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𝕄𝕒𝕜𝕖 𝕒 𝕨𝕚𝕤𝕙...

◆・.。*†*。.・ The Introduction ◆・.。*†*。.・

Greetings, everyone, and welcome to my search thread! My name is fallen, but most people end up calling me namagusai or nama. Or, honestly, I'll respond to just about anything you throw at me so long as it isn't super rude. I am a nineteen-year olf college student who's studying animal sciences in the hopes of one day becoming a veterinarian as well as minoring in creative writing. I'm the proud owner/mother of two dogs – well, proud most of the time, they're a pair of idiots sometimes, but I do love them all the same. If anyone wants dog pictures, hit me up! I'm also an avid fan of basketball, played it for ten years, and I used to ride horses. When I'm not writing or drowning in work, I'm usually off doing something with animals.

I've been roleplaying for around six years now, but I've been writing creatively since I was a mere seven years old. I'm pretty sure my mom still has some stories I wrote in kindergarten – I shudder to think about reading them over now. Luckily, I've improved a lot since then I hope. I consider myself an advanced/literate roleplayer with a proficient grasp of the English language. I love chatting ooc and getting to know my partners; I think the stories and ideas flow more easily when we're friends!

Below, I've listed out a few things about my style and what exactly I'm looking for in a partner. I think I'm pretty lax, so please let me know if you think we'd make good partners! That being said, when you contact me, please do not comment on the thread. Send me a PM that tells me a little bit about yourself and your writing style. I want to know about you as a potential partner to see if we mesh! I may also ask for a writing sample; I will have included some of my own at the bottom of this thread. Without further ado, onto the part you're actually here for!


◆・.。*†*。.・ Style Preferences ◆・.。*†*。.・
This first set is my own style when I write. You can expect all of this from me!

Advanced literate
Average about 3-5 meaty paragraphs but can and will write more when inspired
Mirror post length
Third-person, past tense
Zero triggers
Totally fine with mature themes (but nothing that goes against site rules)
Prefer to roleplay in PMs on site but can do threads
Can reply multiple times a week
Looking to develop two of my males
Besides my two males, I play females
I have a plethora of male and female side characters
Open to fxm, f// and m// pairings

These are the sorts of things I'm looking for in a partner. Please be sure that you can match all of these when you contact me!

Please be at least semi-literate
Prefer at least two meaty paragraphs
No one-liners
Decent grammar and a grasp of the English language (of course I understand typos)
Post at least once a week, but I'd love it if you could post at least a few times a week
Tell me anything you're not comfortable with – sometimes my characters can get pretty dark
I'm ditch friendly, just tell me before you leave
Collaborate on the plot with me


◆・.。*†*。.・ Genres and General Ideas ◆・.。*†*。.・
The following are a list of genres that I am interested in. After that, I'll post a few things about the sorts of plots that I'm searching for at the moment!

Modern fantasy
Romance (as a sub-plot) (give me all the slow-burn)

I've also got a craving for some dark versions of classic fairy tales. I'm open to any fairy tale you'd like to throw at me! I really just want to take some classics and put a dark and more mature spin on them. It doesn't even have to follow the exact storyline of a fairy tale, it could just be something based on the general idea. If I had to pick favorites, I'd lean toward something like Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and Robin Hood. Really, I just want some dark fairy tales y'all.

I'm always looking for some fantasy plots. Specifically urban fantasy, but I'd be down to do medieval fantasy as well. I love incorporating all kinds of different magical creatures into fantasy settings and I'd love to build a world with you that incorporates fantastical elements. I'd also be down to do something based on mythology. I'm cool with any pairing of creatures, and if you'd like to hear about them, I have some characters already you might find interesting. But I always love making new characters as well!

I'm also down to do some post-apocalyptic stuff. I have a character that I've been wanting to flesh out for a while now that works in this setting. I've got a couple of ideas about how the world fell to pieces and how we can get some zombies up in there too (sciency ones, not magic ones). I'd love to build a world with you for this!


◆・.。*†*。.・Plot Bunnies◆・.。*†*。.・

[CLOSED] On the Wrong Side of Heaven
So, this technically isn't a specific plot, but I have a character that I've been looking to develop and expand upon more: she's a fallen angel who was cast down to earth one hundred and forty years ago for falling in love with a half-demon warlock. She used to be a high-ranking angel with powerful magic before she fell and she now wanders the earth as an outcast. I'd love to play her against just about anyone you can come up with - be it a demon, a supernatural creature, a human, or a gifted human with powers. Plots would vary depending on what you chose to play as.

[CLOSED] Shifting Loyalties
Set in a cyberpunk, futuristic city, my character is a woman who has was born into the lower class and has spent most of her days fighting for her and her sister's survival. She's one of the best hackers in the city and so far, she hasn't met a machine she can't fix or a computer she can't get into. Imagine her surprise, however, when she's recruited by a government official to go undercover as a spy in the rebellion that's been brewing in the city. Needing the money, she agrees; however, her allegiance might change once she meets YC, the leader of the rebellion.

The Cat's Meow
So, this is another one I don't have a too specific plot for, but it would involve a mage and their newly summoned familiar. This can be modern or medieval. YC is an up-and-coming mage who has recently gained the skill to summon a familiar, which turns out to be MC. MC has both human and animal forms and takes on the form of a cat when she's in animal form. She's also extremely cat-like in her behavior: lazy, lackadaisical, and would much rather sleep than help YC with their spells. I was thinking that somehow, our characters get dragged into some kind of massive war/struggle between supernatural creatures and they have to figure out how to work together to solve the problem and stay alive.

Siren Song
In a world where the supernatural are looked down upon and often held as slaves, a siren woman escapes from the life that she's been shoved into and hopes to find some freedom. Posing as a human, she flees onto a pirate ship as a stowaway. When the captain discovers her, will they let her stay or will they throw her off the boat? And what happens when the captain discovers their new stowaway is a siren?

MC is a hunter of the supernatural - has been since she was a child. Her family is part of an organization built upon the idea that the supernatural are dark creatures that must be eradicated at all costs to protect the human race. Since this belief has been instilled in her since birth, MC believes it wholeheartedly. Her view on the world is suddenly flipped upside down, however, when a raid on a werewolf/vampire (you pick which race) nest goes wrong. Through a series of unfortunate events, MC was turned into the very thing she hunts. YC is the leader of the nest MC raided when she was turned. With MC now a supernatural, the people she once called friend are now hunting her down and she must turn to YC in an effort to figure out how to navigate the world as a supernatural creature and avoid both of them getting killed by the hunters.

Of High Courts and Other Realms
Fal is a faerie prince of the Unseelie Court and one of the two boys I'm looking to play with at the moment. I'd love to use him in a plot involving something with the rising tensions between the Seelie and Unseelie Courts of Fae with a potential war brewing between the two Courts. YC is preferably someone of supernatural origin, but they could be a normal human (you'll have to seriously impress both me and Fal if you're only human though). Fal is pansexual, so he is open to both fxm and m// pairings. Note that I have never written out a m// pairing before so please be patient with me.

Day of the Dead
Jean Maddox is a human necromancer and the other boy I'm willing to play with. He's a sweet thing who is Trying to Adult™ and has only recently stumbled upon the supernatural world with the awakening of his necromancer abilities on his twenty-first birthday. YC must be someone of supernatural origin who is familiar with the world and would be willing to guide Jean and show him the ropes. There's a lot of different ways a plot with Jean could go, mostly depending on what you decide to make your character. Jean is only open to mxf pairings.


And last but not least, here are my writing samples! Kudos if you've made it to the end of this thread! If you think you'd like to write with me, great! I can't wait to hear from you all. Be sure to drop me a PM and I look forward to the wonderful stories we'll write!


Context: Mavis and Cornyx were in a fight against one of the story's antagonists. During the fight, Mavis almost died while protecting Cornyx. Here, Cornyx is expressing that he doesn't want her to be so reckless with her life.

He was crying. Cornyx was crying. He was crying and telling her that somehow, despite everything that she’d done, that she was still worth something. That his being here, that her helping him, somehow justified her existence. Even though she’d torn so many things apart and burned so many things down. Even as the ashes danced around her and the flames licked at her skin and no one could get close to her because they would just become more of that gray ash that blocked out the sun and turned everything to darkness.

She didn’t know what to say. How to react. He was crying and telling her that he couldn’t lose her and that she couldn’t be so flippant with her life. Because he thought she mattered. That she was important to him and that he needed her. But he was stronger than he thought. He didn’t need her to be able to push on. He would be able to recover and find a way to keep going if she vanished. She had faith that he would be able to do that.

But he was saying that she wasn’t allowed to die. Because she wasn’t allowed to leave him.

For her entire life, the idea that she’d never been good enough was pounded into her head. That she would never measure up to the standards set before her. And after so long of being told that, her mind just always twisted the situation into telling herself that she was never good enough. That there was always something that she could have done better. That she could have fought better, could have taken out more enemies, could have minimized the damage more so there was less to deal with. That she was nothing more than a soldier and no matter how much regret and guilt she felt over hurting and killing people that was all she would ever be able to do. Even though she could never do that well enough to be satisfactory. Thousands of thousands of years that idea pushed through her head. So much that she’d never thought that maybe it was wrong. That she was something else. That she could matter.

“Cornyx, I…” she said softly, all the anger she’d been feeling slipping from her body. She reached out hesitantly to him before pausing, pulling back. After a moment, she took a tentative step toward him, though she couldn’t quite bring herself to fully reach out to him. How was she supposed to answer him? He was breaking down and saying that he needed her and that because he needed her she couldn’t die.

She crossed her arms across her stomach, her fingers grasping at the fabric of her shirt as she held herself. Her gaze flickered to the ground. She couldn’t look at him. “I’m sorry,” she whispered and her voice cracked. She covered her mouth with one hand, her body trembling as she tried to hold back her own tears. “Cornyx, I’m so sorry…I never thought that…I thought that…” That he would be okay. That he would be able to move on without her. That she was inconsequential enough that her death might hurt, but he would move on.
This entire situation was both extremely uncomfortable and oddly thrilling. Elysia had never worn so little clothing around anyone but the servants and even then it was just to change into actual clothing. She’d certainly never done something like this outside in the middle of the forest. She felt extremely self-conscious about the whole thing. Staying still wasn’t very hard to do when Serenei told her too; moving seemed much more difficult at that moment. It was better to be still rather than try and move about in her exposed fashion. But then she felt Serenei’s breath hot on her neck and Elysia stiffened in shock as she felt the other woman rub the bare skin of her shoulders. Elysia’s skin shivered in some feeling as Serenei whispered in her ear, breath brushing against it. She didn’t think she’d ever been so close to someone in an intimate manner like this. Should it feel like this? Serenei was just…actually, Elysia didn’t know what Serenei was doing. Why was she so close? Why was she touching her? Why did Elysia not mind it at all despite the uncomfortable newness of the situation?

Swallowing slightly in an attempt to get rid of her nervousness, completely giving up on trying to contain her blush – which was annoyingly obvious given the paleness of her skin – and attempted to relax. Such a feat was rather hard though, given that Serenei’s closeness was causing her to tense up a lot. Elysia took a deep breath and tried to force the tension from her shoulder despite the fact that Serenei’s rough hands were still on her bare skin. And then Serenei’s hands ran down her arms and took hold of her hands, causing another shiver to roll over Elysia’s skin. She didn’t know what this feeling was or whether or not she liked it. She was too caught up in embarrassment and the closeness to be able to determine anything like that. The coldness of the water was a striking contrast against the burning of her skin as Serenei submerged her hands into the water, holding her palms close together but leaving a slight opening. The diplomat’s hands were so rough and calloused. Was that from her time working on the ship? It seemed that Serenei had done a lot of working outside of royal courts in her lifetime. That too, was strange, feeling such roughness from a woman, but it wasn’t unpleasant. Such thoughts only served to cause her blush to deepen more and she was grateful for the fact that Serenei was standing behind her and couldn’t see her face.

“How long do you normally have to wait?” she asked, her tone shyer than she meant it to be. Elysia was still struggling to wrap her mind around what, exactly, was happening. Surely, Serenei could have told her how to catch fish without being so close. So then, why would she choose this way? And why didn’t Elysia mind it like she felt she should have? Was it just because this was wrong that she wanted to do it? Because it was so different than what she was used to and she thrived on that differentness? Of breaking out of the shell she’d been forced into? She had no answers to these questions at all. All she knew was that Serenei was far too close for anything appropriate, Elysia enjoyed the feeling for some reason, but was also extremely uncomfortable by it at the same time and she didn’t know how to handle such conflicting feelings.

Elysia could see the fish swimming around in the water, their scales flashing in the light that broke through the treetops. At first, they steered clear of the two women in the water, but slowly but surely, they began to venture closer and closer, investigating the strange new things that had come into their pool.
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