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Nettie’s Roleplay Request
(This will be updated as my cravings change!)

Feel free to call me Nettie. It’s a nickname I’ve gone by for quite some time. I’m nerdy girl in her early twenties. I’ve been roleplaying off and on for several years now. I’ve come in search of a few partners. I became distracted with recent incidents that have come to light in my life and things have since calmed down for the most part. However, that can always change given my circumstance. So be wary that I can take some time to reply. If this is a deal breaker, I’m sorry! I’ve also seen in the past with me being here, my messages have disappeared or I have not been notified of receiving anything. If you were one of those cases, I’m truly sorry! Something I didn’t know could happen… But anyways! On to the rules and such~

What I’m Looking For

Persona 5
I’m looking for someone to write Akira Kurusu/Joker/Protagonist against my OC {Akira X OC} In return, if you would like to double, I can write practically any character you wish against your OC; with the exception of Akechi Goro. I’m looking for (not-so-strict)canon verse. But if you have an AU that goes with the canon verse feel free to pitch it! Genres of angst, action, drama, and fantasy are welcome. I will be more keen on the aspect of fluff and romance - cause cute things.

IF you would like I can do canon x canon for your side, let me know!

Let’s Have Fun, Yea? Rules.

>Mun{myself} = 21+. I will only write with you if you are 18+. Sorry! Just for my own personal comfort.

>SemiActive. Every other day to a week. Please do not harp me for a reply. I'll say this now; if you're looking for someone who will send out a reply every hour every day - I'm not your girl.

>MultiPara - Novella = 500+ words (&perside)

>No Godmoding/Powerplaying

>No Oneliners

>OOC is welcome! Plotting is a must. Plus I like to make friends with my partners just in case we get bored we can always come back to something else later.

>Sometimes people don't click. That's fine! If I'm not your cup of tea, no hard feelings okay? Just let me know if you're not feeling the roleplay or whatever it is. I'm pretty laid back. Be polite. That's all I ask.

Ryuji clenched his jaw as he watched the subordinates of Kamoshida hold Aiko back. Lackeys who got off on whatever punishment the gym teacher inflicted on others; themselves being bullies no doubt. Likely they got away with just about anything, whether in the gym class or around the school in general. It was obvious they were his favorites. And there Kamoshida wanted to treat him like he was scum. The sheer gaul this man had. Power he knew he had, forced to show those weaker and those who wouldn’t dare oppose him.

Was Ryuji no different? He spoke highly, but when it actually came down to it, could he really oppose such a figure? Someone who was held to such a degree. His stomach felt unsettled as he kept his caramel gaze fixated on the black-haired teacher. ‘I’d give anything to knock that smug grin off that bastard’s face!’ he thought.

His expression showed just as much. No longer was he playing along with his games. If he had to show Kamoshida that he wasn’t going anywhere without a fight; there and now was the best time. It was hard to ignore those pampas snickers as they snaked their arms around Aiko - whispering among themselves. It was only through Aiko could he assume what they were saying. And how she tensed at the mention of the phrase ‘training exercises’ was all the affirmation he needed.

“You know what Aiko, why don’t you sit this one out. I think we have enough players now that Sakomoto’s in.” Kamoshida flashed the cherry-haired female a knowing glance. Flashing his usual charming grin, though it was sickeningly sinister beneath the surface.

The sandy-haired male took his place on the court, next to Mishima; who was practically quaking in his sneakers. He’d assumed his position, but failed to look up and over the net. The fear Kamoshida had struck within them ran deep. Like an abused animal. But as far as it could be seen, that’s what they were.

Nothing more than animals.

They were his game, his entertainment. Something he owned. And that was just the boys on his team. The girls - well, Ryuji dare not think about it. They were playthings. Whatever he wanted, they were there to serve. Ryuji tightened his knuckles, his nails threatened to draw blood against his palm; his knuckles turning white.

He flashed a toothy grin, “You’re serve coach.”

Jeering the oh-so-loved gym teacher to make his move. Ryuji wasn’t expecting to walk out unscathed. It anything, that would be the surprise. But he wasn’t about to let Kamoshida think that even for a second, that this was unnoticed. Even if he was the only one willing to take a stand. He would be their martyr. Kamoshida took his taunt. He would be glad to help the delinquent learn his place.

Before they knew it, two hours had past and it was nearly seven. Ryuji was in the locker room, his shoulders slouched over as he held onto the bench on which he sat. His body ached in more places than he knew existed. His auburn gaze watched as bright crimson droplets fell. Splattering on the white concrete floor between his sneakers. He let out a long sigh before grabbing his towel and sticking it to his nose.

Everyone had managed to clear out, not bothering to shower. Most too tired and others too worried about Kamoshida or his lackeys. Though, when the game was over - it was clear there was a rage building in gym teacher, but he was proud. Of what, Ryuji had no idea. Maybe it was the fact that he managed to get Ryuji in the face with the volleyball. One that was originally meant for Mishima. Ryuji found himself moving without thinking as he jumped in front of the ball.

He’d seen stars before feeling the warm liquid run down his lip.

Kamoshida’s large hand still felt as if it were pressed to his shoulder. ‘Good game Sakomoto.’ his words echoed through his mind. It was a threat, that much was for sure. But Ryuji hardly felt affected by it. It of course wasn’t the worse thing that had ever happened to him. Not yet, anyways. He’d been in fights before, but nothing like this.

A long dismissive sigh brushed over his dried lips as he leaned back, adjusting himself to lay with the bench. He put one hand behind his head, while the other held the towel to his nose. His legs supported him on either side of the bench. Gently he bounced his knees growing aggravated by having to wait for the metallic taste in his mouth to subside. “Mom’s going to kill me for being so late.”


Yuna stood at the counter, making coffee for the few customers in the shop. Leblanc wasn’t always so popular, but it had it’s moments. It was usually around noon and occasionally on Saturdays when she worked. She’d come to know a select few that were her regulars. Often times they would compliment her and say she was the only reason why they came. Which was both kind and rude - she felt anyways. But if it helped Sojiro, she wouldn’t complain.

The strong and distracting smell of the freshly ground coffee beans was cut when she heard the sound of the doorbell chime. Her blue hues fluttered over to see a familiar figure. A smile instantly formed on her thin lips as she greeted the dark-haired male, “Hello Akira,” she beamed, “I was almost worried you got lost.” she jested with a small giggle. She’d figured he’d run a bit behind, as Kawakami would likely give him some makeup work for his tardiness. She was really a good teacher despite what she may think.

It then she noticed his demeanor change. There was what she assumed to be a faint blush across his cheeks. The worry that she embarrassed him built up in guilt. His silver gaze averted her own when the crinkling sound of a bag came to her ears. Yuna blinked curiously as he as he placed it on the counter top. A thank-you gift he called it. It was strange, Yuna never received many gifts. Let alone from boys, other than her brother - but he didn’t count. This would be the first time she’d received such a thing. Carefully she reached for the paper bag, unrolling the top before peering inside.

Once she opened the bag, a small squeal escaped her lips; quick to curl them to hold her excitement. She reached in to pull out the small box that showed a tiny pastry in the shape of a bunny with what looked like strawberry jam in the middle. Her fingers gently took hold of the box, fondly staring at the bunny cake. “Thank you,” her voice was kind as her eyes smiled up to him, “It’s so cute! I don’t know if I’ll have the heart to eat it. You’ll have to share it with me.” she insisted.

With care, she put the pastry box under the counter to save for later. Once the customers were gone, they would have some peace. As for right now, there were many prying eyes and teasing whispers from the elder couples in the booth. Upon hearing such things, a vivid blush formed on Yuna’s cheeks. “Oh no no! That’s okay. I promised Sojiro I would close up!” she spoke nervously which only encourage the taunting whispers and giggles.

“Oh Yuna! I didn’t know you had a boyfriend!” one of Yuna’s regulars spoke freely, chiding as she took a sip of her coffee. Yuna cupped her cheeks, feeling the heat radiate off of them; hoping to hide the redness. Failing miserably she was sure. “Oh no, we’re just classmates! I uh… hm!” the raven-haired female turned to Akira, “I have a table! Please feel free to - uhm!” she let out a nervous chuckle as she turned on her heels to tend to the few customers that waited. Mentally scolding herself as she continued to work.

A couple more hours passed and it was time to close up. Yuna waved the last of the customers out, closing and locking the door behind them. She let out a small sigh. ‘They were too much today.’ she thought to herself, recalling the teasing she had just endured. Her eyes glanced to the clock to see it was a little past eight thirty. Leaving her just enough time to clean up. For a brief moment, her vision blurred. She shook her head to help regain her focus, though the faint feeling remained. She pushed it off as her simply being tired.

She hummed to herself was she began to clear and wipe down the tables. “I could use some help with the dishes - if you don’t mind.” Yuna asked hesitantly, as she placed some dirty glasses and plates into the sink. Yuna then took it upon herself to sweep the floors. It was a tedious task, but one she choose to do over cleaning the bathrooms. The mere idea made her shudder.

An intense pain struck her stomach. Much like it had before, but it was stronger now. She stopped sweeping for a moment, hoping that the moment would pass. And to her surprise it did. But not before everything went black.

>Doubling. We share NPCs/Side characters. Not needed, but please see "What I'm Looking For". If you have
questions, feel free to ask!

>mxf or fxf. Love triangles are permissible.

>Things that are not okay = noncon/rape, bestiality, pedophilia, anything against RPNs rules and anything in or around these subjects.

>I prefer FTB

That Sums It Up!

I hope I’ve caught someone’s eye~ If not, oh well. Maybe next time. But should you find interest, please feel free to PM me! Hopefully, I get it. When messaging me please tell me of any ideas you may have or what is it you’re looking for!

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I have yet to finish my first playthrough, though I've beaten the 7th palace (avoiding spoilers), hopefully my knowledge of the end won't be entirely important. I keep meaning to sit down and finish it but just haven't had the time. That aside, I'd be happy to discuss a more detailed plot/structure with you and learn about your OC (if you want to tell me, of course, :3)! I'd be happy to play Joker, not at all fussed about doubling or anything. Don't have the ability to PM quite yet, but hopefully posting here works too.
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I have yet to finish my first playthrough, though I've beaten the 7th palace (avoiding spoilers), hopefully my knowledge of the end won't be entirely important. I keep meaning to sit down and finish it but just haven't had the time. That aside, I'd be happy to discuss a more detailed plot/structure with you and learn about your OC (if you want to tell me, of course, :3)! I'd be happy to play Joker, not at all fussed about doubling or anything. Don't have the ability to PM quite yet, but hopefully posting here works too.
No worries! And that's totally fine. I haven't completed the game just yet myself tho I'm super close. But you sound far enough in to where I don't think it'll effect the roleplay. I can PM you if you like? c:
Ninety hours of my life spent in what I can only describe as story telling bliss - best game to come out this year in my opinion (outstripping even Nier, and that's HARD). It's almost nice not having finished it, knowing there's more to go back to. Of course, there's always playthrough two to get the true ending! But, yes, onto roleplay stuuuuuff, PM'ing me sounds great. Should be around for a while so that we can chat if you've got the time now. :D