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Realistic or Modern ⭐ 𝒮𝓊𝓃𝓈𝑒𝓉 𝒮𝓉𝓇𝒾𝓅 ⭐ ~ Mobsters In The City Of Angels

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Sunset Strip

June 22nd,


“ The glitz and glamour of Hollywood was abruptly put on hold today, shaken by two equally jolting events. Earlier this morning, musician Mickey Deans found the body of his wife - the silver screen legend - Judy Garland at their home in London. Cause of death is currently unknown, however… groups of fans have already gathered outside their local theaters and relevant film lots to mourn and celebrate the life of the famed actress. Garland was forty-seven years of age and had appeared in over thirty feature films. She was most well known for her leading roles in The Wizard Of Oz and A Star Is Born.

As some mourn, others are angry -

Beverly Hills local and prestigious film producer, Chester W. Buckman was arrested outside of his home by LAPD officers and is apparently to be charged in a court of law for multiple instances of tax evasion and fraud. We have yet to get a comment from any relatives or peers of the supposed ‘King Of Hollywood’. But -

We will continue to update. ”


The year is 1969. One year after the abolishing of The Hays Code, which conservatively kept films from being too gratuitous. Thus cinema is changing. The recent release of the very successful X-Rated “Midnight Cowboy” has assured that. The landscape is reforming. And as the films change, Hollywood changes with it. The setting is a fascinating one -
We are still in the peak time of multiple civil rights movements, with The Stonewall Riots in New York taking place very soon after the roleplay’s start. Richard Nixon was sworn in at the start of 1969 and he is about to take The United States further into The Vietnam War, with the first draft taking place at the end of the year. We are approaching murders perpetrated by The Manson Family … and The Zodiac Killer is still at large in California. The first victim of the human immunodeficiency virus dies in The United States, something that bewilders doctors. And in one year … The RICO Act is passed, which brings the clamping down on organised crime by the government. It’s the beginning of disco and the ‘flower power’ movement is taking swing. Cinema is changing. Hollywood is changing. And the world is changing.


“Stage Of Fools” is mid-way through its production. After 1968’s critical success, “Romeo And Juliet” - top producers have pledged to imitate that success. So comes a wild western adaptation of Shakespeare’s King Lear. Shakespeare and cowboys, two things that guarantee triumph in the industry. However, the lead producer of the film - Chester W. Buckman - has just been arrested. Now this wouldn’t really be a problem … if it weren’t for the fact that word on the street is that Buckman was cut a deal by law enforcement officials so to shave a few years off a sentence. That deal is to rat out.
Rat whom out?
The film’s partners and backers and Chester’s close associates. The mafia. Specifically LA’s biggest mob, The Vescovi Crime Family. A family who has been involved in the film industry for many many years and, though never officially confirmed, behind many hits and many HITS. A family who has held a golden grip on the industry and the city since the 1920s. A grip shared by The American Films Guild ( AFG ), a large workers union whose influence has been slipping more and more since the abolishment of The Hays Code.
Everyone is at unease.
Don Vescovi has warned his men to be on the lookout. Some people want Buckman's head on a platter. Some people want Vescovi’s on one. Some people just want to continue on with production and cash in on their fifteen minutes of fame.

Unbeknownst to many as of now though, the mayor of Los Angeles is on a mission to crack down on all organised crime thanks to the appointment of bold new attorney, Jeremiah Washington.





The pot is being stirred.
And slowly being brought to its boil.

Will you play an actor/actress, hoping to be a star? A police officer ready to do what is necessary to bring justice? A high ranking mobster related to Don Vescovi himself? A low ranking enforcer, ready to crack skulls? A washed up performer - the last of a dying breed of legends? A civil rights activist? An aspiring journalist? A sleazy politician?

The possibilities are truly endless.

Especially in Hollywood.


The Vescovi Crime Family =
Originally an off branch of a crime family with the same name based in New York, New York. The Vescovi’s migrated to Los Angeles in 1919 - rising to prominence in the 20s. The off branch grew more powerful while their east coast counterpart struggled. As years went by, The Vescovi Crime Family became greater and greater, eating up many of their rival families within the city. It wasn’t until the late 30s when Don Franco Vescovi decided to try his hand at the equally ever growing film industry. His hand was tried. His try was a success. And the family never looked back. Anyone who is anyone in Hollywood has the family to thank for their fame and for their stardom. It is said that a movie isn’t made without a Vescovi backing it.
And allowing it.
Are you a member? Capo? Enforcer? Or just a simple associate?

The AFG ( American Films Guild ) =
The AFG is a workers union first established in the 1940s, just as The United States entered the second world war. They essentially control as much ( if not a tiny bit more ) than The Vescovi Crime Family when it comes to the movie making business. You don’t get work in Hollywood unless you’re a member of The AFG. However, with the abolishment of The Hays Code and the rising influx in successful indie movies … that control of theirs is slowly but surely shrinking. This faction is full of a whole bunch of characters,
Union representatives, producers, directors, writers, actors and actresses.

City Hall / LAPD =
Los Angeles is filled with dirt and with insects. Roaches who have evaded justice since the city’s beginning. That is about to change. The politicians, attorneys and law enforcement are about to join hand in hand - and finally put the devils within the city of angels to sleep. Prosecutions. Sting operations. And informants playing dress up. The time for change is now.

And potentially much more!


Hey everyone!

Me and a few others were hoping to do a mafia roleplay with a bit of a twist to it. We absolutely adore the aesthetic and the events of 1960's America - Los Angeles specifically. Hollywood even more specifically. So I'm deciding to make a very grounded roleplay set in this fascinating time and setting. We haven't started yet - so feel free to ask questions or drop any possible character ideas you might have if this DOES indeed catch your interest. We're really going for a gritty but glamorous Once Upon A Time In Hollywood-esque feel to this. And because it has to do with the mob, the law enforcement and the people on a film set... the possibilities are almost endless. It'll be quite sandbox-ish, I think. But the main focus will be centered around the cat and mouse chase between the mobsters and the city officials ... and how everyone else gets caught up in the middle of it.

Rules are pretty simple enough. Everything that applies to the site obviously applies in the role play.

A few things to mention though,

- You don't have the be the greatest writer ever, but I would like people who can write a beefy enough paragraph with description and dialogue and what not. No one liners or anything of the sort.

- This is will be a very grounded roleplay, as mentioned. And the subject matter will deal with dark enough topics. Some topics might be a little bit triggering, so just be forewarned. We're dealing with Hollywood in a time of uncertainty, greed and corruption. There will be death and there will be violence and there will be everything that comes with it.

- No Mary-Sues. Give your character some flaws. That's all I ask when it comes to character creation!

- Work together! Plan and plot and converse with your other role players. I feel like a roleplay works best when we come together to plan exciting story lines and character arcs. Which leads to my final point,

- HAVE FUN! It's why we're here, no?

So that's it for now!

Would love to see what you guys think.
I'm here to answer any questions or whatever.
Can't wait to get this up and running!

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Hey everyone!

We've got our threads up and will be starting as soon as we get a few character sheets in and I finish an introduction post! Thanks so much for all of the interest, really appreciate it. Can't wait for us to get started!

@The Elusive Shadow
@Shadow Alpha
@Vote Saxon
@Keira Winston

I'll also be sending a link to the Discord I've just set up, if you guys are interested in joining. A few of you are already there and it's likely where the majority of the OOC will take place ... along with character planning and the likes. So I'd definitely suggest joining so we can get who is who in order.

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