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birth of venus

no way, baby! i'm it.
the love club.
everything will glow for you.
get punched for the love club today!

Welcome to Montgomery Academy and Preparatory Institute, opening its doors to educate and encourage our nation's youths since 1876. Located in New York City, we continue to strive towards academic excellence and unparalleled student experiences during their time with us, preparing them for the next step of their lives: university. We hope you enjoy your 2019-2020 school year with us.

The pamphlet was accurate, for the most part. Montgomery Academy certainly was prestigious, an academic foundation funded by the deep pockets of its students parents. While the academy offered scholarships, its attendees came from some of the richest and most famous families around the world. From the outside, the large, sprawling campus was a gorgeous site. Behind iron gates, with buildings inspired by Gothic architecture, the main academic buildings and dormitories were well maintained, the insides of smooth dark wood floors and endless, confusing hallways. The academy prides itself for its wide variety of extracurriculars it offers; from the typical sports like lacrosse, to wonderful after-school musical and theater activities, to a healthy handful of clubs and groups. At the very top is The Love Club, the most wanted, sought after, and well known club at Montgomery Academy.
What is The Love Club about? Nobody is truly certain. Its members only offer mundane, fleeting answers. Most assume its a title of status; once you have been accepted into The Love Club, you can proudly hold your head up high and look down upon the rest of the student body. The clique consists of the most popular students within the institute. Whether they are well known due to academics, looks, or even status from their parents, they are nobody until they've been allowed to join.
At the end of each school year, The Love Club hosts a massive farewell party to celebrate the graduation of its senior year members. Being invited was a rite of passage for underclassman, but nonetheless, most attend and enjoy their first night of summer vacation. The students have their fun, partying in the swimming pool facility, until a Love Club member is found floating face down, dead in the water.
And the chaos begins.
coded by luna.
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birth of venus

no way, baby! i'm it.
applications are now CLOSED !
apologies for closing them just a bit earlier than anticipated.
&& thank you to everybody who applied and was interested. <3

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