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Sweet Sia

Enjoy Life

  • Heeey. Hi. Hello. I'm Sia. Nice to meetcha. I'm twenty years young and going to school to be an EMT while holding down a full-time job. But in my spare time I love to role play and chat. I just recently moved to Texas and I’ve got some more time on my hands after the move and though I haven't done so in a while, so I may be a bit rusty, I'd really like to get back into role playing! If you're interested then please read on and see if you can find something you'd like to do. ^_^ I hope to hear from some of you soon!

    As long as this thread is up, I'm looking for partners!
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Sweet Sia

Enjoy Life
Would bake fresh cookies and offer my first born for a Voltron or Chilling Adventures role play. :closed eyes open smile: Or my Prince x Bodyguard / Revolutionary plots.

Meme Machine

*always screaming* DES PA CITO
Hey there! Your Romeo and Juliet eques peaks my intrest, as well as the Prince and Bodyguard plot! As for the modern, my head snapped to attention at the Brothers Best Friend x Little Brother and the School Popular x School Rebel

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