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— the orchard
step into
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hello hello ! i'm natasha, you can also call me nat if you prefer, or any variation of the name (i don't have a lot of nicknames).

i'm trying to start fresh, and the best way i can think of doing that is by creating a brand new search thread. i've currently got some time on my hands since i'm working from home, and even when i start working from the office, i'll be on my laptop for most of the day, and i like to fill up my time with writing. i'm looking for likeminded people who'd be willing to share that with me!

most of the genres i dabble in include romance, realistic/slice of life, urban fantasy, and a mild mix of sci fi. i also throw in a lot of drama and angst, because that's always fun, and i have a tendency to torture my characters sometimes, because what better way to induce growth?

that being said, not all my roleplays revolve around dark themes. at the moment, i don't have any cravings, per se, so anything up on this thread is fair game.

not sure there's anything else i need to say about myself except that i'm 22, and i've been roleplaying for almost 10 years now! i've definitely come a long way, and i hope to go further. thanks for taking a look!
i try not to limit my partners too much when it comes to roleplaying, but there are a few things i look for because i know without them, i won't enjoy the roleplay as much and i think we should both enjoy it equally! i'll keep this short though:

i prefer quality over quantity, but i'd also like something i can respond to! i'd love around 400-500 words per character, but this depends on the situation, of course. someone with a good grasp of the english language would also be great. i'm looking to grow as a writer, and i know there are always opportunities to learn. if i haven't written with you in the past, there's a good chance i'll ask for a writing sample, and i'll happily give you one from my end as well.

i'm looking for a flexible partner! i play both males and females, and usually in m/m and m/f pairings. nothing against f/f, it's just never been my cup of tea. i would love it if my partner isn't restricted when it comes to genders or pairings, and a partner willing to play multiple main and side characters would be excellent since i love having a diverse cast of characters. also, realistic face claims only!

i'm on every day, but that doesn't mean i can get a reply out every day. i don't expect the same from my partners either, and i'm usually quite patient. ideally, i'd prefer a reply every week, but more is definitely welcome. any less and i tend to lose a little interest, because my anxiety riddled brain begins to worry that something's up. if replies are going to take you a while, feel free to just let me know!

very important for me. forming a connection with my partner tends to add, sometimes, to how good our story is. plus, it's always just fun to gush about our characters or fangirl over other general things. a lack of communication in the past is how most of my rps more or less ended before they got a chance to begin. i also am very active on discord, so if you'd prefer to shift ooc there, that would be ideal, but i'm not against talking via pms on the site.

and lastly
all rpn rules and regulations apply! please pm me with your interest and tell me a little about yourself, as a roleplayer, and what you're interested in from my thread! please refrain from posting on this thread since i want to keep it clean.
none of these plots are mine unless stated otherwise! some of these are more fleshed out than others, but there's always room for switching things around and adding to things. if i have a preferred role for a plot, i'll state it at the end of it, but otherwise, i'm up for any role. gender roles are also not locked, so we can discuss it aaaand lastly, while i love playing multiple mains, i will never force it into the story for the sake of 'doubling up'.

lurking in the shadows
muse a is a hunter who travels the country in order to extinguish supernatural threats. when muse a gets news of yet another small town being terrorized by a murderous creature, they pack up their things and make haste to the next destination. muse a settles into town quickly and gets to work investigating these mysterious, grisly deaths. despite muse a’s best efforts, over the course of several weeks, they keep coming up short of catching the culprit, unaware that muse b is watching their every move. (optional twist: muse b is a supernatural creature, the same kind as the killer, but innocent. they approach muse a and offer to hunt down the killer together.) [ no preference for roles ]

secret royalty
an irritable female knight (muse a) is charged with the burden of rescuing the king’s brother after he’s been taken prisoner and held for ransom; the royal caravan was waylaid by a band of hooded assailants led by muse b, a dastardly unknown marksman. muse a realises that her best chance of finding the king’s brother is to be ‘caught’ by muse b too, so she orchestrates a clever plan to appear like a helpless damsel and soon enough she is successfully abducted by muse b. when the knight is left alone in a dank dungeon, she is able to go in search of the king’s brother. suspicious of his latest capture, muse b stops muse a in her tracks and they engage in hand-to-hand combat. it isn’t until muse b is momentarily overtaken by muse a that muse a notices the birthmark on muse b’s neck, the very same mark that all of the males of the royal family possess. muse b is of royal blood and seems to have no idea. [ prefer muse a ]

cruelty of fate
muse a has been groomed since birth to be a respectable noble-person, constantly reminded to practice the etiquette proper for their gender and expected to anticipate the day they will meet a well-bred suitor. muse b has never enjoyed the privileged life despite being within arm’s reach of it; they’ve worked on the estate grounds for muse a’s family since they were a mere child and have observed the high life of the aristocracy all the while with envious eyes. perhaps due to their contrary social standings, muse a has always been fascinated with muse b and vice versa. with muse a constantly under the watchful eye of their chaperone, muse a and muse b have resorted to leaving letters for one another in an old tree on the property; they’ve been planning for several days to meet one another in secret. [ no preference for roles ]

if the shoe fits
muse a is told by their father, the king, that they must marry, and a ball is planned to find them a spouse. angry and panicking, they flee to the edge of the kingdom where they finds muse b, living with two step-siblings and an abusive stepfather. these fast friends hatch a scheme: muse a will take one of muse b's shoes, claim it belongs to their one true love, and send their father on a fool’s errand to find the ‘prince/ss’ to which it belongs. in return muse a will help the muse b escape their family, if they wish, at least for one night — the ball. but when they dance together, more than friendship might form. [ no preference for roles ]

deadbeat blues
muse a is a rookie cop who’s just looking to prove themselves in the department, especially considering the rumours swirling around that the only reason they managed to pass the exam was because their parent is the former chief of police. desperate to show their worth, muse a volunteers to take on the biggest case the city’s seen in years, a drug ring that’s going to lead to drug bust right within the city. surprising many people, muse a has a knack for finding out what’s going on and begins to put together the pieces of the case - which doesn’t bode well for the kingpin who wants to flood the city with their drugs. enter muse b, a wise and street savvy escort who begins to cross paths with muse a multiple times on their different assignments. muse a is taken by muse b’s humour and intelligence and independence. muse a finds themselves taken with muse b, their energy starting to drift more on them than the case. unknown to them, muse b works for the very kingpin they’re trying to take down. [ prefere muse b ]

the bucket list
two friends are brought together by an unfortunate event — the death of their best friend. over the years, they all drifted apart and these two friends even had a fight and stopped talking. now though, their friend has left a will behind, asking the two of them to finish off the bucket list that they never got to finish, so the two friends are forced to spend time with each other once again and rediscover feelings that were once pushed down.

cast away
a group of people are washed up on an island after their ship is wrecked and they're thrown overboard. all of them were on that ship for a particular reason, and all of them have secrets they're trying to keep from one another, but now they're forced to work together to survive, and hopefully find a way off this island. (bonus twist: something sinister lurks here).

the new patient
muse a has been a resident of the local psychiatric hospital since their youth. because of the nature of their disorder, they keep primarily to themselves and don’t go out of the way to meet people. other patients aren’t necessarily scared of them, but it’s common knowledge that muse a is not to be bothered and people generally comply. muse b is a newly admitted patient to the same hospital. they’re loud, aggressive, and in the short amount of time they’ve been there, have managed to get on almost everybody’s nerves at least once. muse a, by habit, goes out of their way to avoid muse b, but muse b is fascinated by them and how they’re viewed by the other patients. they make it their personal mission to get as close as they possibly can to muse a, to the point that the staff takes notice and has to threaten muse b with a stint in solitary confinement. [ prefer muse a ]

district two
it's a dystopian world, set far into the future, and the city known as celsior has a clear heirarchy in place. the city is divided into three districts: one, for the elite, two for the middle class, and three for the lowest class. in this day and age, some people are enhanced with modifications. maybe eyes that allow a person to see more than the average human, or a bionic arm that gives you super strength. maybe experimenting has even caused some powers to grow. the modifications differ among the districts, but to cross over to other districts is forbidden, unless you have a token (and that can only be achieved by showing somehow that you can afford to go where you want to go). a couple of characters find their paths crossed after a murder involves all of them, and things become a whole lot more complicated.

a rag tag group of former criminals, each specialising in a particular field, are brought together to pull off the ultimate heist. loyalties are put to the test, and there's a lot of scope for things to go terribly wrong.
here are a few pairings that i'd be up for dabbling in (or combining to make a plot with several mains). underlined roles are my preferred roles!

fantasy pairings
(can be urban or other time periods also)

— vampire x human
— werewolf x human
vampire x werewolf
— royalty x commoner
— ghost x medium
prince/ss x assassin
— prince/ss x guard
— thief x royalty
— god x human
— royal heir of kingdom a x royal heir of kingdom b
— wizard/witch x wizard/witch (harry potter types)
— escaped prisoner x thief
— escaped prisoner x royalty

modern pairings
— bad guy/girl x good guy/girl
— royalty x commoner
— boss x employee
— skeptic cop x psychic consultant
— uptight workaholic x carefree traveler
— spoiled rich x studious poor
— modern! hades x modern! persephone
— gang member x gang member
— gang member x opposing gang member
— second in command x gang leader's kid
— single parent x kindergarten teacher
— celebrity x fan
— celebrity x non fan

pairings idk how to classify
superhero x villain
— cop x vigilante
— demigod x demigod
— spy x spy
— government experiment x government experiment
— government experiment x lab helper
— government experiment x human that finds them (stranger things types)

i'm also adding a few fandoms that i'm interested in, either to serve as a basis for an original roelplay or au (i'm also open to doing canon x oc or oc x oc pairings in any of these universes).

— harry potter (or explore one of the other three schools)
— star wars (sequel era preferably, or au)
— the hunger games
— cube / escape room type concepts
— supernatural
— disney/dreamworks
— mythology (not a fandom, i know, but i say it counts)
— marvel/dc (cinematic)
— money heist
— game of thrones (earlier seasons preferably, or au)
— elite
— avatar: the last airbender
— vampire academy
— divergent
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