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Futuristic ❖ M I R A I ❖ E T E R N U M ❖ (Accepting More)

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Greetings Einherjar
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Action, Adventure, Cyberpunk, Dystopian, Multiverse, Mystery, Platonic, Romance, Slice of Life


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"The greatest force of nature is not found in sweeping tornados or the crashing waves of a tsunami. It is found in the very nature of man. When man strives as One, man has an undeniable capacity for great progress...

Or destruction.

Delve a little deeper and one might begin to ask... Are we then part of nature... or do we shape it?"
~Prof. Dr. Briggs, 2057

❖ ░░ ❖ ░ ❖ ░░░
Have you forgotten already?

The sight of a million burning stars? So bright they filled your eyes until you could no longer see or hear or think of anything but the sheer entrancing pureness that marked the end of your final chapter?

Have you forgotten already?

The frantic beating of your heart and terror of the inevitable impending unknown that was the depredating devourer of unfulfilled wishes and unclaimed desires?

Have you forgotten already?

That as the evanescent figments of what could only be your soul spread out over every fibre of your being, hanging on ephemeral thread, perched on the precipice of that one final cathartic release, that it was then... under the brilliance of a million Solars, that you finally understood, your place as stardust shaped and destined to be always one with the Universe. The final conflagration. The last spark. Death. . .

And it granted you transcendent peace.

A peace that would be pined for as you awoke upon the blackened shores of stygian paradise, awake, but not quite alive. For you are. . .

e i n h e r j a R

❖ ░░ ❖ ░ ❖ ░░░
Welcome to the world of Mirai Eternum. Below you will find a link to the lore thread where you will be given a more thorough view of the setting. Be warned though, it is insanely extensive; at least more than the average lately on this site. I hope you will find it most interesting. And if not, thank you for stopping by anyway.

But to give you just a little taste of what to expect:
Mirai Eternum is set in the distant future, where the remnants of mankind thrive across the distant stars and galaxies. Due to a universal catastrophe, man can only truly thrive in special dimensional places called Singularity Worlds. But for all of man's advancements, true progress has stagnated after the cataclysm especially due to the fact that all of mankind no longer dreams. Sleep is just an endless void of darkness and the ripple effect is seen in the lack of technological and artistical progress.

You will be playing an Einherjar, a kind of super-soldier if you will. One who has died, but somehow, returned to the uncertain fate of mankind's far future. As the fragmented civilizations of Man struggle to contain the fissures that threaten to sink them into a cataclysmic war, made worse by the emergence of a cult of ruthless fanatical terrorists, you must find the keys to the Universe. Solve the mysteries of our existence before it is too late.

❖ ░░ ❖ ░ ❖ ░░░
A few words of advice before you proceed further:
1. This is a detailed Roleplay. Not so much in the fact that you need to write text-walls (spoiler alert, you don't) but you need to be able to follow the established lore and build on it! We're in this together ^3^
2. The Roleplay has already started, but we've not gotten past the first page. So catching up won't be an issue. I can give a quick briefing if it's needed.
3. Activity wise, a post a week is great for me as I myself am a really busy person. Any delays shall be informed in advance, you don't even have to give me a reason.
4. FINALLY, I understand there will be a huge amount to read in the linked lore thread. If it'll make things just a little bit quicker, you may ignore the part about NPCs. All you need to know to join the RP is in the rest of the Lore and in the CS guide.

Wishing you all the best and remember,

The Dreamer Is The Key



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I'm pretty interested! Let me just finish reading the lore real quick
I'm halfway through the lore and really interested!!
Glad to hear that! If you guys are still in after reading everything feel free to head over to the CS! The link can be found from the lore thread.

We have a discord for ooc, pretty chill bunch. Likely won't be bothering much, cause we're all pretty booked up elsewhere! (At least I am). But we do use it to discuss the rp every now and then.

If you don't do discord that's fine too, the threads work just as well!


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We've had a couple of interests so far, but we still have room! I promise a highly detailed scifi RP (by current standards at least) with a seriously non-demanding post schedule =1!


In the End, Death gets us all
I opened the lore page as soon as i commented but my PC crashed. Expect a CS within the next 6 hours


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Everything haha. I'm reading up on the lore right now! So much work was put into this.
I love it when someone loves the stuff I write <3 Thanks for making my day!

Well, hope you still stay around after reading everything =3


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For sure. After reading the lore, where should I head?
The lore links to the CS thread! There's the OOC as well, if you need a discord link let me know. All of the current players are on discord, but if you prefer not to use it, I can always update essential info in the OOC threads =3

If you want to check how far we've gone in the RP, the IC is linked via the Lore thread as well.


@Lekiel Hey there- looked over the lore page and this looks pretty interesting! However, it seems a handful of folks are already keen on joining: are you still reviewing sheets by chance, or do you expect to perhaps open up additional slots later down the line?

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