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Fandom ♦~The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance~1x1 Search~♦

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, AU, Dystopian, Horror, Magical, Supernatural


Cosmic Kitty

Hello friends! The names KittenSkull and I'm currently searching for a long term, literate roleplay partner who is mature(21+) and interested in doing a Dark Crystal roleplay.

I prefer to roleplay with people who are literate to advanced-literate. I post multi-para to novella and if I take the time to write that much I expect my partner to at least try and do the same. ONE LINERS NOT ACCEPTED!

When it comes to RP couples I can do Canon X Canon, OC X OC and also OC X Canon but if I play a character for you, I expect you to be kind enough to do the same. I love to double! Also, I prefer to play hetero as the main pairing, but I have played yaoi and yuri couples in the past.

I am love triangle and polyamory friendly

I ADORE macabre, horror, dark themed roleplays

I am OK with age gaps between romantic characters, so long as the youngest character is legal age((18))

I do not roleplay over threads as I tend to loose track of them. I only play over PM, Discord, googledocs or Skype.

I am open to creating an AU

Bold is the role I would like to play
<3 = I am craving this pairing

Rian x OC
Rian x Deet
Rian x Mira

Rian x OC x The Hunter/SkekMal <3
The Hunter/SkekMal x OC <3
The Scientists/SkekTek x OC
The Emperor/SkekSo
x OC <3
The Chamberlain/SkekSil x OC
The Scroll Keeper/SkekOk x OC x The Hunter/SkekMal <3
The Emperor/SkekSo x OC x The Hunter/SkekMal <3
The Scientist/SkekTek x OC x The Hunter/SkekMal <3
The Emperor/SkekSo x OC x The Chamberlain/SkekSil <3
x OC
Kylan x OC
Kylan x Naia

Brea x Ryk’r
Brea x
Seladon x The Emperor/SkekSo
Seladon x The Ritual Master/SkekZok
x OC

I am open to other pairings.

Occupation: Maudra
Nicknames: the Song Weaver, little Fireling, sweet ruza flower(its like a rose)
Clan: Chandra (fan made)


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