❥ Canon x OC is welcomed, with new plot or continuing main plot.

Deadman Wonderland

Pandora Hearts

Long time favourite, I'm a bit rusty on this one knowledge wise.

I finished up the Manga and DAMN DO I LOVE IT. I'd prefer OCs but am also happy to play canon.

Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins)

I also play some popular video games like Overwatch and League of Legends but I'd need to really be sold on a plot to consider either of those.

And that's about it. I may edit or add onto this thread at some point, but as I write this it's rather late and I lack the energy to, aha
Thanks for checking out my thread! Happy Rp'ing! <3
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Milk and cookies.
Bump. I’m tentatively looking for one more partner, but being selective because I have the brain the size of a pea and can’t handle too many things at once

Thread’s been updated on some details and what is/isn’t open anymore. Thanks to everyone who has looked at my thread and sent me pms!!! You da best
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Milk and cookies.
Bump. I updated some stuff.
I might take the time to neaten and elaborate on this and things I want from a partner to make it all easier and more comprehensible to read, but I'm lazy OTL

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