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you want the moon? just say the word.

hello! i'm georgia, i'm nineteen and i'm a film enthusiast with too much time on my hands.

what you can expect from me:
β†’ i don't like one-liners, nor do i do them. i tend to write between two-four lengthy paragraphs but it depends on what my writing partner gives me to work with.
β†’ my preferences are mxf and mxm. i find that i'm never truly invested in fxf pairings.

β†’ i can write male and female characters with no real preference for either.
β†’ i love character sheets, though i don't find them essential for the plotting of a roleplay. i wouldn't say a character sheet was compulsory, but it'd be preferred. i like to put a lot of effort into my characters and often create pinterest boards inspired by them.
β†’ i love ooc chat! i have a discord to make plotting and such easier. i'm not against roleplaying on discord either.
β†’ i only use realistic faceclaims and hope that my writing partner does the same. again, faceclaims are not essential but they are preferred.
β†’ i prefer oc x oc when it comes to fandom's since i’m not a big fan of trying my hand at canon characters. or doubling.
β†’ as i am nineteen, i ask that anyone interested be 18+ as it's what i'm most comfortable with.

stranger things / call me by your name / harry potter / a star is born / that 70s show / friends / freaks and geeks / scream / can't buy me love / heathers / grease / 13 going on 30 / 10 things i hate about you

β†’ bad boy x good girl
β†’ mafia member x mob daughter
β†’ mafia member x member from opposing group
β†’ best friend's falling in love
β†’ gay x closeted
β†’ camp counselor x camp counselor
β†’ detective x suspect
β†’ spy x target

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Camp counselor x camp counselor
Detective x suspect
Spy x target

I Find those really interesting to plot out! So I’d be very interested in doing those with you! ☺


The Dream Walker
spy x target
If you're comfortable with killer x victim, I'd appreciate that very much.
I'd love to rp with you, PM me if you're interested- don't wanna go into your PM without permission.

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