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give 'em hell, kid
lost in paradise

"some vacations really are unforgettable...”​


So, I've been in the mood for a more simple rp recently. I absolutely do love more intricate settings/relationships/groups, but sometimes I just want a 'random people must stick together despite their differences and dramas' kinda thing too, ya know?

Lost in Paradise will be a basic castaways surviving on an uninhabited island story, just like the first rp I ever joined on this site. The only real twist will be that we'll start off a couple of days before the ship wrecks so that characters have a chance to meet and form bonds/grudges that will be tested once they're forced together on the island.

The focus here is character interaction, but survival will be an element as well which means potential injuries and illnesses depending on what choices someone makes. No characters will be killed without player permission, however.

Spots will be first come first serve with no specific roles, but this doesn't 100% guarantee acceptance as there are archetypes I won't accept (psychotic/murderous, overpowered survivalist etc). Other than that, please refrain from creating characters that are too similar to any already posted ones and you should be totally fine.


•No godmodding, controlling or killing another person's characters
•I am not too fussy about post length as I know it varies based on interactions, but one solid paragraph is the bare minimum and 2+ preferred
•While I'm not a fan of romance, it's permitted as long as it doesn't overtake the plot or turn into a 1x1, that takes the enjoyment out of the rp for everyone else
•If you have an issue with someone, come to me about it first. Keep the drama in character only, thanks
•Real life happens and I 100% get that, but please please PLEASE tell me before you leave or write your character out. Please
•You're welcome to use whatever coding you'd like (or none at all), but it MUST be mobile friendly!

You may make a maximum of 3 main characters, and an extra/side if you want to kill one off for maximum drama.

The ooc will be hosted on discord, it's much easier to plot and just chat about all the different rp things there. When your character(s) are accepted, I'll pm you the link.

If this sounds interesting, let me know!

codedbycrucialstar | hidden scroll


give 'em hell, kid
Yeah, I'm down.

Sign me up, baby. Super duper interested.
im very much down for this, been craving something like this for months lmao
Ooh definitely down for this.
dooooown for it all
here is the cs everyone! feel free to post whenever, i look forward to seeing your characters.



cosmic wanderer
I'd be interested in this, never tried an RP like this before, but I like the cut of your jib.

Although, I've noticed this has got quite a bit of attention. Have you reached your preferred player limit?

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