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❝ divinity fallen. ❞
sun is coming up
oh, why, oh, why, oh, why​
❝ pitch. ❞

Fifteen years ago the three most powerful families in the world each allowed the Church to sacrifice one of their children as the entire world watched. In a world completely controlled by the Church, this wasn’t a surprise. It rocked the foundations of the families and the countries they reigned over, however. A civil war broke out and the Church did nothing to stop. The three royal families were all killed along the way, with few of their children escaping. New families took power and the wars calmed.

Yesterday news broke that the Church had been visited by an angel, and that the world was about to become safer. A blessing of Holy proportions was coming.

Would it be a blessing or a curse?

❝ info. ❞

further info: the church is trying to open a divine gate, the monarchs will not be available for playing because the focus is civilians, the three sacrifices are important, a near apocalypse will come, there will be powers eventually!! 18+ please i'm old (unless you’re soap)

❝ kingdoms. ❞

TRINITATEM ; the equivalent of the vatican. located at the center point of the three kingdoms, it is said to have been built on top of the gates of hell. the grand tower in the center is said to have been built explicitly as an access point to heaven.

PURUS ; this kingdom is centered around divine purity, and is built to the north of trinitatem. it’s climate is extremely cold and often finds itself buried under snow. the people have found ways to survive these harsh climates, though.

NIHILIO ; this kingdom is full of corruption. a place filled with heretics and blasphemy. located in the southeast it’s climate varies by season, by is warmer than purust during all season.

SALUTIS ; this kingdom is of the most well behaved. they believe that the path to salvation begins on earth. it is also the smallest kingdom, located in the southwest. the climate is tropical.

code by: @leviathan.
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i'll try to have a cs up within the week btw! probably a bit more world info as well <3


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thank you for the interest everyone! i’m going to be typing out some information on the kingdoms over the next couple of days and then i’ll add their info to the main post here <3


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alright the basic kingdom info has been added to the main post! characters will all live in trinitatem but can be from any of the kingdoms! more information on them will be available in the discord which i plan to set up on the first along with the character sheet :)

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