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Realistic/Modern 「romance & angst // updated」


fuck up

Welcome to my (edited) search thread!

i’m mostly looking for roleplays that have dark elements in them, but also glimpses of fluff and cute moments!
organized crime related plots are my favorite.
slowburn, forbidden relationships, bonnie and clyde type of vibes!

please PM me instead of leaving a message here!

post lenght. please write atleast two or three meaty paragraphs? i normally write anything from two to eight paragraphs, depending on what i’m given to work with.
» activity. ok, so, i’m online a lot. i’m able to post almost daily, but i do not expect that same kind of activity from you. but like, if you are that active, awesome!! a few posts a week is alright.
» characters. for now, i’m looking to play a female main. now, that doesn’t mean that i won’t ever play the opposite gender - i do use side characters, and they most often are males.
communication. i love ooc and getting to know my RP partners! be prepared to recieve moodboards and playlists and all that. i’m super chill, so don’t be aftaid to talk to me. let’s be friends!!
» communication II. please feel free to share your ideas! want to introduce a new character? you have an awesome idea for a plot twist? tell me! chances are, i’ll be just as excited about that as you are! also, if you wish to drop the RP, please tell me! there will be no hard feelings, i promise!

addict x addict
addict x dealer
assassin x target
bodyguard x client
mob member x club owner
mob boss x luxury escort
leader x right-hand (wo)man
mob member x street fighter
mafia boss’ child x street thug
(undercover / crooked) cop x criminal

undercover rival x rival
rival x rival

bolded is my preferred role, but negotiable.

”take what i want, when i wanna, and i want ya”
II. ”you didn’t mean to say ”i love you”, i love you and i don’t want to”
III. ”the world’s a little blurry, or maybe it’s my eyes, the friends i’ve had to bury, they keep me up at night”
IV. ”feel like you’re worth it, those blue eyes and your red lips that got you on my guest list”
V. ”theres nothing like that the way you get me so high, you got a heart from heaven but you’re burning like hell”

feel free to suggest any of these themes to me!

love-hate / addiciton / mafia / gangs / forbidden love / arranged marriage / childhood best friends / bounty hunters / gang wars / corruption / mental illness / love triangles / unrequited love / soulmates / enemies to lovers / friends to lovers / partners in crime / troubled youth / romance / betrayal / fluff

created by @junie
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hi there! sorry to ruin your perfect board aesthetic but im super down with what you're suggesting but can't send you a message (might be because im new). anyways, have a nice day!!


perpetually pondering
Hey! I'm also searching for some darker RPs and am interested in a lot of your pairings and themes. I'd love to work something out with you!

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