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โ™ฅ memes โ™ฅ

a town with one too many mysteries.

age (17-18)


short bio (in bullet points)

abilities (supernatural) /strengths (human/hunter)


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veronica raquelle antonovich
also known as ronnie
august 18th


โ— โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹

to most, veronica is blunt, snarky with an attitude
that says she couldn't give two fucks about what
anyone thought of her. she comes on really strong,
and will fuck anything that moves. she's deadwood's
resident troublemaker and there's no stopping her.
she likes to raise hell, purely for her own amusement,
though once you get to know her, there can be other
sides to her, sides that are perhaps somewhat kind,
and caring, even if she has her own twisted way of
showing it.

veronica is not incapable of being a nice
person. she just hasn't met anyone worth being nice
to. that's a part of her that's small and she feels like
that shouldn't be wasted on everyone she meets.
veronica can also come across as a bit of a
psychopath. she's a kleptomaniac, despite being
loaded and having the ability to buy whatever she
wants, and she seeks thrill in life. she's an
adrenaline junkie, one with a terrible temper and
a loose tongue, and this alone tends to get her into
trouble far more often than her father would like.
all in all, veronica is not someone you want to have
as an enemy, but at the same time, you'd probably
question your sanity if you had her for a friend.

smoking | alcohol | parties | sex | drugs |
manipulating people to get what she wants |
flirting | playing the piano | drawing |
classical music

being told what to do | not having her way |
failure | rejection | fizzy drinks | losing control
of her powers | humidity | country music | losing


โ—‹ โ— โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹

half djinn | a djinn is very much like a genie, but in a
much more dark and twisted way. instead of giving
you three wishes, they cause you to hallucinate what
you desire, and while you're trapped in the facade,
they leech off of your happy energy till you're an
empty husk with nothing left.

abilities & weaknesses
veronica's father is a full djinn, and so his powers are
much stronger, but his children inherited a good
chunk, altered slightly due to them being half human.
veronica has pyrokinesis, however unlike normal fire,
her fire tends to be a bright blue. she has a
hallucinogenic touch, meaning one touch can cause
severe hallucinations, usually only about something
the other person desires, leaving them in a transfixed
state and incredibly vulnerable. this can work without
touching as well, but it is not as powerful, and does
not last as long.

veronica is, however, unable to tell what another
person desires because while she can force a person
into that fantasy in their mind, she cannot access
that fantasy. and while her father has telepathy as
an additional power, she has it to a certain extent.
she cannot read minds, but this ability makes her
exceptionally good at reading people. veronica can
look at a person and tell if they're lying or hiding
something, but she won't be able to tell what
it's about.

using any of her abilities can drain veronica,
depending on how long she's using them, as well
how intense she needs her powers to be in the
moment. her hallucinogenic touch can backfire if
she's not focusing and multiple uses could plague her
with hallucinations herself, or could cause her to
blackout for a while.

as far as pyrokinesis goes, while she may be
immune and can create fire without needing any kind
of kindling, she cannot get rid of fire. she could stand
in the middle of a blaze and remain unharmed, but
she can't keep other people in the same blaze from
being burned. she can only add to the fire or take it
from one place, and put it somewhere else, or
create gaps in the fire for people to pass through.
fire can't be extinguished by her, except through
natural means, of course, like anyone else.


โ—‹ โ—‹ โ— โ—‹ โ—‹

james antonovich | alive / drug lord with the
facade of a businessman | james cares about both his
children very much. of course, being his only daughter,
james is very protective of veronica, and of course,
she's his princess so he'd do anything for her. that
being said, he has his moments where he takes his
anger out on her and her brothers so as much as
she loves her father, he is also the only person
she's actually afraid of.

unknown | veronica has never known her mother as
she and her twin brother were taken away from her
at birth.

pietro antonovich | older half brother [20] | pietro
works for their dad as well, and is the product of one
of their father's many flings. pietro is less harsh toward
ronnie when it comes to work, but he can definitely
be a scary guy when he wants to be, to just about
anyone else. he, unlike their father, cares more about
safety than the job when it really comes down to it.
pietro feels he has to keep a tighter leash on veronica
because her recklessness is going to get them caught,
but at the end of the day, as his only sister, he watches
out for her constantly.

victor antonovich | twin brother | older by eight
minutes, victor often makes it a habit to remind
veronica that he's older. the twins bicker often, but
they are also as thick as thieves. a dynamic duo, if you
will. when it's work related, they never go without
each other, and while lots are skeptical, they have
something called 'the twin thing', wherein they just
know if something is wrong with the other. it could
also just be the fact that their dad has telepathy and
it was passed down to be stronger between the twins
than anyone else. who knows.


โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ— โ—‹

โ€” ronnie's father had been a bad seed long before he
had kids. he was a well known mob boss in new york.
respected, feared and with a target on his head, not
just by other mobs, but by hunters since they knew
something the public didn't -- they knew what he
really was, and how that helped him move up in the

โ€” his first child came along as a surprise. pietro was
the product of a one night stand between one of the
daughter's of james' enemies. it was more or less
meant to be a trick to throw off the enemy, but it
ended up with her getting pregnant. james played
the role of the devoted father for nine months till
she gave birth, and he twisted her mind to believe
the baby died during birth, when in reality, he took
the baby and raised him on his own.

โ€” knowing the baby was a half djinn, he knew his
mob would become just that much stronger, so he
raised pietro to be like him.

โ€” the incident happened again when he happened
to mess around with an escort on one of his trips to
italy and she ended up pregnant. he did the same
thing and took the twins that were born as a result
for himself.

โ€” ronnie grew up in new york, brought up in the mob
life and raised to be manipulative ever since she could
speak. she and her brothers were good at their jobs
and helped their father rise in the ranks, till he almost
lost his life in a huge shoot out with some hunters.

โ€” after that, james decided a change of scene would
be better to start fresh, but he still had his eyes on
power. he moved the kids to a smaller town,
deadwood, when ronnie was fourteen, and they've
been living there ever since. the twins are the
resident troublemakers, but people know better than
to mess with them because their father has already
made a name for himself there as a powerful
businessman with a lot of people in the palm of
his hand.

fun facts
โ€” ronnie is a fast learner, and unbeknownst to
everyone else, is something of a genius. she picks up
on things quickly, despite giving off the appearance
that she doesn't pay attention in class. she aces her
exams, and has taught herself to be fluent in multiple
languages including, but not limited to, russian,
spanish, french, dutch and italian.

โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—‹ โ—

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๐™จ๐™š๐™š ๐™ฎ๐™ค๐™ช, ๐™จ๐™ฅ๐™–๐™˜๐™š ๐™˜๐™ค๐™ฌ๐™—๐™ค๐™ฎ.


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eat my shorts dummy

ใ€Œ โœฉ * ยบ โ•ณ THE DAEMON ใ€

valentine lili minyard.
only goes by val.
cis-gender female.
bisexual, biromantic.
october thirty-first.
hell (says she's from manhattan, new york).

valentine has never been loud, outgoing simply doesn't run in her veins but she's not a complete introvert either. tiltering between the two, val finds herself stuck in a purgatory that doesn't feel right yet. she's wickedly cunning, dependant on herself and only herself which often leads to stubbornness from her, especially since she comes from a very different background. her words are never blunt, rather, they're picked carefully and laced with sarcasm in reckless attempts to prove herself. to who? well, that's a question that doesn't have an answer.

unlike daemons, valentine has compassion. she can't help herself but care, her heart is bigger than her brain at times and because of it, val is terribly in touch with her emotions. caring but uncompromisingly genuine and outspoken, the daemon is almost wraithlike in remaining always undaunted. she's eccentric in a harrowingly beautiful way, unorthodox in her efforts. she's alluring in a euphoric dream way, while she tries to keep attachments to a minimum โ€” valentine's large heart still finds the sentiment in small motions, in the kindness of someone's eyes, it's overwhelming and new to her all at once, but it's wonderful at the same time.
devious, stubborn, caustic + zealous.
independent, compassionate, outspoken + loving.
candles, vanilla coco-cola, summer days, holidays, dying her hair + cats.
winter, snakes, banana milkshakes, cold weather, alcohol (doesn't affect her as much) + isolation.


โ—‹ no one ever in the family expected the youngest daughter to escape hell and fall in love with a priest from manhattan, let alone to have a child with the sinner. naomi had always been the child in the shadow, the one hiding from the spotlight. james understood her, and they eloped. while naomi lost her daemonic heritage once she said 'i do', the bloodline continued to the baby that was growing.
โ—‹ naomi felt no attachment to the child, worried that the slice of happiness and normality would disappear if james ever found out about where she was from, she knew everything would crumble. james was adamant about not becoming a father, either. favours were priceless in their family, and as time drew near, naomi paid a final visit to her home once more.
โ—‹ lucifer hated kids, or hated seeing them end up in the same realm as him. when his little sister begged for him to take on his niece, he was ready to decline โ€” but, there was something about the kid that he couldn't quite do it. a favour, naomi called it. well, he couldn't decline a favour and promised to do what he could.
โ—‹ valentine grew up on the sidelines, but content. a curious little thing with a terrible case of 'the black sheep' running through her. val's aunt and uncle treated her equal to her cousin, lilith showing more compassion to her male counterpart. growing up, there was always a distance between lucifer and valentine, but that never stopped them from being a semi-functional family.
โ—‹ death, misery and torture was her normality. as much as lilith tried to shelter the children from it, they were bound to see it. unlike her cousin, valentine couldn't help but feel sympathy for the lost souls. no matter the lessons, the teachings and practices she was raised upon, nothing could quite stop her heart from feeling.
โ—‹ by the time she was coming into her teenage years, fights worthy of wars broke out between her and her uncle. it was an innocent ask, curiosity leading her to ask it. valentine wanted to go up, she wanted to see the human side of her. lucifer, however, wanted to keep her home. he could see the familiar stubbornness of his sister radiate from his niece.
โ—‹ lilith couldn't help but agree with her niece, and with a few strings pulled and a favour collected, valentine's aunt helped with finding a place to stay and explore (within reason, of course) with an old friend of hers. it wasn't until after valentine's departure that lucifer learnt of what happened, and to say he was happy for his niece would be an overstatement.
โ—‹ living under a human faรงade, valentine stays in a small cottage with her aunt's old friend, maze โ€” an ex-mortician who found herself tangled with the supernatural.


โ†’ james | biological father. a failed priest fallen to the hands of sin, and valentine's bitter father. the two have no connection to each other, and truthfully, there is a lot of pent up emotion towards the lacking figure.
โ†’ naomi / naamah | biological mother. the younger sister of lucifer, naomi found a life with james. she never told her husband about she and valentine's bloodline, and wasn't ready to become a mother yet either. there's no connection between the two except for blood.
โ†’ lucifer | uncle. the daemon that raised valentine once her horns grew in and share the same dna as her. he found empathy for the child and took her in. the two often bicker, especially in recent times due to opposing views on pretty much everything. it's just a phase though, right?
โ†’ lilith | aunt. lilith acted as the maternal figure in valentine's life and helped her niece understand the human half of herself, having experienced many more humans than the king of hell. she's closer to her niece than her own children, but you didn't hear that from anyone.
โ†’ dante | older cousin.

daemon | a being from hell, starting with a fallen angel. while the term has evolved into a more an umbrella label, daemons are known for sharp teeth, cat like eyes with arrowed tipped tailed and horns, even with red tones for skin from falling. over time, higher and more intelligent daemons have learned to hide their oddities from the world if need be. they're creatures that lurk in the shadow, tempt purity to sin and the pure essence of evil, the complete opposite of those who are blessed and holy. they lack a soul, whether it's ripped out of their being or born without one, nobody has one in hell โ€” and valentine is no different. [ more info ].

โ†’ intangibility. walls are a human construct that hardly bothers val, ignoring physical objects as a way to get through. by becoming a non-physical entity due to a lack of a full soul, val can phase through objects, walls and other physical matter with ease.
โ†’ demonic intuition. like a gut feeling that is often ignored, val is more aware of her surroundings than the average person and has heightened senses because of her demonic heritage.
โ†’ polymorphing. val is able to shift into different forms to suit her needs. while she stays in her mundane form for most of the time, val can also change herself into animals that are connected to superstitions or evil. her two other forms are a black cat and a crow, both are hardly used since arriving in the mortal plane.

โ†’ intuition doesn't equal to perfect reflexes, nor does it equate to val being immune from danger. at most, it's a strong gut feeling or a raise of hairs. other times, the world can appear to val slowed for a few seconds for her to react, but val still doesn't gain much except for a few more moments to react.
โ†’ for val to become intangible, the motion requires focus and attention before she can phase through. the overuse of this power can leave val physically tired and hazy, she can't bring large objects with her, the smaller the object the better, nor can she bring people through walls with her as she has the upper (or perhaps, lower) hand of having half a soul.
โ†’ morphing, especially into another form of an animal, can also be a difficult task. while changing from her daemon to human form has become easier over time, transitioning from cat to human can sometimes result in muscle pains and even nose bleeds. the most val can spend in another animal form is about thirty minutes to an hour long, and she's only restricted to a crow and a cat.
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๐™จ๐™š๐™š ๐™ฎ๐™ค๐™ช, ๐™จ๐™ฅ๐™–๐™˜๐™š ๐™˜๐™ค๐™ฌ๐™—๐™ค๐™ฎ.


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when i was young boy--

ใ€Œ โœฉ * ยบ โ•ณ THE HUNTER ใ€

harrison roman [last name].
harry, mainly.
cis-gender male.
heteromantic, heteromantic.
march nineteenth.
to be decided.

to be written.
to be written.
to be written.
to be written.

to be written.
to be written.



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