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Realistic or Modern ⚘ ~The Summer Season ~ ⚘ [ Slice of Life / Romance]

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Historical, LGTBQ Friendly, Romance, Slice of Life


Your Local Schmuck
Please note that while we have started, we are still very much in the early stages (many characters have yet to even meet each other and some still have intros to write). So please feel welcomed and know that we are more than happy to get you started, settled, and tied in quickly to our little community.

Some Background Ambiance To Put You In The Mood

The fictional county of Somerset is a pastoral valley region nestled in the rolling hills of the English countryside. You, your family, or perhaps your employer owns a home here, be it a humble cottage, a farmhouse, or a sprawling estate. This RP would take place in a realistic slice-of-life style setting in the early 1800s, perfect historical accuracy or a firm grasp of historical knowledge is not at all required as long as everything is reasonable. The main subject of the RP would revolve around the society and life of our characters within this setting. This is mainly inspired by period drama authors like Jane Austen and shows like Downton Abbey. I'll be completely honest, I expect and hope for there to be an abundance of romance and social connections made between characters. (However, I highly discourage from pre-planning romances as watching things develop and will-they-wont-theys are half the fun). The story will be driven forward by the decisions and desires of our characters, in addition, I will be including events and happenings to help drive things forward and pull people together.
Will you be a wealthy heiress or a scrappy sheepherder?

For Clarity Sake: This is a completely original and fictional roleplay so you do not have to have in-depth knowledge of the period, setting, or reference material to participate. However, I would recommend watching something like a Pride and Prejudice movie to understand the general genre & feel I'm going for. Your characters can be anything/one you'd like and I'll happily help anyone who might want a little extra hand-making a character that fits in well.

The Kind of Writers I Am Looking For:
Active - I would like everyone to reply at least once a day. This won't be a hard and fast rule, but the more activity the better
Literate - Averaging around 3 paragraphs (more is certainly welcome), quality over quantity
Engaged - Interested in the other characters and storytelling

Please mention below if you are interested or have any ideas/requests/commentary/etc.




Please Note That This RP Has Migrated Partially Off-Site To Discord
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I’m not crazy... I swear.
Don't know about anything this was based off of, can I still be interested?


Your Local Schmuck
would we be allowed to play lords and ladies and such?
It's encouraged! I imagine most of our characters might be rather young (twenties-ish) so you would likely be the child of someone with a title, fortune, etc. but also who knows. Maybe you were the heir and there was a tragic carriage accident? I'm leaving it pretty open, within reason. For example, the VAST majority of characters should not hold titles (especially not as big as a lord), but if they were all wealthy that would be fine. It should have some tie to reality, but it will not be a rigid one.


Your Local Schmuck
Added lots of new stuff like lots of resources to help people out who might not be as versed. Characters are already starting to go up in Character section which you can find in the link above and tons of chatter in OOC!



All according to my Scenario
Added lots of new stuff like lots of resources to help people out who might not be as versed. Characters are already starting to go up in Character section which you can find in the link above and tons of chatter in OOC!

May I join?


Your Local Schmuck
I would like to invite everyone to our Discord Server. This is not by any means a requirement and the RP, OOC, and Character threads will all still be hosted on this website. OOC will still be our primary and official OOC thread for requesting and approving characters and I will still be watching it closely for activity (although an @ never hurts). This will just give the more active members a place to prattle ideas or just chat about life without clutter.

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