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Hello World

Rᴏyαl Affαirs
Main Story
[ SalemKitty x SINNyorita x Ailurophillic ]

[Main Story Start]
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Chapter 1


Hello World
There are whispers on the street of times much more cruel and dark than the ones currently. There are rumors that grace the lips of citizens about love, splendor and a king who was once a tyrant. There are hopes for the beginning to a new era, a new path, different than the one created by a king from long a day past.

"Victory comes to the powerful dressed in crimson and silver."

Once there was a young, newly appointed King, who had gained upper hand over the small neighboring kingdoms. Through the use of political and tactical brilliance the King proved that blatant killing and conquering of the states wasn’t necessary for complete control. Though there were revolts against his leadership, he was able to keep the disarray at bay and slowly squash the thought of a revolution. By the time of the dispute died down, however, he changed into a tyrannical and brutal czar -- even to his kin.

"Coral, cyan, and gold prove that in wisdom is strength."​

Then came a time, he went out to see a Woman. This was not the young woman, now queen, he was forced to marry, but rather a mysterious Woman who pulled at his long forgotten heart. A simple date turned into a serious, dangerous, and risky affair. The cruel King had been mesmerized by her stunning splendor.

The young King once settled on asking her "Are you happy here?” The Woman replied, "Not particularly. But you're not very happy where you are, either.” Her words led her away, leaving the young King as aimless as ever.

"Purple and Silver are the sign of Loyalty, Valor, and Grace."

The story hasn't ended. It hasn’t concluded. It continues on through generations, connected in a complicated knotty thread. This time, will it have a proper conclusion to their messed up and entangled fates? Would they be able to set every knot apart or would they tie yet another complex bond?

Book One. TBA
Chapter One. An Irrational Treaty
3017 ATGD, Autumn

_______Year 3017 ATGD, it has been five years since the border skirmishes with Frathien have intensified. It has been two years since Frathien violated the cease fire along the region on the border near the Witches Forest. The Silician army is currently engaging the Frathien forces. In some battles, Silicia has managed to push back the Frathien, but in most of the south western border, Frathien has infiltrated.

_______An out and out battle looks inevitable.

_______Silicia is celebrating their Annual Harvest Festival, in the near future. However, due to the turn of events it is becoming increasingly clear this will be the second year in a row in which such an event will be a burden on Silicia in the war effort. The Sicilian people, who look forward to this festival yearly, are becoming restless. With a bulk of the produce going to maintain their brothers at the border, and supplies reducing...

_______It's not a very good picture when the king has to see their hopeless eyes as they come present him with their best produce that year, with uncomfortable smiles...

_______Due to a prolonged period of peace and prosperity, as well as trade with the other two kingdoms, Glaistic is currently blooming in art and advancement. Some may even say that Glaistic has entered their "Golden Age." Despite this, Glaistic has remained the most unchanged of the three kingdoms, and one could even say, maintained an overall naivety about the situation outside of their borders. News about the war was only news, and seemed far removed from their safe homes and beautiful fields. Much of Glaistic is unaware of the extent that the two kingdoms despise each other, the king being no exception. In all his efforts to reconcile the two, they were optimistically shallow and overlooked the root problem.

_______Frathien is currently preparing for an all out war with the Silicia, in an attempt to take over the country. After years of being at war with Silicia, the king and his council have decided to realize the Frathien ideal of a united three countries. Within these council meetings there is also talk in how to reclaim Glaistic. The people of Frathien are anxious, as this would be the first war that their young prince, and soon to be crown prince, would be leading. They are itching for this war, and want nothing more than to see the blood shed. They wish to see their young prince baptized in crimson by his first official battle.

_______ To the entirety of Glaistic and Silicia, however, these intentions have not been made clear. They are giving the illusion of hope to Silicia, in order to thoroughly crush the Kingdom under their dominance. As such, their conquest Southwards has taken on the appearance of nothing more than their usual skirmishes, despite having purposely broken the cease fire two years prior.

_______In an attempt to keep the fragile peace between the three countries the Kings of Glaistic, on the behalf of Frathien, and Silicia have agreed to meet.

Chapter Start
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Location: The Inner Court Room, Zenith
19th November
Time: Late afternoon

It was a lazy afternoon when a few ministers were gathered in a semi formal meeting over tea to decide and split the Palatial responsibilities for the Great Harvest Festival. This 'meeting' was quite run of the mill, really. And therefore the semi formal setting. These meetings were frankly to exchange pleasantries, discuss art and music, and give the King a break from the otherwise stressful matters he had to mull over in the same court room, day in day out.

Well, it was supposed to be a run-of-the-mill-kind meeting, until it was not.
The courtroom walls were resonating with murmurs that weren't just some small talk on the weather.

"The invitation came from The Queen, and not the king?"
"I was surprised too. Is there a special meaning behind this?"
"You are overthinking. Since when has the king Ever decided matters of the festival?"
"Yes yes, but one can't help bu-"

"All Rise For Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Emeretti Charlemagne De Silixion!" the attendant announced and the court room door flung open. There was movement within the courtroom as every single person rose and stood on the either side of the great hall, and bowed their head in respect.

With their heads hung low, a few eyes couldn't help linger at the queen's pale white feet cushioned in shoes made with a coral cloth, walked past their restricted vision. Elizabeth glided in graciously, looking like a dream in her olive green gown that complimented her green eyes, and the golden jewelry and head gear that she adorned that afternoon. Her attendants were close at her heel and would give off disproving looks at young ministers who managed to steal a glance at the Queen porcelain white back that were exposed thanks to her frilly dress.

Elizabeth took her seat at the throne. Her husband's throne. And the attendant gestured everyone to follow her suit.

"I am pleased with the turn out, given such a short notice. It would have been a shame to waste such a lovely afternoon when the mind simply is more inclined to think of festivities. The sky is so clear and so close."

Elizabeth signaled one of her attendants to take of the dark curtain that graced the east walls of the Inner Court and suddenly the room was brighter and more relaxed.

"That should set the mood?" Elizabeth chuckled. Those gathered at the court room chimed in.

"I have received your suggestions for this year's festival," Elizabeth continued as she picked up one of the many scrolls before her which were plans and proposals for the festival that the ministers and other nobles has submitted.

"I particularly love the idea of a performance of some sorts, to tell the stories of the unsung heroes who made Silicia proud in recent years. Stories a of the common folk presented to them from the court performers. Will our favourite poet in the house today, Sir Polson make haste with this? Is two weeks to short? I hope not?"

"It would be my honour." Polson puffed his chest and made a deep bow to the Queen. Elizabeth in the mean while dipped her quill in ink and put his name in the scroll. And signed her name. And then came the moment that every courtier was tense about. A royal decree needs a royal seal. And a royal seal is used by the King, unless he was absent and then it was upon whoever he would bestow the rights. In most cases the Queen or Queen mother.

Should Elizabeth use the seal, it would confirm their doubts that the King was absent from the Palace.

Elizabeth lifted the seal that was brought by her side, and stamped it hard on the closed scroll.

The courtroom was silent but people exchanged glances. So the King Was away.

Elizabeth of-course knew what caused the sudden change in the atmosphere.
"I advise you not to loose sleep over My King's whereabouts," the Queen stated without as much as a glance at the party. She simply picked up the next scroll and started reading.

"I have imposed upon him to take in the brilliance of our expertly maintained flower garden at the Emeretti estate, with father dearest. The two men wouldn't take a break otherwise. With the regular court adjourned till until after the festival, and the new batch of Daisies almost begging attention, I arranged for a short break for him. I am there for what you feel the throne needs to pay attention to. Unless ofcourse, you deem me unsuitable for the role..." Elizabeth placed the scroll down and looked at the men and women gathered there down the crook of her nose.
There was instant reaction.

"Ofcourse no!"
"We wouldn't dare."
"It was a wise decision, My Liege."
"The Harvest Festival has always been under the Inner Court's jurisdiction..."

The rest of the meeting went went on quite uneventfully. And soon it was time for the palace chefs to show off their skills, a rare dish that they especially make for such occasions. If they please everyone, it is soon given the honor of being included in the Festival's menu.

Elizabeth leaned back on the throne. Sitting upright for an hour was no joke. With everyone busy in pleasantries she could afford to relax a bit. As she looked out of the window her eyes narrowed.

There. How was it? My acting? Good enough to get a standing ovation from My King? Elizabeth smiled at the thought and involuntarily her hands reached for a small note that she had rolled up and kept inside a miniature bottle.

My lovely Lizbeth. I have to be away for a week. I entrust the palace and my reasons for absence to your quick wit. Promise, this would be the last.
Your Artemis

A few hundred miles away from the Palace, near the borders, a man seated in carriage pulled by two black horses caught himself from sneezing. The man was not a believer of superstition else he would have connected his sneeze to the thought of somebody thinking of him. But then again, there wouldn't be a single moment of his life that he wouldn't cough or sneeze, if the superstition were true. In a country with a million people, there was always someone where each moment, thinking of him.

Either singing his praise, or cursing him. It was always one or the other, nothing in-between.

Location:: A quiet Valley beyond the Orimae Hills
20th November.
Time: Sunset

A small troop of guards -- a few on foot, while most men on horses wearing Coral and Gold uniform -- lead a two-horse ridden carriage towards a gloomy looking castle's back yard. Hundred feet away from the gate, the procession stopped. A man, after a word from the person inside the carriage, dismounted his horse and walked steadily to one of the Palace Guards. He handed him an official looking parchment with a salute.

The guard reacted urgently, as soon as he read the letter, and gave signals to open the castle gates.

Soon the procession followed suit. When the carriage passed the gates, a strong looking hand, with a ruby gracing the ring finger with a 'S' shaped crest, parted the curtains.

Squinting his light blue eyes, was King Artemis Charlemagne De Silixion, anticipating his meeting with King Gregori of Glaistic.

As soon as the carriage stopped inside the castle, two uniformed men from the party stood close to the carriage. An important looking man in his 50s stepped forward to greet the messenger from the Glaistic's side. The man in his 50s extended his hand to the messenger in a friendly handshake.

"I am Harold Emeretti, the King's escort for the trip," saying which, he handed him a second letter with a royal seal from the Glaistic court.

"Our King looks forward to meet His Highness Gregori," he added with a smile, at the same time checking out the perimeters.

He looked expectantly at the messenger to lead the way.

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Location: Castle perimeters
Time: Late afternoon
Date: 19th November

King Gregori fought the urge to pace as he waited. Covert as the meeting was, there was always a chance for some mishap along the way, but as king of Glaistic, he remained seated. Even alone, he refused to let his worries get the better of him.

The room he had chosen was seldom traveled, even among the handmaidens. Of their many granaries, this one had been left forgotten in the most remote part of the castle. It was small and the thick shades were drawn, with only a few oil lamps to serve as illumination. Despite the drab appearance, he had the floors swept and surfaces dusted, at the very least.

A soft knock came at the wooden door, and he collected his thoughts hastily. Soon afterwards, the door opened, one of his trusted guards allowing the visitors in. After a slight pause, a man walked into the room. Even in the humble space, King Artemis Charlemagne De Silixion filled the room with his presence. Gregori rose in greeting.

"Artemis. Welcome."

He waved at an old chair before him. "Please, have a seat. Shall we get to business?"

He waited until the king was settled comfortably before beginning. "You may not know what this is all about... but since the early days, Glaistic has remained a bystander to the wars waged between Frathos and Silicia. No more will we do this. The three kingdoms cannot ignore their importance to one another, especially in such close proximity... hopefully, you wish as I do for peace. Peace through a possible marriage of the kingdoms, in both the literal and metaphorical sense. As both princess Jewelietta and Prince Lucien are of age... well, what are your thoughts?
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Artemis couldn't help but gape at Gregori for a whole minute, until Harold cleared his throat and alerted his King.

Had he not been a King, had he not undergone years of rigorous training to mask his inner thoughts, Artemis would have probably exclaimed at the outrageous words that came out of Gregori’s mouth.

‘Treaty for peace' was sort of taboo concept in Silicia, specially due to the fact that the last treaty went really bad, and ended up in the assassination of a Frathien noble in Silicia.

The war restarted and became worse after it. The current ceasefire was declared by Silicia after their momentary victory at the South western borders, but the casualty count was jaw dropping. As Gregori stood up and paced the room, every word that he spoke were true. But still, a treaty? A political marriage?

Artemis knew that his people were suffering. Most of the food grains that would otherwise be sufficient to feed his citizen are now exported to get money to buy new weapons and machinery of warfare..just to keep prolonging this war. This futile war. Although he was confident in his brother, Alessandro, in his military prowess and knew that Frathein wont win over Silica in Artemis's lifetime, but what about his heir?

What about his children, Jasper, Jewel and Oswald? Will they have to continue this warfare?
As Artemis slowly processed what Gregori had spoken, his eyes suddenly widened when the entirety of it finally sunk in.

"Ma..Marriage?! With all due respect, do you realise was you are saying, brother Gregori. We are talking about Silicia and Frathein here. Two kingdoms whose people have grown mutual hate. Even if I want to continue ceasefire, I am getting daily petitions asking me why I declared ceasefire after winning the last round. And you are suggesting a marriage? And moreover giving away my daughter’s hand in marriage to that...that... Prince is literally sacrificing her life…”

There was a long pause. There was resentment in Artemis’s eyes, as continued to fathom just where did King Gregori get such a wild idea.

Harold on the other hand was quiet. There was only one thought in his head, and that was of his younger brother's friend Zendar's.

The saddest part was that even while he strongly resented the idea of marrying Jewelyetta off, especially to that of the enemy kingdom, somewhere subconsciously, he was already thinking of the outcome.

For a moment, ashamed at his own thoughts, Artemis thought of getting up and leaving the conversation, but what came out his mouth was. "And the monarch of Frathien agrees to this? I cannot imagine that ruthless man to support anything like a treaty. Just the thought of parting with Jewel feels like a thousand needles in my heart, but to send her off as a hostage, that is a crazy idea, brother Gregori. I know you are saying this for the better good, but this is too risky. Moreover, it is impossible for such a couple to work out. They are poles apart and have grown up amidst the war...Jewelyetta is already a public figure in our Kingdom. Do you think the citizens will agree to something as preposterous as this?"

Artemis seemed to be saying out loud the thoughts that were worrying him. Truthfully, this kind of treaty was extremely risky, riskier than a frontal battle between two kingdoms, as it placed the two royal families closer than ever together, for better and for worse.


Hello World
Location: Practice Grounds, Warstone Fortress
Date: 19th November
Time: Late afternoon

The sound of swords sang in the air around the boys who fought for practice. Luther was designated as the judge of the match. His sole responsibility was to ensure that Vivian did not hurt Lucien, but Lucien knew the threat was nearly unfeasible. Vivian was a Sword Master, there was nearly no way for Vivian to hurt him. If Vivian didn’t want to hurt Lucien, then Lucien wouldn’t be hurt.

Another clang of the metal spun Lucien around Vivian who was using only one hand to defend against Lucien. This was a training match if anyone saw one.
“Good,” Vivian smiled Lucien. It was the smile of an old man looking at a child, despite the fact that Lucien was older than Vivian. “Are you ready to speed it up a bit?”
Up until this point Lucien had been the one attacking Vivian, in a sort of predicted practice like manner. To make the match into a true sparring match…
“Let’s.” Lucien glanced at Luther who simply nodded. With the nod Lucien turned to Vivian in time to see the boy grip his sword with two hands. With a single step Vivian approached Lucien using the footwork of one style but the sword arts of another. Up until this point, Vivian had been careful not to mix styles, but what was the point of a sword style if not to kill?

There had been many a discussion between Lucien and his Royal Guard about what it meant to fight. Their basic philosophy was the same. Skills that you master belong wholly to yourself, and no others. If you wish to adapt them and change them — it is to be expected. All of their skills were used for different purposes and for Vivian, the many sword arts that he had mastered or were mastering, were his alone.

The clangs of the metal were in a different pitch and intensity as Lucien fought with all his might and strength to keep up and fight against Vivian. Even now Lucien knew that Vivian was still not fighting to harm Lucien, despite having ‘sped it up.’
“Opening,” Vivian called out. Lucien rushed to cover the opening as Vivian attacked, “Split second. Could have been dead ten different ways. Where is your mind going? Focus.”
This was the one reason that Lucien appreciated fighting with Vivian. Vivian was dedicated to the sword and thus his lessons were dedicated to teaching not only killing but living.

Vivian knocked Lucien’s sword up, “Not enough force.”
Lucien knew how to defend himself in such a matter, and let go of his sword to grab his knife and block. Dropping around he reached where his sword had landed and grabbed it, placing his knife at his belt again.
Vivian turned with a glint in his eyes that showed Lucien that the boy was having fun.

“Prince Lucien!” Amelie’s voice cut through he battle causing Lucien to look to the sky. The sun’s placement. Were they late?
“Is it time to go?” Vivian’s voice came across with none of the edge it had a few seconds earlier. It was lighter -- happier.
“Yup!” Lucien turned to Amelie who leaned against the railing from above with Artruid by her side, as he often was. He leaned against the railing in his revealing clothes but with a new cloak over his shoulders. On his lips was the most smug smile that Lucien had seen in the last two hours.
“Did we interrupt?”

“Of course,” Lucien placed his sword at his side and walked towards Luther. Amethyst, Ellara, and Ezekiel stood by Luther’s side ready to move on to the strategy room. Lucien walked by his guards into the hall and towards the staircase. His mind raced with a hundred thoughts as they walked up the stone paths towards Amelie and Artruid. Once he opened the door, he was faced by both smiles who leaned against the practice railing.

“Amelie,” Vivian walked straight to Amelie the moment that he was out of the door. She handed him a rather large white cat. “She was walking around outside.”
Vivian pouted at the white cat, one of the many strays that Vivian took care of around the castle. If it weren’t for the fact that they helped control the pests, Lucien was sure his father would have killed them all years ago.

Vivian spoke to the cat and Lucien turned from his friends towards the main castle. They entered the warmth of the main castle. As he did, the many servants in the halls bowed to him. Amelie walked at Lucien’s side, while Luther walked slightly behind.
“Do we know what this meeting is about?” Lucien did not look at her, he knew better than to do that. He had to command her response not ask for it.
“Unfortunately no. From what I understand the King had a meeting with King Gregori of Glaistic.” There were many things implied in Amelie’s statement. Unfortunately, Lucien also knew that logic probably didn’t apply to the conversation between his father and uncle.
“It undoubtedly has something to do with me,” Lucien was almost certain about it.
“Another mission perhaps?” Artruid suggested. The suggestion was a viable one, but why a meeting with Uncle Gregori?
“We will find out soon enough,” Lucien walked a bit faster on ahead towards the strategy room thinking along the way of all the possible missions that they would be given.

Location: Strategy Room, Warstone Fortress

Despite the many artistic depictions of the room, the Strategy room was well lit and warm. In most of the art of the room it was depicted as dimly lit and cold, but Lucien found it to be the opposite. He knew this was due to the fact that the court wanted to seem more imposing than actuality. Either way, the room was filled with advisors and his father’s personal guard. Upon entering the room, all eyes were on him.

All eyes that was, but his father’s.

Lucien watched as his father observed the multiple maps spread out along the large table before them. Severio picked up a single piece of wood sculpted out of Crimson Leaf Alder Wood. After the many years of attending these meetings, Lucien knew that piece was his own. The red painted wood piece was him, and was created for him the moment he was born. He, like all other soldiers and even the King himself, was a chess piece in their war game. How was he to be used this time?

“It seems that we are all here,” Elias turned his gaze from Lucien to Severio, “Shall we begin?”
“Of course,” Severio looked up to meet Lucien’s eyes. Knowing better than to stand around, Lucien moved towards his father knowing that Amelie would approach the table as well. There were many in the room who were not meant to see the table itself, and so they staid next to the walls watching. Amelie, Luther, and Vivian walked up to the table to look at the maps, They stood across from Lucien who was now by his father’s side.

Luther looked across the multiple maps and noticed how the map of Silicia was at the very top. On it was a new cyan and coral colored piece in the shape of a hourglass. Lucien glanced up to Amelie who met his eyes. In an instant the two were almost certain of many things. It was in the moment that Severior placed the red piece representing Lucien next to the hourglass that Lucien had to resist the urge to tighten his hands into fists.

“As always,” Elias spoke to those in the room, “The information spoken today is secret. Any moles will be eliminated.”
Vivian smiled brightly at the words, and Lucien watched as some newcomers in the room watched him in fear. For how long had Vivian, or Artruid for that matter, been used as assassins for the King in matter of spies? By this time everyone knew better than to mock the small boy with the fat white cat in his hands.
Without waiting for so much as a confirmation, Severio began, “In the last few days I have spoke to King Gregori of Glaistic about a wedding between Silicia and Frathien.”
With the words, Lucien knew that he and Amelie had thought correctly.

“Jewyletta Artemis Charalemage Silixion.” Lucien recited her name having memorized it in the many lessons he’d had in regards to his future enemies. The only daughter of the Charlemagne family? Yes, that was who she was. The royal princess, thought to be considered good luck. The daughter of the enemy he was destined to defeat.
“A wedding between Silicia and Frathien?” Amelie repeated, “What spurred this on?”

Had Amelie been any other person other than a Great Tactician, she would have been silenced. Those who were allowed to speak at these meetings were only the King, Crown Prince, Generals, and the Tacticians. At one time it was said that the Queen was to attend as well, but that hadn’t happened in years and the current… queen… was unable to attend due to pregnancy.

“A long conversation,” Severio looked to the piece that represented the King of Glaistic. Lucien knew that his father would tell him the exact conversation later, and for now that wasn’t important.
“Do we have a date?” Amelie continued.
“We will have word from Gregori as soon as he has confirmed the marriage with King Artemis.” Severio looked to Lucien. “Do you object?”

Lucien knew better than to voice his objections in the company of others. This probably was a test, but it was a easy one to pass.
“I understand,” Was how he answered. Between father and son was an agreement to speak after the council meeting. Severio turned from his son with a simple nod and then redirected the attention of the room to the battle plans.
“Will Silicia agree to the marriage?” One of the Tacticians in the room asked.
“How Gregori plans to convince them I am unsure, but… he will,” Elias answered confidently and then turned to Lucien. “After the official agreement, you will be wed. It is of the upmost importance that we finalize the ceremony.”
“Understood,” Lucien nodded. He watched and listened as the war plans continued. This development was just another path for them to continue their conquest into Silicia.

As much as Lucien tried to focus on the plans he was still caught up in the fact that he was engaged. He was engaged to not only someone he had never met but to a woman who was supposed to be his greatest enemy. He didn’t even know what she looked like and yet they were to be with each other forever. The only face, and thought, that came to his mind was of Tianna. Did she know? How would she react? He shook the crush away from his mind. He had always known that they were to be separated. Tianna was to marry either Luther or Xander. Lucien wasn’t even an option to consider, to do so would make it so that Galistic was officially a part of Frathien once more and Silicia wouldn’t agree to that.

Such thoughts didn’t stop him from feeling betrayed. His father hadn’t consulted him first and he couldn’t help but feel like cattle for sell. He was to marry his arch enemy. Lucien kept his emotions from showing on his face as he watched the plans come to light. Every move was planned out and the details would be decided through tactics of the battle.
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LOCATION: Castle Perimeters
TIME: Late afternoon
DATE: November 19

Gregori's heart ached for the neighbouring King. His thoughts gravitated to his own daughter for a brief moment, and he knew he would share the same concerns and objections Artemis was currently throwing at him if the roles were reversed. His lips curled at their edges ever-so slightly, but his eyes were soft with genuine empathy and understanding. In some ways, the King felt responsible for having stayed idle for so long. Ellianna had been so adamant to let things unfold, and had been convincing in her arguments supporting her belief. However, when word had reached him about the alarming number of skirmishes along the Icy River as well as the needlessly large death toll, he simply could not continue lying to himself and remaining complacent.

Of course, this meeting came at the cost of going against his wife's wishes which was largely the reason why he had failed to tell her about this meeting. It would worry her, not to mention anger her, and neither she nor he needed the additional stress. Gregori believed a marriage was the solution that would reap the most benefits while minimising the amount of deaths. When it came to the greater good of any country, Gregori believed it was in the hands of those in power to ensure its citizens were not put in a compromising situation unless they absolutely needed to.

To have a country pour its trust into a King was quite possibly the hardest, most rewarding feat to achieve, and yet the easiest to shatter. Gregori had sworn to do good by his people. This was his way to do so.

"Brother Artemis," He said calmly. He was careful to keep his tone neutral in an attempt to appease the increasingly alarmed King. He understood the severity of the proposition. "I would not propose this serious of a means to an end if I did not think the situation to be critical. Time is of the essence, Brother. Matters will only continue to deteriorate if drastic measures are not taken."

Gregori allowed the heavy silence that followed what he had to say to put emphasis on his solemness before he continued. "Frathien has agreed to the marriage. The Crown Prince is willing to marry Princess Jewelyetta should the King of Silicia give his blessing.” Gregori paused for a brief moment when the doors opened once more.

In stepped Abner, cane in hand, and following close behind him was Shuchen, the King’s personal guard whom Gregori had sent to find his Uncle. The two were the only other souls who were aware and in support of Gregori’s proposition.

“Abner,” Gregori greeted with a nod. He gestured to the empty chair nearest to him.

The older man took a moment to bow his head to King Artemis and the man accompanying him. “Pardon the interruption, I had matters to finish elsewhere.”

Schuchen took his rightful place next to Gregori and quickly became part of the decor in the room. Years of service had earned him the ability to make his presence known without taking much space.

Gregori gestured absently with his hand at the apology. “No need to apologise. I have told Brother Artemis of my proposition. His concerns lie with Princess Jewelyetta, that the King of Frathos has concurred with my proposition, and his citizens not agreeing with this decision.”

A low hum emitted from Abner. His expression remained neutral, any subtleties difficult to read as his mouth remained buried in his beard. He remembered when Gregori had come to him, how distraught he had seemed - hopeless. Abner remembered thinking the King had seemed more like a child with a crown than a King determined to unify two Nations. Regardless, it had been the first true initiative his nephew had taken in over a decade, and not as half-witted of an idea he had thought it had been before Gregori had explained to him his reasoning. At best, this marriage would serve to prolong the inevitable long enough for another disaster to take place.

So, here Abner sat, after a prolonged moment of dead air, when he finally spoke. “War is inevitable, my Kings. History proves this to be the truth. However, it is within reason to do what we can to minimise the losses. With all due respect-” He turned his attention to Artemis. “These fruitless combats occurring at the borders are not benefiting anybody. Frathien sees this. Glaistic sees this. Surely, you must see this, too. Why engage in direct war and annihilation when diplomacy is an option? Think of the opportunities that could arise from this arrangement.”

Gregori took the time to interject. “I cannot speak for the heirs, and you are well within your means to assume that there is no guarantee that Prince Lucien and Princess Jewelyetta will make an ideal couple, but I believe you fail to recognise how they may prove to be more compatible than any one of us might assume,” He said. “They are fiercely dedicated to the well-being of their rightful countries, they are fierce leaders and extremely capable of changing this world as we know it. They are young, fresh, and eager to make their mark in history. Imagine the wonders Princess Jewelyetta could set in motion for future generations. Silicia sees her light, as does Glaistic. If Fraithen saw her for who she truly is, perhaps there is still hope for relations between the nations.”


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Location: Castle Parameters, Orimae Hills
Date: 20th November.
Time: Evening

Harold Emeretti shifted in his position, as silence restlessly dwelled upon the three men. Each second that passed was tenser than the former.
He was both curious and alarmed.

Curious because he wanted an idea of where the Frathien King stood on this ridiculous proposal, and alarmed because there was a chance that the seed of this idea was intentionally planted in King Gregory’s well meaning but naive mind.

A treaty to welcome peace between the two warring Kingdoms, to save lives of tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians, did seem to be the sort of fantasy that the Glaistic King would indulge in. The man was an idealist. Or should he say a dreamer? But even his naivety wouldn’t allow him to play a matchmaker to Frathien and Silicia, had the former not given him some confidence in the proposition.

"Frathien has agreed to the marriage. The Crown Prince is willing to marry Princess Jewelyetta should the King of Silicia give his blessing.”

King Gregory’s response took care of his curiosity, but did little to the alarm. Harold eyed his King and noted how Artemis reached for the thick stone studded ring with the Charlemagne crest that graced his right index finger. Harold was glad that his King had regained whatever little composure he had lost earlier, and was now actively involved discerning the situation before them.

So they know and they agree. Artemis raised an eyebrow at this piece of information. Well, that changes the equation. Artemis brought his two hands together such that only his fingertips connected. His face showed a hint of amusement.

Gregory wouldn’t suggest a political marriage to Silicia, to do the Frathien King’s bidding. He wouldn’t risk it. Unless of-course he was convinced of the end goal from the bottom of his heart -- of that Artemis was sure. Artemis prided in being a good judge of character and he was confident in his assessment of King Gregory.

Gregory maybe an idealist, he wasn't gullible enough to be manipulated by the Frathien King, specially since he has seen the worst in him, first hand.

So, who did the convincing?

As Artemis weighed in a response for Gregory, they heard a soft knock on the door, and in came grand old Abner with his cane, followed by a young lad that Artemis only spared a glance at. Harold on the other hand dug deep into his overactive memory and concluded he had seen the boy escorting the Glaistic King in numerous occasions, within and beyond the Kingdom parameters. Sachin, was it? Harold’s face briefly twisted as he tried to recall the exact name.

Abner’s presence meant Gregory was armed with arguments to convince Artemis over. He really did his homework well, Artemis thought while Gregory briefed his uncle of their recent parley. It showed just how invested Gregory was in this idea of a peace between Frathien and Silicia

It must have been hard on him to just quietly watch for so many years, unable to do anything either way. Glaistic’s political and socio-economic compass really did lay on unstable grounds. It could never choose one Kingdom over the other. While they were Silicia’s ally in recent years and trade partners as well, historically, the people of Frathien and Glaistic shared an irrevocable connection.

As such, even as they call themselves neutral in the conflict between the two powerhouses -- it was inevitable that they get caught up in the war. Abner knew this better than anyone, having lived through the years of conflict and seen darkness of it all from the so called ‘neutral grounds’.
Therefore Artemis appreciated his inclination for ‘diplomacy’.

Both the men from Glaistic would like to believe that they were talking reason -and reasonable they were from their perspective-- but that reason will fall to deaf ears of his men standing by the border, risking their lives for him and the nation right at that moment.

He saluted Gregori's positivism, but his optimism often made him childishly inconsiderate.

“‘Fruitless’ was it?” Artemis gathered his hands together and leaned forward. He fixed Abner with an understanding yet mildly amused look, and then turned to Gregory.

“Perhaps it so. No one attaches merit to meaningless loss of life and property. Is there such a thing as meaningful death? I have yet to see it. And yet, when a soldier charges into the battlefield, he doesn’t weigh in this ‘fruitlessness’. He believes that his life is worth something - perhaps it will earn his brethren a better future? If you are not at the heart of the conflict that this soldier stands upon and faces, it is indeed hard to understand his reasons.” Artemis paused to let his words sink in.

Artemis was an advocate of ‘live and let live’ but he was no pacifist.
There was more nuance to this war game than just violence and peace, and the two men needed to understand that.

“Brother Gregory, you are right. Our side is also tired of this incessant exchange of fires that really should have stopped. If you remember, it was Silicia -- more specifically my grandfather King Alexander -- who suggested a ceasefire after claiming victory in the battlefield. Be it my father or I -- We respected that decision... until Frathien did not.”

His features hardened, as Artemis recalled the chaos that rang through the entire northern border when Frathien violated the ceasefire agreement. Artemis refused to believe that mere bandits had carried out such a systematic attack against Silician military posts. Ofcourse,the Frathein crown continued to deny their involvement in it.

Peace without violence? Sure, he would love that. A small part of him still pined of such a utopia future. That part of him has seen a man turn into a monster in the battlefield. As he stood in that monster’s shadow, he remembered doing a casualty count. He would miss the numbers and would have to start again -- unable to tell the ‘us’ from ‘them’ in the sea of blood.

The monster had cried even as he waved the Silician coral flag in victory -- his bloody eyes almost reflecting the red river the flowed next to them. That day Silicia gained a great General - but Artemis had missed his brother Alessandro the most.

His otherwise bright amber eyes were dark and his hands were so tightly clasped together that his ring had started to leave a mark on his warm ivory skin. Sensing the tension in the air, Harold shifted his weight from one foot to another.

“I wish I had the luxury of being as objective of my view of the ongoing conflict between Frathien and Silicia,” Artemis spoke after a deep breath and the tension fell through, “- but to expect it of my people, who had laid down their weapons trusting their King’s call for a cease fire -only to be betrayed and vandalised by the foreign forces -- it is unfair, to say the least. Even a suggestion of peace treaty from the Crown would be insult to their service. I dare say. ” Artemis was calm but serious.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Artemis added seeing the look on Abner and Gregory’s faces. “You are right in thinking that the key to a more peaceful future lies in the hands of the future generation...

“I have only heard good things about the Frathien Crown Prince from wandering scholars -- who have dared to venture into Frathein land, and made it back in one piece. He is charismatic and commands his people’s loyalty -- he would make a great King, I am sure. I know not of his stance on diplomacy but his willingness to take part in a political marriage for the sake of his people is indeed noble.”

No one but Harold noted the subtle change in his majesty’s speech. It wasn’t the intonations - not was it the tone, but Harold knew when Artemis went from being emotionally involved to being his articulate but diplomatic best.

“I appreciate that you see the light in my Jewelyetta. She is indeed a special child and loved my people. She is as much the Kingdom’s daughter as she is mine.” Artemis smiled warmly at the thought of his beloved princess.

“Which is why, I worry. I worry that a mention of a possible political wedlock between her and the said Frathien prince would only invite the ire of the Silician citizen...they love her too much to trust the Frathien prince with her hand in marriage. I am sure the same holds true for the Frathien citizen-- Why would their people accept Jewelyetta as their Crown Princess?”

It was hard to say if that was the opinion of Artemis the King, or Artemis the father. His expression remained empathetic but neutral.

“Frathien has betrayed their trust and goodwill far too many times for Silicians to be optimistic about any longstanding peace between the two kingdoms.
It would take more than just a willingness to take part in political marriage to trust their peacekeeping efforts." Artemis paused to emphasise what he had just said, before continuing...

“In the off-chance that the Frathien crown does manage to convince our people - and theirs- I am willing to give this peace treaty a mention in my royal court, and of-course, to Jewelyetta.”

Harold turned to look at Artemis. For a split second he couldn’t believe what he had heard but his King’s face told him that he didn’t mishear him. Is he just being polite or does have a plan? Harold could ask him in person soon, for Artemis was already on his feet, ready to make a move.

Ah, so that was his closing statement.

“That being said, Brother Gregory, Abner, thank you for the effort you have put in this.” Artemis stepped closer to the Glaistic king and took his two hands in his, holding it firmly.

“It must have been a difficult decision to break your silence in the matter after so many years. As the king of Silicia, my hands may be tied, but as a man I am once again convinced of our friendship. I appreciate your support.” His amber eyes flickered for a second as they rested upon Gregory’s aging face.Anyone who knew the man Artemis Charlemagne would know the warmth in his eyes was not a bluff.

“Now, I really must make a move. I plan to cross the border by dawn and possibly the Havanas by day break.” Artemis announced, more to Harold than the other two.


Hello World
Location: Strategy Room, Warstone Fortress
Date: 19th November
Time: Late afternoon

Lucien knew eyes were on him as he had given his approval. Did he really agree? Did he not? He was still a child in their eyes with power but without proof. In truth, Lucien hated the idea of peace for he'd never be truly bathed in the Crimson of the battlefield and blessed by the Gods. The blessing of peace and life was an excellent one, but it could be a weakness against him in the future -- one he could not afford. Not when his father was to have new children, all viable for the throne as Lucien was. Lucien could only hold his position of Crown Prince for so long before any potential backing for the others was given. He had the love of his court now, but for how long would that last with the harlot of a Queen they now had. She was loved by the people for her beauty and nature. The idea that Lucien could thrust out by her children weighed heavily on him, even with the closeness he had to his father.

“The Princess of Silicia." Amelie tested the title, a disgust nearly audible in her voice. "What is the plan in which King Gregori does not succeed?”
“We have composed letters.” Elias slid letters across the table to her. One by one those permitted to read them did. “Once we get word from King Gregori, we will send a specially comprised Envoy to the King of Silicia and the Royal Silician court.”
“In the event that Gregori fails,” Serverio’s tone was as it to say it was highly likely that Gregori would fail unlike Elias’ optimism of success. “We will release the prisoners of war.”

The room began to buzz not with conversation but energy.
“Release the prisoners?” A War general repeated. “That’s a risk. We don’t know if the loyalty to our nation is secured with the subjects.”
“No.” Severio agreed. “But it is a risk we must take. We have treated the prisoners as guests. It is for the best that we release them back home. For the good of the new peace we are creating.”

Lucien knew Severio believed that even if the loyalty was not secured with the prisoners they had chosen, once released the chances of ill will being spread was low.
“This is not to say we release them all.” Elias spoke up. “Only a select few I propose, a good two hundred with the option of talks with Silicia for the others who have committed more grievous crimes against the Kingdom.”
“Infiltration and a hostage?” Amelie was smiling passing the letters on.
“Silicia will intend to do all they can to ensure their Golden Princesses does not become a hostage.” Severio picked up the hourglass piece on the table. He eyed it over carefully. Severio then handed it to Lucien as if to say it would be the Lucien’s job to get her into Frathien. It would be his job to get her to Frathien and finalize the ceremony before the Gods. Lucien looked over the piece carefully, before placing her back down on the map in the Frathien royal palace.

“With her as our hostage we can get leverage over Silicia.” Severio continued. “It’ll create a biased peace. The leverage is undeniable. People, bride, country.”
“She’d be my wife. She’d be Frathien as much as Silician at that point. To hold her hostage would go against our principals.” Lucien let his anger simmer and had to accept it for what it was. Lucien agreed with the sentiments but he knew he had to defend her. She would be the future Queen of Frathien and as her future husband and King he was to defend her when she could not defend herself.
“And we won’t. That is not to say the fools of the South will believe us.” Elias gave Lucien a nod, as if to approve of Lucien’s defense.

“With the release of prisoners of war, we will send Crown Prince Lucien and his guard to aid with the crossing of the prisoners back over to Silicia. Silicia will not and can not know this.” Elias pushed on ignoring father and son, unlike many in the room.
“Under the guise of Glaistic, I assume?” Luther spoke up. His voice calmed Lucien’s turmoil at least a bit. Lucien was still determined to speak to his father after the initial meeting.
“Yes.” Elias agreed. “As Glaistic soldiers. Disguise and ensure that riots are minimized. We want as peaceful an exchange as possible. From there you can expect letters with details on further plan and instructions. The initial mission is to ensure that the transition is as peaceful as possible from our side, and to gauge a response in Silicia over the release.”

“The aimed date for the release, is for the Silician Harvest Festival on the Southern boarder.” Elias placed out a new map of only Silicia. Lucien knew that the map was Glaistic drawn and no one asked why it was so detailed nor up to date, from what Lucien could assume. It was not the map he’d seen in the years of meetings growing up. Everyone knew better than to ask about the sources that Elias bought information from. Severio would know and only the King needed to.
“Understood.” All those within Lucien’s guard agreed to the mission in unison, as they had with years of practice.

Elias placed his hands on the table and looked to the ceiling. A prayer? Lucien was a bit surprised by the necessity of a prayer at this time in the meeting. All sound silenced as all eyes looked to Elias. Elias then looked to Lucien.
“The God of War smiles upon you.” Elias’ voice came off low, but more than a whisper. It was a warning.
“With all I can, I shall please him.” Lucien knew the response and he knew what this was about. Typically for missions the God of Survival or the God of Life blessed him. For the God of War to bless him meant this would be his coming of age. His team was granted the ability to kill in necessity. There was no shame in the lack of blood for with the God of War, but blood was expected in the eyes of the Council. More than anything this was a prayer to ensure that their mission was a success. It was a blessing placed upon him very early, but like all missions it was given with the initial decision. He would receive more blessing upon the departure for the mission, but this was a sign, a warning, his move to adulthood before the Council.

“We also plan to open the immigration policies and borders.” Elias looked to the Southern representatives in the room. “This will occur at the same time as the release, but the news should spread amongst citizens and the borders within the month. There will be no public statement, until we receive word back from Silicia. We ask for the Dynast clan to comply by relaxing protocols now and in the future with the plans will discuss in the coming months.”
“Open the borders?” The Dynast representative repeated. Lucien believed him to be Elarra’s Uncle, but he wasn’t sure. The representative typically cycled between three individuals. “The risk of infiltration is not a fear?”
“A risk we must take.” Severio was smiling. “For the ultimate goal has remained the same. We will take Silicia.”
“What of the unaligned tribes?”
“They’re alliance is more with us than with them. The open borders will push them towards us.” Amelie agreed starring intently at the map.

The moved had a risk. Releasing the prisoners had a risk. However, they needed that risk to strengthen their hold over Silicia. Open the borders to the refugees and revisit their immigration into Frathien, release the prisoners, marry the princess. How ever could Silicia compete with them? Frathien’s birthright to the lands would be secured in time. All these were necessary risks for it.

The letters were given to Lucien. The first was the the letter to be sent to the Southern King. The letter was written by his father’s hand in Ostervych, Glaistic's National Language — something the King of the South, hopefully, knew well enough.

King Artemis Aurobus Charlemagne Silixion, [br][/br]I write to you with a proposal of marriage between Frathien's Crown Prince Lucien Gwyn Vortigern Frathos and Silician Princess Jewlytta Artemis Charlemagne Silixion. This is in hope to create a lasting peace between our Frathien and Silicia. To reaffirm our resolve to attain this peace, my son, Prince Lucien, has pardoned two hundred Silicians prisoners. We will allow them cross the border to return to their homes when Silicia celebrates it's annual Harvest Festival. There is no reason for them to remain captive any longer, if we commit to maintain peace as Sovereigns of the two lands. [br][/br] [br][/br]For the others we will hold, I am open for negotiations should we sit marriage to discuss the said marriage between our children. [br][/br] [br][/br]We suggest a meeting for the finalization of the agreement take place in one months time, in the city of Rachika. It would be best for the negotiations to be in person. [br][/br] [br][/br]May the Gods smile upon you this winter. [br][/br]Severio Frathos, King of Frathien

It was a simple letter and Lucien knew that there was no chance that the King of the South would agree to meet in a Frathien city. This would open a dialogue between the two.

“We plan for the final talks to be help either within Glaistic or on neutral territory. However we must wait for the rejection from Silicia to move on this,” Elias pressed on as if reading Lucien’s mind. “Is their any disagreement?”
There wouldn’t be. Amelie instead asked about more specialized details for their mission. Lucien read the second letter, half listening to her.

The Royal Council of the Kingdom of Silicia, [br][/br] [br][/br]On behalf of the Frathien, I write to you with an offer of peace. Per our traditions, upon reaching a certain age the Crown Prince of Frathien gives offerings to the Gods who reign above us. For his offerings of Life and Peace, the Crown Prince he has pardoned two hundred war prisoners kept within the boarders of Frathien. This tradition is to us, as your Coming of Age ceremony, and we intend to keep to the will of the Crown Prince. While our King has not agreed to a release of all prisoners he has agreed to the release of these two hundred and the negotiations of more, provided your King’s good will. [br][/br] [br][/br]To solidify to prosperity between both countries, our Crown Prince Lucien Gwyn Vortigern Frathos would like to formally request the hand of Silician Princess Jewlytta Artemis Charlemagne Silixion. He has heard of her love for her people, as well as her grace and believes that a union between them will set our countries on the path for a new future. This arrangement can be in line with Silicia customs, and we request a meeting to be had for the negotiations of not only the prisoners but the marriage. [br][/br] [br][/br]We plan to release the Silician citizens to their homes as a gift of new life during Silicia's annual Harvest Festival held along our border. Should your King favor the prospect of marriage between our two countries, we suggest a meeting for the finalization of the agreement take place a few days after the return of your loved ones, in the city of Rachika. It is here we may also sit and discuss the negotiation of additional Silician's release, and the future of our great union. [br][/br] [br][/br]We await your correspondence and assure you that the envoy provided to you with our seal is Glaistic bred and born, having no ill will towards the Kingdom of Silicia. [br][/br] [br][/br]May the Gods smile upon you this winter. [br][/br]Elias Glistar, Advisor to the King

These letters did not assume King Gregori failed, Lucien suspected, but rather were a way to ensure that the deal was solidified. The letters would not be changed whether there was success or failure, rather strategy regarding the arrangement changed.
“If King Gregori succeeds.” Lucien looked to his father. “We release the prisoners regardless?”
“Yes.” Severio moved the pieces of new people onto the map of Silicia. “As a gift for the Southern King from you.”
“Any other concerns on the Silician matter?” Elias asked all in the room. No on responded, for there was nothing they could say to dissuade the King. This was a matter of national conquest and the birthright of the King. They all believed that it was for the best even if the methods were a risk. There would far more conversations leading up to the release, Lucien knew this.
“On to the Winter front.” Elias drew back out the Frathien map. “Winter’s Breath has bloomed for months now but with this most recent appearance of Winter's Kiss in the west, the people have begun their annual preparations for true winter. We must—“

The council shifted focus as Elias continued on to talk about the upcoming winter, and the state of Frathien going into it. They’d already had snows on the grounds for months and the White Frost Rose Winter's Breath had bloomed with the ground frost, but a Frathien winter did not hit until the first storm came. The storms were late this year and it was either a good omen or a bad one. Would they have a relatively peaceful winter or a deadly one? They had to be prepared regardless and with the blooming of the White Frost Rose Winter's Kiss, it was clear the storms would hit the west if they had not already.

It was only after at least an hour of continued talks that everyone left the room leaving Lucien to face his father alone. The two did not speak after the room was cleared until there was a rap at the door symbolizing that the only ones remain were Severio’s body guard, Luther, and Vivian.
“You are furious,” Severio didn’t attempt pleasantries and directly called out his son, on the possible emotions that his son felt.

Lucien knew better than to answer honestly. Fury as an emotion that he was allowed to feel. He would never say he felt betrayed as the word was synonymous with destruction. He felt more confused and betrayed than angry but he’d answer correctly, “Yes.”
“I imagined you would be.”
“Marrying a Silicon princess? Father are you mad?”
“She is said to be quite a beautiful.”
“She’s a southerner.” Fair skinned and fair haired with eyes the color of the sky. They were said to be sickly, weak and fragile. Southerners weren’t beautiful with muscle and sharp features. She would probably be much like Lassinia, the new Frathien Queen: weak, fragile, filled with tears, sickly, and a burden. Lucien knew his new mother was considered the most beautiful woman in Frathien, but her physical beauty could hardly conceal her lack of power.

“A southerner who is also a princess.” Severio stressed that she was a princess and there was no better choice. Lucien could think of one, one he could never hope to have.
“A princess of our eternal enemies.”
“Enemies who we will soon crush and rule over.”
“A necessity for acceptance of the people of the land. A necessity for conquest.” As Lucien said the words Lucien knew he believed it. The best way to take over was through the people not through those in charge. It was how all the grand Kings before him had unified Frathien.

Lucien turned his eyes from his father to the wood sculptures on the table.
“You are wondering how Gregori convinced me.”
“People, Bride, country,” Lucien kept his voice even and with a tinge of anger. Lucien already knew there wasn’t a way out of the marriage, thus he was prepared for what it would come to. He also knew better than to assume that he would get much more out of his father on how exactly his father was convinced by his uncle. His father had already provided the council with the reasoning.

“The most important part of the plan is to make her love you.” Severio took the opportunity to shift the conversation.
“Love me,” Lucien repeated.
“Yes. Love you.” Severio smiled a smile that was filled with malicious intent. “Then when her people see her, and see her love…”
“They’d more willingly follow us.” Lucien completed the thought. “I understand.”

“I knew that you would.” Severio approached his son. The two faced each other. In the last few weeks Lucien had grown quite a bit, to the point where it was clear that he was to surpass his father in height within the next few years.
“Is there anything thing additional that I must know?”
“You must finalize the marriage as soon as you are within Frathien borders, under the eyes of the Gods.” Like Elias had told Lucien before, “Additionally consummate the marriage immediately after, whether if she protests or not.”
Lucien starred at his father for a short moment before nodding in agreement. “Understood.”
“Excellent. Your esteemed Grandfather returns from the North within the week.” Severio turned from his son to look over the table once more before exiting the room first. Lucien hung back for a bit knowing that his father had to take care of his duties as King. Neither Luther nor Vivian entered the room, leaving Lucien to his own thoughts. He was excited to see his grandfather, not so excited to see his grandfather's reaction to the arranged marriage. Lucien figured that his father had not told the former King of the plan, and Lucien predicted there would be much tension between the family due to it. There would be tension on all sides, and Lucien had no context of how to truly feel about this. He'd known from a young age that his bride would be highly scrutinized by the Council. However for her to be a Princess of the enemy of his people?

Lucien reached out and picked up the piece that represented Jewlytta. He stroked the piece with care before placing it back where he had gotten it and turning to the door to leave the room. He did not wait for either Luther nor Vivian as he stalked up to his bedroom.

Location: Lucien’s Bedchambers, Warstone Fortress

Once in his bedroom, Lucien made his way to the large stripped lump in the room. The form moved as Lily moved to look at Lucien. Most of the servants and staff were afraid of the animal who could only be controlled by Lucien.

“Lily,” Lucien knelt down to her taking her into his arms in the form of a hug. Lily didn’t move as Lucien held her. Lucien was not angry anymore, simply compliant. It was his duty to his people that he had to accept and in this moment he took the opportunity to accept it. He sat holding his tiger for a few minutes before letting her go and walking to his balcony. He opened the first set of the door and shut them to make sure the heat didn’t escape his room, before opening the second and third set to walk out to his balcony. It was here that he sat watching the sky turn fade to black with the setting sun.

The thoughts on his mind were inconsequential. He had a duty to the Gods and to his people. The snows of Winter were already upon them and Frathien was now the home he had grown up in. This was the chill and the danger of his birth home. His was the world that supported him and was his birthright to own. It was only once the sun set that Lucien moved back into his room, met by Lilly who walked him towards his bed.

Sitting at the foot of his bed, he leaned his head against the bed. Lily laid down next to him, her head on his lap. He placed his hand on her head thinking to himself on many things: His future wife, Tianna, betrayal, death. The thoughts wouldn’t stop swirling in his mind. Sighing he began to hum to himself the prayers of the God of Survival for the winter.
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