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Realistic/Modern ❝ be my mistake. ❞ ― ☾


❛ love you 3000 ❜


theme song:
be my mistake
the 1975

Be MY mistake and turn out the light. SHE bought me those jeans, the ones you like. I don't wanna hug, I just wanna SLEEP. The SMELL of your hair reminds me of her feet. So don't wait outside my hotel room, just wait till I give you a SIGN; 'Cause I get LONESOME sometimes. SAVE all the jokes you're gonna make, while I see how much drink I can take; Then be MY mistake. I shouldn't have called, 'cause we shouldn't SPEAK. You do make me HARD but she makes me weak. And be my MISTAKE.

hello! my name is olivia (liv) for short and it's holidays for me so i'm very bored atm, and also ignoring my responsibilities, so i thought it would be a great idea to start a one x one thread! i'm just looking for a casual partner (hopefully long term) for me to share some Edgy memes and find new friends. i promise i don't bite, but because i live in the worst timezone (aest time) and have a job, don't expect me to post every single day. i'll keep this intro brief and list my requirements down below, please feel free to pm me!

♡ i expect at least two paragraphs of writing! i try to match but sometimes i can go overboard.
♡ realistic face claims please! i'm not a fan of anime/use of anthropomorphic animals.
♡ i can get into gory/illegal stuff i don't mind, but please don't ask about incest/rape/etc.
♡ romance isn't a must, but i do enjoy it most of the time.
♡ i only do mxf (at the moment) with playing female lead, but i could be persuaded to double.
♡ i prefer rping on threads or pms, but you can ask for my discord for ooc chat!
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