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Realistic/Modern 커피 샵 ▷ flirting in a coffee shop !

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Realistic, Romance, Slice of Life

; fantome

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I am seeking partners for the 4 ideas below. These ideas will be mostly surrounding angst, slice of life, romance and elements like that. I am going to write these ideas as hetero for the sake of explaining. If you're interested, please keep reading.

564485000. Muse A agrees to help Muse B get with their crush by turning them into someone the crush would be interested in... but ends up falling for them in the process. Shit.

564486001. Muse A is a professor that everyone seems to be attracted to. Despite his mild flirtations, he is out of reach. That is until he meets Muse B, one of his students... and all of
a sudden, he's making very bold ( and intentional ) passes at her. Everyone notices and the question is: why?

564487002. Muse A and Muse B have nothing in common. A is a shy, reserved studious student while B is loud, reckless and quite frankly, a delinquent. But when B finds A sitting outside
of an apartment complex, crouched down into their knees and sobbing in the rain--he approaches softly and casually drops his jacket on top of her head.

003. Muse A and B have been close friends for the past three years and unbeknownst to A, B has been in love with her the entire time. Muse C, B's older brother has just returned from studying abroad and undoubtedly has eyes for Muse A. He starts courting her just as Muse B has decided he's going to confess and things are so messy now!

004. Muse A is a barista at a local coffee shop and has the biggest crush on one of their locals, Muse B. He writes her a heartfelt love letter about how great he thinks she is and at the end, asks her out on a date. That night, Muse B scoffs and talks about how absolutely cringy the letter is. Her twin sister, Muse C reads the letter and is shocked. It's beautiful. Feeling sorry for him, she decides to fill in for her sister for just one date. Just one! But when the night goes dashingly, she's... conflicted.

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a heart is a heavy burden,

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; fantome

ᴄᴀʟɪᴄᴏ □ ᴄᴀᴛ
ᴀᴜᴛʜᴏʀ ɴᴏᴛᴇ :

001. Though I do not mind just playing a boy for you, I would appreciate the opportunity
to double or play a female myself at times. However, please do not feel that it is manda-
tory to offer doubling up to me. It's not!

002. All of these ideas are written in hetero form but any of the genders or pairings can
be changed. For example, maybe you want to play muse a in idea #1 but you'd like for it
to be a female. That's totally fine!

003. As of now, I am only interested in heterosexual and girls love pairings. Once my m/
m has cooled down, I'll be accepting them again.

004. I do love all of these ideas but I'm most interested in ideas #2 and #4. If you prefer
something else, that's totally fine. I'm just letting you know, haha. Thanks for reading. . !

Please say something if you're mobile and can't see the ideas. . !
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; fantome

ᴄᴀʟɪᴄᴏ □ ᴄᴀᴛ
It did hurt when I fell from heaven into your arms. . . because you didn't actually catch me
and I fell face first into the cement. My nose hasn't been the same since, okay.

Stupidity aside,
I'm really glad. I wrote that idea with specific gender roles but if there is
anything you want to change around, let me know. Otherwise, which role are you moooost
interested in?


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I’m fine with the gender roles being the way they are, I’d be interested in playing Muse B and Muse C if that’s cool


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Fantome! I responded to one of your threads a few months ago, you got back to me but unfortunately I had disappeared from this site foe personal reasons. If you are still interested in writing with me, I absolutely love the first plot idea, '000'. I was playing a male character for a while before I disappeared sksksk, and I am absolutely poop at doubling. I want my partner to get the best experience with me, so I want to make sure what I provide the best I can c: So I'd prefer to play a female within he fxm plotting if you don't have too many already! Just shoot me a pm if you'd like to write (:


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hello there!
i would be interested in 003 or 004, which i think would be really interesting especially if we doubled and gave the sibling a love interest too to make it like some complicated love square haha
please pm me if you're up for this. c:

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