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travelling satelite

  • Oliver
    nickname: oli / aglio e olio (the spaghetti lolol)
    "I may be the one who started this but Oli is the brains behind this operation 100%."

    okay the nickname aglio e olio exists because keith was making up a random spaghetti spell when oliver was around and it accidentally landed neatly on his head. when keith realized what he's done, he quickly apologized and shit but well, that's not rlly a good first impression. the two meet and actually properly talk again and that's when keith learns of his name. keith's dumb tho so when he sees oliver for the second time he prob blurted out smth like, "hey, you're the aglio olio guy!". he gets weird looks from everyone around and a curt correction from oliver.

    keith considers oliver a good friend but i wouldnt be surprised if oliver sees him as a nuisance because whenever keith's around, shit just goes down. I like to believe opposites attract though so maybe oliver could be that one person who pushes keith to be organized or at least somewhat organized. if oliver joins keith's group, he'll def be the one who gives them structure. keith also nominates him as planner/tactician. whenever keith has an idea, he goes to oli and asks for his advice like say
    "i need to sneak into the forbidden part of the library. help me."

    maybe oli wont help directly (like getting involved) but he would make a map.

    nickname: killi / kill
    "Killian Falken-what'sit? He's going to be the Einstein of the Wizarding World. Trust me. I can feel it."

    Keith's a social butterfly and he takes great pride in knowing that he's familiar with at least three-quarters of the school and almost everyone in his term, so when he sees someone around his age who he doesn't know, he immediately goes up to introduce himself. handshake, friendly conversation, small talk and all that jazz. they kick off pret well as acquaintances even tho killian's quite short with replies. keith's done the introduction part a thousand times so he would prob notice if kil takes interest in a topic he brought up (potions, experiments, anything related to kil's hobbies - the topic would prob be reached when keith rambles on about classes and shit)

    they may become friends later on, esp if kilian joins keith in on his misadventures. i cant think of any other reason why kil would want to hang out with keith and he prob only tagged along on the misadv. because there was a promise of gain (maybe ingredients for his experiments or testing out smth he's curious, idk.) if they become friends then, kil will be keith's main man to go whenever he's injured and shit. he'd prob have to bribe kil to heal him in the beginning. going to kil for healing is sooo much btr than going to the head nurse. nurses ask too many questions.

    nickname: penny / small bean / he calls her penny instead of pen cause he likes the sound of it more & he does it even tho he has a hunch she's annoyed when he calls her tht
    "If you have problems with your want, it's probably best to find Penny. She's the best with wand stuff."

    Keith sees Penelope as a friend and the fact that he gave her a nickname is proof of so. He loves how she's very open and chatty like he is. The fact that she's good friends with his lil sis hailey is a bonus. He also loves how she cheers for him in quidditch. that shit just ruffles his feathers in all the right ways (my son loves being praised and acknowledged." Penny is def someone Keith drags into his adventures.

    Keith prob knew of penny before he met her. he bought his wand at her family's shop instead of Ollivanders. They mentioned her name to him a couple times but didnt realize that pen was their daughter until after they became friends.

    nickname: hay / snowflake (a play on her last name winters)
    "You're can't tease Hailey. Only I'm allowed to tease Hailey."

    he's the protective and playful older brother despite being one year older than her. he refuses to let her wear heels around him because she exceeds his height by an inch when she does and it bugs him. he loves teasing her and dragging her into his misadventures and despite all that prior, he'd never, ever let any harm come to his favorite slytherin buddy. also worth mentioning that hailey saves keith's heiny multiple times - both academically and during their little adventures.

    she's to him basically what mila is to val. except his arch nemesis doesnt flirt with mila. he flirts with hailey and when he does keith just blows. expect sarcastic rebuttals, like those "hey, where have you been all my life?" (seb) keith just wraps an arm around hailey and steers her away, throwing his head back and replying "running away from you that's what." one of keith's worst nightmares is hailey and seb ending up together.

    im not rlly sure how they met but for sure, keith went up to her and introduced himself cause she caught his eye or smth. she's tall so she's kinda hard to miss.

    nickname: bella / moonie (not cause of the werewolf thing but because her hair actually reminded him of moonlight. that and also cause he later notices that she's always absent during full moons)
    "if looks could kill, she'd have everyone slain."

    keith has mad respect for bella. not sure why but he kinda just did. to him bella exudes a "queenly" vibe and honestly he doesnt mind it. the two become close acquaintances/friends (because same year and all) built on mistrust and interest (due to her relationship with sebastian).


    (im not sure if this happened yet but i'll just type it out anyways) when keith later finds out that bella is a werewolf, he keeps his mouth shut and regardless of that, bella threatens him to secrecy (which he keeps til this day). the two have became fast friends since. keith can trust bella to have his back; snakes must stick together after all.

    nickname: phyr (pronounced fire) / blondie *but only if phyrun's too busy studying to even notice keith calling him
    "I like his sister. She's fun to talk to."​

    ok im not rlly sure where to go on this but i think they'd be distant friends or close acquaintances. they're the same age so there's no reason keith wouldn't know him. he prob bugs phyr from time to time. tbh he only knows phyr because keith's friends with his sister. (yah keith befriends ppl of all ages yo) sometimes if he's feeling brave, he'd ask phyrun for help on studies. Keith also finds phyrun cute.

    nickname: ave / short stuff / tiny thunderfist
    "she's cool, I guess."
    surprisingly they're be close buds, besties even. maybe. keith prob met aivree when he was trying to ditch detention and ended up finding her when shes tucked somewhere on campus, drawing. he sees her art and is pret much just !!!!! "merlin be damn, can u draw me too" and shit just started off from there.

    it's easier for them to bond since they're in the same house so aiv is stuck seeing keith a lot. for extra rs dev, my dumb son prob pushed his luck once and pissed aiv off. he prob got punched in the face for it and ended up with a black eye for days. since then he's learned to never, ever to piss off aivree lanzone.
    *both of them have troubles being honest with their feelings

    nickname: seb / sebby / *he never calls sebastian by his full name cause he knows he hates his nicknames >:)
    "seb walks around with a stick up his ass half of the time."

    before they met or exchanged words, keith didn't think much of the male outside "oh he seems like a nice fella." The male probably acknowledged seb at one point for something outstanding and had plans to introduce himself and befriend him. he didn't however cause idk some shit was happening, maybe he was busy.

    their first interaction basically consisted of seb making a rude comment about gryffindors when aivree and keith were walking down the halls. aiv and keith overhears and aiv flares up like wHAT dID U SAY MATE SAY IT TO MY FACE i wILL FITE U! and keith just holds down the little ball of anger ( @Sasil if this is out of character for aiv i'll swap aiv with a random gryff npc) like "woah tht wasnt very nice".

    shit goes down from there and they fight and squabble and then keith realizes that seb isnt being a hater cause he's a dickhead. I mean, keith still thinks he's a dickhead but like the way he was brought up was.... familiar. eughh. so he decided, noope NO This gotta stop and now they have this weird hate-love rivalry going on.

    keith would hate him less if he wasn't after his simba

    nickname: simba / beautiful (he called val that the first time he met him & that was on pure accident. the words spilled from his lips before he could even catch himself.)
    "im not in love with him."

    there's no denying that keith has it bad for val except there is denial and all of it comes from keith himself, esp when he's alone with his thoughts at night. (val's now an additional reason why keith hates sleeping at night and cause he nvr sleeps, he sneaks out all the damn time ugh stop him).
    i was thinking they prob first met when keith was looking for proff myron for """help""" (nah just eyecandy) but then saw a curly brown mane with a face talking to his dear prof. at first he was like "whOS THIS PUNK TALKING DADDY i mean PROFF MYRON UP" but then val turns around and everything turns to slow motion. keith loses his train of thought and whatever he just... stops. it all goes down hill from there.

    he flirts with val on a regular basis because, well he's a proud confident shit and just being around him makes keith happy. val's effect on him is gross and he's constantly batting his feelings down and playing it down ALOT. he refuses to think that he has any "serious" feelings for the male and the fact that val would prob never look his way makes him all the more wary.

    val is also one of the few ppl in the school who can rlly trigger keith's insecurities. normally he doesnt give a shit about what other ppl think of him cause he's pret dense about stuff like tht & always has this "the world revolves around me" kind of mentality, but when it comes to val, he actually worries. what if val doesnt like him. what if he annoyed him. what if he bragged a little to much. what if he doesn't deserve him.

    nickname: mini mi / mimi

    "I can hook you up with anyone except mila. mila's off grounds."

    like most boys, mila had caught keith's eye. not cause she was beautiful and also easy on the eyes but because she radiated kind of niceness keith clicked well with. he enjoys mila's company and occasionally finds her to hang with him (esp since they're the same age). when keith met val tho (he knew mila had a friend named val but he hadn't met him yet) things took on a diff change. although he's still friends with the half-veela babe, he usually doesnt approach her when she's alone with val.

    nickname: double trouble / pinkie / bg (short for bubblgum) / *keith's nicknames catch on fast cause he's a popular shit so expect the teachers to sometimes accidentally refer to quinn as double trouble.
    "she's like my other half. And probably the better half by the looks of it."

    the two were acquaintances because they're in the same house and all, but it was only AFTER quinn dyed her hair did their friendship start to kick off. being in quidditch and sharing the love for the same sport made them nearly inseparable as well. keith was never a full on prankster until quinn crashed (literally) into his life and starting playing a big part in it. they're also detention buddies.

    they prob started talking when keith was up in the wee hours of dawn (almost breaking curfew) walking around the school to clear his mind and shit. it's dark. the sun's rising. keith's walking in the field and then suddenly smth whizzes right past his ear. it shines gold just faintly and quickly disappears out of view. he hears a scream behind him but before keith could even react, broom and flyer slams him in the back. it's quinn and he curses when he recognizes her.

    quinn prob snuck out the golden snitch to practice and now shes panicking because it was a bad idea and if she doesnt get the snitch back before anyone notices shes going to be in deep trouble. she squawks at keith to help and the two manage to get the snitch back in its place before the school wakes up. both parties are completed exhausted by the time their done, prob sitting down behind the bleaches with their asses glued to the floor, well out of breath. they look at each other and laugh because "wow that was exhilarating but i think im going to have a bruise on my back for the next two weeks." they properly introduce themselves and become official friends.
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