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a passing housewife!
so, i love everyone and really don't want to be too exclusive. so, i've added two more roles to the repertoire!

introducing the double agent and the opulent!

the double-agent
Loyalties are blurred with this one. The double-agent isn't quite sure if the king knows that they're associated with the antagonist heist team or if they just got lucky, but either way, the potential to double cross is quite high. Which side will they be in favor of? If only the damn opulent would stop being so suspicious.

the opulent
They have the funds to pull this thing off. They're the wealthy, the one who's so rich that no one's quite sure why they're stealing in the first place. (The right hand knows--thievery is a family legacy). Will the opulent reach the high standards set by their family? Or is this another last-cause of an investment. One thing's for certain, the opulent is invested in making sure this plan works out: and they have their suspicions about the double-agent.

happy writing!!​


The Fashionable Crab
I'll slide on in and take the last roll as the double agent! That's still open, right?


๐–บ ๐—Œ๐—๐—‚๐—‡๐—’ ๐—Œ๐—๐–บ๐—‹
I'll slide on in and take the last roll as the double agent! That's still open, right?
this roleplay isnโ€™t first come, first serve. you can apply for any role (:


The Fashionable Crab
Eh, I wanna be the Double agent all the same

I'm going to pull out the age old magician deception tricks


a passing housewife!
lmao yee naturally xD

i saw someone else post a cs for the boss spot and i was like o h s h i t gotta step up mY gAmE

so i ended up writing like a novel for my guy's personality xD pretty sure it's just because the code makes the space small, but dAmn you gotta read and scroll a LOt
that's great!! honestly, the character sheet that i put up is basic and only the foundational aspect. any extra bits is SUPER appreciated and i'll take that into consideration as well


a passing housewife!
to everyone that has applied, a quick word:
The sheets I see so far are looking absolutely lovely! Please do remember that the template that I've given you should be adhered to. The questions that I've asked on those are specific, I'm looking at writing style, characterization, and various other aspects. You are ENCOURAGED to add EXTRA information beyond the character sheet, but I should see that you have followed the foundational aspects of what I've given you to the T.

Happy writing!!


[ @chezmoi @constellation @zippy @irenic @Stardust Galaxy @esthersilvers @Feyrie @erosful @callisto @TheAwesomeSoph @myst.erion @moonchild. @christy @Togy + anyone else who applies in the future]​


i prefer dogs over babies
Will do! Iโ€™ve just been busy with work and havenโ€™t had time to get around to working on my bio but today I got time to do it :3


The Fashionable Crab
I'm trying to go with the mysterious and dodging questions kind of character, but I'll still add extra stuff

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