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Futuristic 「 R E A P E R 」

New Orders XIV
「 R E A P E R 」

You decided to travel by ship. Sure, the travel might take a while, but it shouldn't really matter that much. Besides, it's a lot cheaper compared to the other options you had in mind. So, using your phone, you went ahead and booked three tickets to a ship - one which leaves by tomorrow evening, just as you planned.

After that you did the other preparations, which took quite a while, but you were finished by the end of the day - which led you to taking your well-deserved rest at your home. You flop down onto the bed, not even bothering to change clothes. As your head was enveloped by the soft pillow, and your body slowly sunk onto the somewhat-worn mattress, you doze off without even knowing it.

You woke up the following morning with a grunt. You opened your eyes slowly, your vision still somewhat blurry - the sight of a plain ceiling with the light on welcomed you. This led to you moving your right arm and covering your eyes from the unexpected brilliance, as you let out yet another grunt. With effort, you managed to sit upright, and take a short, but good look at yourself.

You gazed at your disheveled clothes with no reaction. One of your shoes has fallen to the ground, whilst the other was still worn by your left foot.

You let out a yawn, as you tilted your head and cracked your knuckles.

Then, you took your phone out of your pocket, which was miraculously still there, and checked the time.


"Hm.", you muttered. You dropped the phone on the mattress and stood up.

Today is the day.

[1] Prepare some quick breakfast for yourself.
[2] Refresh yourself - bathe and clean up.
[3] Idle around for a little bit longer.


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No worries - I'm happy whenever I see that alert pop up, doesn't matter if there were a few more days in-between or not. In fact, I wouldn't have looked at the dates if you hadn't mentioned it :)

[2] No better way to wake up, I'd say - breakfast can wait.

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