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Realistic/Modern ❥ romance & angst

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fuck up


welcome to my edited partner search! i’m evelyn, and i’m looking for originals, and mostly roleplays that have some darker themes in them! mxf is my preferred pairing, but i am open to fxf, but the plot has to be good. i’m looking to write female mains, but do like to throw in a bunch of side characters, and those most often are males. i write anything from three to seven paragraphs, and try to mirror post lenght! also, i’m usually online a lot, but do not expect that from the people i write with.

a few guidelines:
please write atleast two or three good-sized paragraphs. if you write more, awesome!!
; looking for someone to write a male main.
; ooc chat is super welcome! i love to create moodboards and gush about the characters! also, if you’d like to change something about the RP, tell me! it’s supposed to be fun for both of us, right?
; be somewhat active? daily replies are welcome, but not required!
; i use realistic fcs.
; ditch-friendly, but if you’d like to drop the roleplay, a heads up would be appreciated.

love-hate • addiciton • rehab • mafia • gangs • forbidden love • arranged marriage • childhood best friends • gang wars • corruption • mental health • love triangles • unrequited love • soulmates • enemies to lovers • friends to lovers • partners in crime • troubled youth • romance • betrayal • fluff • slowburn

addict x dealer
assassin x target
bodyguard x client
mob boss’ child x street thug
mob member x club owner
mob member x street fighter
leader x right-hand (wo)man
ex-gang member x gang member
crooked / undercover cop x criminal
rival x rival

bold is my preferred role

small ideas:
one // vampires & drug addiction
two // two rivaling mafia members fall in love and have to keep it a secret
three // assassin falls for their target
four // a kidnapping gone wrong
five // fake dating (addict x dealer, bodyguard x client, mob-related)

song prompts:
into it // chase atlantic - yeah i’m just fucking lucky i was born with it, a hundred million people couldn’t deal with this. i’ve been trying to grow cause people kill for it, this mental pressure got me popping pills and shit

female robbery // the neighbourhood - i’m sure they figured out, early on, that i would never run, that they could shoot but that’s no fun

copycat // billie eilish - perfect murder, take your aim
i don’t belong to anyone but everybody knows my name


one // two careless young adults who come from not-so-good environments & childhoods struggle with addiction / mental health / gang connections, but always have each other’s backs.

two // a strictly professional relationship between an addict and their dealer turns into something more.

three // two rivaling mafia families uniting to achieve some third, bigger goal.

four // muse a is a gang member faced with charges of different crimes. they are forced to attend a youth program in prison, where they meet muse b, and become cellmates. //
a lil’ note: despite the ”youth program”, i do not play underage characters.

five // two addicts meet in rehab, and are able to get through that with each other’s support. what happens when they check themselves out?

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