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former milk carton kid

✧₊˚ · hi everyone, venus here ! i’m pretty new to this website but not new to roleplaying at all, so rest assured, i’m seasoned. i’m mainly searching for fandom roleplays but in the future, i might be down for some original plots. please make sure you read this entire post before sending me a message ! and feel free to introduce yourself in the thread ♡

𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐦𝐞 !

◦ my name is venus, as stated above and i love character development, plot twists, and character arcs !!

◦ i’ve been roleplaying for 5 years now, mainly on geeking, amino, instagram, google plus, etc

◦ i type in all lowercase ooc but i use uppercase during actual roleplays

◦ i usually play mxf pairings but i can play a female or male character in a
mxm or fxf plot for your character — this also ties in with the fact that i mainly do canon x oc and sometimes i do canon x canon

◦ i always double up during fandom roleplays when it's canon x oc, mainly because i think it’s fun playing two characters. i don’t really like doing single pairings

◦ i prefer planning out plots and discussing characters beforehand because i’m a planning-person haha

𝐫𝐮𝐥𝐞𝐬 !

◦ i’m normally advanced literate but i prefer to mirror my partner’s length. at the very least, i’ll respond with 2-3 paragraphs per character and would appreciate it if you did the same

◦ if there isn’t some level of romance, i probably won’t be interested in continuing. just an fyi

◦ i roleplay in third person only and want my partners to do the same; i can’t ever enjoy roleplaying in first person

◦ this is probably common sense on rpn but don’t use asterisks, dashes, or anything else. quotations only !

◦ don’t ghost me. if you don’t enjoy the roleplay, have to go offline for a while, or anything else of that matter just let me know. i won’t get offended : )

◦ please put in detail and effort into the roleplay. i’ve had countless amounts of bad experiences where i put in all the work for both characters and have gotten sloppy writing in return. it’s not fun at all

◦ don’t message me if you aren’t willing to double up to do a canon x oc roleplay. on some occasions i do canon x canon and i’ll let you know when that is

◦ proper grammar and spelling are expected but it’s okay if you make typos, not everyone is perfect !

◦ i understand that people have lives outside of roleplaying, as do i, so i’d love it if you could let me know when you’re going to be offline and i’ll do the same. i usually respond to my roleplays 2-3 times per week so if you can't respond right away i completely understand

𝐟𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐨𝐦𝐬 !

here is a list of all the fandoms i’m currently in.
if you don’t see any you’re interested in, you can try telling me some of yours and i’ll see if i’m aware of any ( no promises though ).

key ;
♡ = fandoms i’m craving
☆ = will do canon x canon

the walking dead ( tv series ) ♡♡♡♡♡
looking for - season 5ish carl grimes
who i’ll play for you - daryl, rick, shane, glenn, stacy, maggie, ron, enid, negan

star trek : the next generation
looking for - wesley crusher
who i’ll play for you - basically everybody else

harry potter
looking for - tom riddle from riddle era
who i’ll play for you - harry, draco, ron, anybody from the marauders era

marvel cinematic universe
looking for - steve, bucky, or peter parker
who i’ll play for you - literally anyone

the outsiders
looking for - dallas winston or aged up! ponyboy curtis
who i’ll play for you - sodapop, johnny, darry

that 70s show ♡ ☆
looking for - eric foreman or hyde
who i’ll play for you - kelso, fez, jackie, donna
canon character i’ll play - jackie ( hyde x jackie or kelso x jackie )

the pacific
looking for - merriel ‘snafu’ shelton
who i’ll play for you - eugene sledge

z nation
looking for - 10k
who i’ll play for you - anybody

young justice
looking for - robin iii / tim drake
who i’ll play for you - superboy, nightwing, batgirl, zatanna, kid flash
canon character i’ll play - zatanna ( nightwing x zatanna )

supernatural ( tv series ) ♡☆
looking for - dean winchester or castiel
who i’ll play for you - sam winchester, lucifer, crowley
canon character i’ll play - ruby / first vessel ( ruby x dean )

toy soldiers
looking for - joey trotta
who i’ll play for you - billy tepper, anybody else tbh

stand by me ( all aged up ) ♡
looking for - chris chambers or gordie lachance
who i’ll play for you - gordie lachance, teddy duchamp, vern tessio

freaks and geeks ♡☆
looking for - daniel desario
who i’ll play for you - anyone
canon character i’ll play - lindsay weir ( daniel x lindsay )

boy meets world ( season 4 and up ) ☆
looking for - shawn hunter
who i’ll play for you - corey, topanga, angela, eric
canon character i’ll play - angela ( shawn x angela )

the venture bros ♡☆
looking for - dean venture
who i’ll play for you - hank venture, anybody else
canon character i’ll play - triana ( dean x triana )

the long walk ( stephen king / richard bachman novella ) ♡☆
looking for - peter mcvries
who i’ll play for you -raymond, art, hank, gary, stebbins
canon character i’ll play - raymond ( peter x raymond )

old school celebrities
looking for - i’ll send a list
who i’ll play for you - brooke shields, claudine auger, natalie wood

twin peaks ( season 1 and 2 ) ☆
looking for - bobby briggs

who i'll play for you - anybody
canon character's i'll play - shelly ( bobby x shelly ), audrey ( audrey x bobby )

star wars ( all movies )
looking for - luke, anakin, poe
who i’ll play for you - leia, padme, kylo ren, han solo, finn

looking for - jerome valeska or bruce wayne
who i’ll play for you - gordon, jeremiah, ed nigma, oswald cobblepot, barbara kean, tabby
canon character i’ll play - selina ( selina x bruce ), barbara kean ( jerome x barbara )

marble hornets
looking for - tim wright / masky, skully
who i’ll play for you - brian, alex, jay
canon character i’ll play - jessica ( jessica x skully )

dark! realistic! creepypasta ( no slendermansion )
looking for - BEN DROWNED ( aged up )
who i’ll play for you - eyeless jack, ticci toby, masky, hoodie, jane the killer

wayne ( tv series )
looking for - wayne
who i’ll play for you - del, anybody else tbh​

thanks for reading !! send me a pm if you’re interested :3
— venus
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