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Foes: Kat(rivals),
Associates: Curtis
Indifferent Towards: Almost everyone not in Syndicate.
Quinn and Ophelia: frenemies --> enemies(??)
Quinn and Khione: acquaintances
Quinn and Bennett: ??? Probably no opinions
Quinn and Curtis: Associates and friendly
Quinn and Jasmine: Not friends; probably don't interact much

Quinn and Persephone: She's Syndicate so they're at least friendly
Quinn and Octavious: No idea
Quinn and Uriah: Similar to Quinn and Jas but she probably has a lesser opinion of him

Quinn and Cerin: Cordial. Quinn does all of the work.

Quinn and Louis: Probably nothing(??)
Quinn and Axel: Doesn't like! SOmething about Axel never sat right with Quinn. Something in his eyes. She found him unsettling, and as such determined early on that he was not one to be trusted.

Quinn and Kat: Rivals AsF
Quinn and Kai: Quinn's relationship with Kai is... Complicated. Though, if you asked her, she'd tell you there was nothing complicated about it at all. On the surface they'd appear as friendly-enough acquaintances, but that is a lie. Their relationship has been sexual for some time, now, and they both benefit from the pleasure of the other's company. To Quinn, that is all there is. However, if one can lie so easily to others, what's to say that very same person cannot also lie to herself?

Quinn and BOB: All the beans look the same to her
Quinn and Rob: Indifferent --> Maybe tentative alliance (maybe)

Quinn and Ajax: Friendly, professional, trust. She does all his work too. (her and Kaye)

Quinn and Niko: Sparring partners, friends, maybe a sort-of mentor thing(?)--> Niko starts dating Jack and Quinn must (save) him

Quinn and Kaye: Friends, respect, they both do all the work

Quinn and Ethan: Probably not very friendly
Quinn and Eliza: Probably minimal interaction tbh
Quinn and Ori: Her favorite Bean (by default b/c she has no opinions on almost all the other ones as of yet)

Quinn and Kaia: Cordial because she's Kaye's sister, but the fact that she's Pandora loses her major points
Quinn and Jack: First notices him once he starts dating Niko, and from there it's pretty antagonistic and not very nice[/border]

I got a tortured mind
And my blade is sharp
A bad combination
In the dark

Quinn's Relationships


Ajax: (Associate)
Cerin: (Associate)
Ophelia: (Enemy)
Nikola: Quinn and Niko are friends. They spar together, and Quinn sees a lot of potential in him. Recently, however, Niko has been making poor life choices. As his friend, Quinn feels it is her duty to try and help him through these dark, dark times.
Kaye: (Friend)
Curtis: (Associate)
Persephone: (Acquaintance)
Kai: Quinn's relationship with Kai is... Complicated. Though, if you asked her, she'd tell you there was nothing complicated about it at all. On the surface they'd appear as friendly-enough acquaintances, but that is a lie. Their relationship has been sexual for some time, now, and they both benefit from the pleasure of the other's company. To Quinn, that is all there is. However, if one can lie so easily to others, what's to say that very same person cannot also lie to herself?
Chelsea: (Acquaintance)



Jasmine: N/A
Eliza: N/A
Louis: N/A
Brendan: N/A
Orion: Quinn knows little about him, and would not go out of her way to talk to him, but, still, she doesn't dislike him. Which, for her, is saying something.



Uriah: N/A
Kat: If Quinn were to have a rival from another guild, Kat is it.
Jack: First notices him once he starts dating Niko, and from there she has done little but try and be rid of him.
Kaia: Acquaintances by association, but Quinn doesn't think much of her, or her 'pranks'.
Bennett: N/A
Rob: N/A
Ethan: N/A


Elite Ten

Octavious: N/A
Axel: Something about Axel never sat right with Quinn. Something in his eyes. She found him unsettling, and as such determined early on that he was not one to be trusted.


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Jack's Relationships

d a t i n g

nikola reswar || niko is jack's boyfriend. his first relationship actually, and his first kiss, it started out rather innocently. they've started to grow closer over the days and weeks that they've been official, but upon a certain syndicate member finding out about it, a newfound pressure has been added to their relationship.
f r i e n d s

bennet miles || as a fledgling in the pandora house and to the school in general, jack has taken it upon himself to act as a sort of guide or mentor to the boy. his anima is pretty well suited to protecting him as he manically teleports around until he ends up teleporting into a forcefield and hurting himself yet again.

uriah kershaw || when jack was first starting out in requiem, he was having trouble trying to decide which affiliate he should align with. but as soon as he was ready to choose genesis, uriah ran by in his beast form, and thus, persuaded jack to join pandora based on how cool and carefree the affiliate seemed. uriah took it upon himself to be a sort of mentor to jack in his first years, and now two years later, they've grown to be very good friends.

kaia nightingale || after a series of fortunate events that ended in jack and niko's relationship, kaia and jack had somehow bonded from the experience. with dating niko, jack's had a new wind, and they get along very well now. whenever he wants a friend to talk to about anything casual, she's the go-to. whether it's about boys or the next prank that kaia's planning to pull, they always have a good time around each other.
a c q u a i n t a n c e s

katerina vilken || katerina and jack are both in pandora, and they don't talk often, but they have a mutual dislike of the syndicate member quinn, so they sometimes talk about how much they despise the girl after a particularly bad day.

khione silverblade || khione and jack don't talk as regularly as normal friends would, but they greet each other in the hallways and occasionally sit together at lunch. while khione's rank is much higher than jack's, they have an unspoken bond ever since they first saw each other because of their asian heritage.

cerin valdis || cerin teeters on the line between acquaintanceship and friendship. while jack is looking to befriend the boy, his mood swings and often intolerable attitude get in the way of it. however, when he's not upset, they're often quite content around each other.

zander munroe || their friendship, or, acquaintanceship, is based solely on chess. one day as jack was walking through the cafeteria, jack caught zander playing with someone else. intrigued, because basically no one uses the chess and checker tables the school so generously provided in the cafeteria, and very much a chess player himself, he sat and watched. next, it was his turn, and ever since then, they had chess every thursday afternoon.

malachai walker || one day, as zander and jack were playing, kai walked over and observed. slightly uncomfortable, as he had heard of kai's reputation, jack continued playing. but soon, kai and jack started exchanging words and they get slightly, very slightly, closer, every thursday.

louis blutmond || as ben's best friend, of course jack would have to get to know him a bit. but he soon, very soon, figured out that the boy liked ben. jack is now acting as louis' therapist or matchmaker of sorts, trying to get him and ben together, and aiding him when he's distraught.
e n e m i e s

ethan coben || ethan had bullied jack ever since freshman year in requiem. fortunately, he didn't let the boy get to him too much, but it always struck a bit of fear into his heart whenever he passed him in the hallways or was placed near him in class. he developed habits of avoiding him whenever he saw him or wherever he usually hung out to the point so he hasn't had much of a problem with him recently.

daphne quinn || quinn has expressed her dislike for niko and jack's relationship, as the syndicate and pandora rivalry is very strong and quinn has an almost irrational hatred for anyone and anything that's not syndicate. since niko and quinn are friends, she sees jack as a hindrance.

ajax || while ajax is not as adamantly against niko and jack's relationship as quinn is, jack still sees ajax as someone he should avoid; not only because of his inherently intimidating status as syndicate president, but because of his view of jack as unnecessary baggage for niko.

robert daze || rob is not someone that jack wholeheartedly hates, and he's very capable of tolerating him when he's around. however, the boy is very troublesome, and pulls pranks far too much for jack's liking. while he is similar to kaia in this way, he lacks the compassion and friendship he has with kaia, and instead replaces it with mischief.

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Ethan's relationships:​
Romantic interests:
Romantic relationships:

Elizabeth's relationships:​
Romantic interests:
Romantic relationships:


Persephone's relationships

Octavius' relationships

Uriah's relationships

//may or may not need more relationships : )


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Khione: Maybe it’s the smile, or it’s the crumpets, but she makes me want to smile.
Whether it’s her peaceful nature or the fact that they can be next to each other in complete silence, Ajax doesn’t mind having Khione around. What amuses him most is how she gets clumsier as she gets more flustered. She's welcome at syndicate anytime (just bring some food along).

Tell me did you sail across the sun
Did you make it to the milky way to see the lights all faded
And that heaven is overrated

Tell me, did you fall from a shooting star
One without a permanent scar

Kaye: “Stop looking at me like that, you can't guilt trip me.”
How she finds him all the time is a mysterious miracle and Ajax constantly finds himself looking out for her, running away. If anything, he can probably sense Kaye from a mile away as long as he’s not sleeping. However, they both know that Ajax depends on her most to get things done. And for some reason, he can't deny her requests. Damn it Kaye.
I've been reading books of old, the legends and the myths, the testaments they told, the moon and its eclipse

And Superman unrolls, a suit before he lifts. But I'm not the kind of person that it fits
She said, where'd you wanna go? How much you wanna risk?
I'm not looking for somebody, with some superhuman gifts

Curtis: “He’s in a rebellious phase, he’ll turn around. He will always be my only VP.”
Ajax doesn’t like change and most of all, he doesn’t like being wrong. He can’t get over the fact that Curtis is no longer his VP and also will no longer be bringing him lunch. Curtis also deserves a medal for being one of the few to actually piss off Ajax when he turned in his resignation letter.
Oh, let's go back to the start

Running in circles
Coming up tails
Heads on a science apart
Nobody said it was easy
It's such a shame for us to part
Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be this hard

Machalai (Kai): “That fucker deserves a trophy for the amount of people he sleeps with.”
He doesn’t like saying it (nor will he ever admit it) but he likes Kai and he likes him enough to probably allow him to sleep on his bed if needed. Ajax finds the rumors or gossips surrounding the male hilarious and at the same time, he doesn’t really give a damn. Sleep away.
And I know you, and you've got to

Make it on your own, but we don't have to grow up
We can stay forever young
Living on my sofa, drinking rum and cola
Underneath the rising sun
I could give a thousand reasons why

Trusted Affiliation-mates
Quinn: "If you have Quinn's approval, you got my approval."
He trusts her and it kind of goes to the point where she could kill his dog, informed him that the dog betrayed syndicate and he wouldn't question it. However, it's not completely blind trust as there are times where their stance differs but most of the time, they're on the same page. Bonus points that she likes working extra hard unlike somebody.

Cerin: "Naps are great. This little punk is kinda great."
Ajax and Cerin have rather similar personalities and he finds himself able to relax without hearing complaints. They nap & ditch together, they're actually the perfect duo. Crappy pres, but perfect. Though, he would appreciate it if Cerin could keep the sarcasm to a minimum.

Nikolai: “…I trust his intuition but not his sense in lovers.”
Ajax never really cared for Nikolai until the first guild wars came around. Their drive and competitiveness just made them clicked. Innately competitive, they realized that if they’re not first, then they’re last. But ever since the relationship with Jack came along, Ajax found himself stuck in an awkward position but ultimately agreeing with Quinn. Relationships aren't meant to last. Let go of the baggage.

Jasmine: "How are they ever gonna learn if you don't throw them into a tiger's den?"
While he doesn't understand why she's so controlling and protective over her members, he does wonder if she's ever tired of dealing with all those little eggling or if she gets enough sleep. (They're rather amicable?? I'm not sure what she thinks of him). However, there are times Ajax appreciates Jasmine presence ie. when she makes magma pets to distract Uriah.

Uriah: "I wonder what goes inside his head - wait, hold that thought. I rather not."
At times, they're rivals (? Mako, what do you think?) and most of the time, Ajax thinks Uriah needs to lay off the coffee and sugar. Uriah is probably someone that will drain Ajax's energy if he's around him for too long and most likely will avoid if he has low blood pressure for the day.

Apathetic Towards
Ophelia: "... ... ..."
Ajax is mostly wary around Ophelia due to the fact that she can pass through his defense. But at the same time, he likes messing with her and assigning her meaningless tasks.

Axel: "I'm not really sure how someone in the Elite Ten have so much free time? Did they finally realized they don't need you?"
How can someone be so frustrating at all times? Ajax doesn’t understand why Axel can’t just rest in peace and leave him alone. His sarcasm irks him and it feels like Axel made it his life goal to approach Ajax when he can. However, he really doesn't hate for the male, he just finds him exhausting to deal with.

Jack: "I'm not really understanding the attraction? What am I looking at exactly?"
Other than the fact that he's dating Nikolai and Ajax is outright not their number one fan, he's rather neutral towards the male. He doesn't care enough to approach him or talk to him but if anyone asks, "Nikolai deserves better."

Kat: "You mean Uriah's sidekick? Yeah, she somehow has an unlimited amount of his clothes. Props to her.”
Her name is rather fuzzy and Ajax only recognizes her if or when she’s by Uriah’s side. Otherwise, he’s rather neutral towards this femme fatale.

Zander: "Genesis's guard dog."
Once again, his feelings are fairly I-don't-have-time-for-you-I-have-better-things-to-do and it seems rather mutual. The two are rarely ever seen talking together unless in dire situations.

Frankly, I Don't Know You

Everybody else who isn't on the list.

Kaia Nightingale

Best Friends
Kaye: “I’d lay my life down for her. There’s no one else I care about more than family.”
Kaia lost half of her heart when she lost Kaden and Kaye holds the other half. The brunette fears that she’ll truly be alone if anything happens to her sister. Kaia’s only wish is to graduate safely with Kaye and find Kaden in Requiem. While Kaia rarely uses her powers to purpose inflict pain, don’t test her.

I need ya, I need ya, I need you right now
Yeah, I need you right now
So don't let me, don't let me, don't let me down
I think I'm losing my mind now
It's in my head, darling, I hope
That you'll be here, when I need you the most
So don't let me, don't let me, don't let me down

Robbie: “Game on, Robbie. Always.”
He may not know it but Kaia values him as a friend, confidante, and rival. They are always try to gain the upper hand on each other and it became a game of, “I bet you can’t-“ or “Suck on that, Robbie.” She supports all his illegal dealings and will come to his defense immediately. She shrugs whenever someone question his vague morality. “Robbie is just Robbie.” Heed the advice: just steer clear of the deadly combo.

When the sun shines, we'll shine together
Told you I'd be here forever
Said I'll always be a friend
Took an oath I'ma stick it out 'til the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we'll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella

Uriah: “When one door closes, another one opens. When I lost Kaden, I gained Uriah.”
An unspoken bond, Kaia adores her president and finds herself always smiling whenever he’s around. Met when they were 16, Kaia tends to forget about the loss of her brother whenever Uriah is around, prompting her to join Pandora when he did as well. The two likes pranks, daring each other to do really dumb things and even when Kaia isn’t in her favorite mood, Uriah is her to go person to be around. If Kaia is not alone, she’s usually seen with Robbie, Uriah, or even worse, both of them. Heed the second advice: Look away when you see Kaia, walk away if she’s with Robbie, and run away if you see all three.

When the night, has come.
And the land is dark.
The moon, is the only light we see.
No I won't. No I won't.
I won't be afraid.
Just as long as you stand, stand by me.

The Lucky Ones
Ophelia: “For such a sweetie, she can be rather dark sometimes but yes Ophelia, I’ll make sure to suck the oxygen out of my enemies slowly.”
Visiting Syndicate became a regular routine when Kaye (for god knows why) decided to join the affiliation. Kaia began telling her adventures to whoever would listen and Ophelia seemed to be more than interested. They got closer over tea time and Ophelia always accepts her snacks with a smile. How can anyone hate this angel?

I don't mind spending every day
Out on your corner in the pouring rain
Look for the girl with the broken smile
Ask her if she wants to stay awhile
And she will be loved

Jensen: “If he was a superstar, I’d be his number 1 Fan.”
A fresh eggling at the prime age of 16, Kaia was already lost before she started, having no idea where anything was in the ginormous school. That curly hair attracted her attention prompting the female to jump behind him to ask for directions. To her surprise, he blew up into flames and since then, she dubbed him the “human fireplace” noticing how warm his skin was compared to hers. They’ve gradually gotten closer over years with Kaia dragging him to Pandora to host magic shows and fire tricks. “Come on Jens, we’re going to make bank tonightttt.”

Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten

Zander: “Lighten up Zander. Let me show how to really live life.”
Caught redhanded before performing her stunt by Genesis’s vice president wasn’t on her to do list. However it happened and he caught her before she could dodge him and run away. Kaia found him absolutely dreary in the beginning, he would frown at everything she did or didn’t do. But when that that special day came, it changed everything. To beat Robbie at his game, the entire academy was covered in helium and everyone sounded like squirrels. It was a start of a smile and Kaia decided then, “That’s a smile I’d want to protect.”

Give me a sign
Take my hand, we'll be fine
Promise I won't let you down
Just know that you don't
Have to do this alone
Promise I'll never let you down

Ethan: “I don’t know why anyone would think Ethan is scary. He would be my type if I had a type.”
Yeah, she admits it, Kaia would get down and dirty with Ethan, and she hates getting dirty. If he wants to play sports, she’ll be his goalie. Their friendship started when Kaia mentioned about a prank gone wrong and the two instantly clicked. This is just a story of how two troublemakers decided that they have more things in common than expected. She looks pass all the anger and issues and all she really sees is a really fun, and ultimately great guy.

'Cause I got issues, but you got 'em too
So give 'em all to me and I'll give mine to you
Bask in the glory, of all our problems
You do shit on purpose
You get mad and you break things
Feel bad, try to fix things
But you're perfect, poorly wired circuit

Jack: “Lover boy? Well, he used to be fun but now it’s all giggle giggle gush gush with Niko.”
Who would have thought that a single tomato could bring two people together? Well, that person hasn’t met Kaia Nightingale. Troublemaker by day, matchmaker by night. They met when Robbie and Kaia were betting who could terrorize more syndicates. When Kaia aimed her first tomato at Niko, he unfortunately dodged thus instead, it smacked Jack right on the forehead. It was hilarious but she ran away before they found out. When she dropped a banana peel, Jack would slip, falling into Niko’s arms instead. Whatever she did, it somehow got the two closer until Jack was on cloud 9. Kaia decided she was bored, pranks ceased, and friendship bloomed.

If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea
I'll sail the world to find you
If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can't see
I'll be the light to guide you
We find out what we're made of
When we are called to help our friends in need

Neutrality in its Purest Form
Curtis: “He’s just lucky that he’s always around when Kaye is around. Just wait Curtis, I’ll get you eventually.”
(Poor Curtis, terrorized by both of my OCs) Not knowing that he used to be Syndicate’s previous vice president, Kaia doesn’t really care for the politics behind it to inquire about him. She only knows him as a syndicate who only appears when Kaye is around but somehow manages to poof whenever they’re alone.

Quinn: “She’s so responsible. She’s so tough. She’s so quiet. She reminds me of someone. Oh right - Zander.”
Kaia is slightly fond of Quinn because women who can take care of themselves are strangely attractive. She finds herself talking to her about random things and asking why is such a fine woman still single? Well, that’s a mystery she’ll never understand.

Kat: “Call me beep me if you wanna reach me.”
Their relationship is rather neutral on the more friendlier side. If Kaia could describe Kat as something, it would be a Pandora Handler. While one will never find Kaia going out of her way to see Kat, they can bet that if a prank is involved, Kaia would be there in a heartbeat.

Malachai: “If I sleep with you, does that mean I slept with the entire student body?”
Impressive would be what Kaia would mention if she hears the name Malachai. How somebody can get around that much between classes and practice is just stunningly impressive. She harbors no ill feelings or prejudice against the male and just wishes him luck. "Do what makes you happy, Walker."

Ben: "He is his own worst enemy."
Poor Ben, she doesn't really understand how someone can injure themselves so much unintentionally but he manages to do the impossible. Meeting when he was 16, Kaia took it upon herself to take Ben around the school but they ended up walking in circles for hours talking about everything. Let's just say she left him when she realized that they were both lost.

Bren: “No one touches Bob. He’s my guinea pig.”
Preying on the newbies is Kaia’s trademark because everyone already know her reputation. She’s the type to walk into a room and no one dares to make eye contact with the brunette. When she saw that Bren was willing to eat all her cookies, let’s just say she cares more for him than she knows it. She finds it adorable that he continues eating her food but is heartless enough to keep using him to test out her new cooking methods.

Louis: “Did you see his face? Utter horror. I adore it.”
She doesn’t hate him and she finds him fun to mess with. If she’s ever in Genesis visiting you know who, then Louis would be one of the first males she would greet. “Hi cutie, miss me?”

Orion: “He was just so expressionless, you know? So I decided to change his expression. I fed him a cookie.”
It’s saddening to see someone always so down, so tired and to bring a little light to his life, she decided to offer him cookies she bought from the store. However, Kaia forgot that she mixed the batch with her own and Orion unsuspecting ate the wrong one. Feeling sorry for him, Kaia offered him the whole container of food. “Smile because you’re perfect.”

Niko: “I’m his partner in crime. Jack doesn’t know it yet.”
A failed victim but a victim nonetheless. Niko went from someone Kaia tried to pranked to someone she found fun to be around considering he’s a Syndicate which really stands for hella broody. The male requested her help to mess with Jack and she took the deal without hesitation.

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Katerina Vilken

My friends call me Kat, or they would if I had any.
"Jasmine and I spar a lot. I think she owes me a soda from last time. I guess you could say we're friends."
Kat has an interesting relationship with the Genesis president. They're absolute opposites: Katerina being the personification of chaos and Jasmine valuing order and normalcy. Kat considers them friends, which is a big step for a girl who tries not to get close to too many people. They started off a sparring partners and it slowly became a loose friendship in which they would talk after spars and the loser would buy the winner a soda. They're slowly growing closer, which is a bit alarming to Kat, but she's happy about it. Whenever her affiliation plans pranks, she makes sure none of them are aimed at Jasmine and she makes it clear to new members that the girl is off limits, pranking wise. Most people don't understand how they're friends, but Kat has never cared what others thought and isn't about to start.
"Oh, I'd do anything for Uriah. Plain and simple. Say anything bad about him and you'll find yourseld strung upside down and naked."
Kat considers herself Uriah's right hand gal. She's the second in command. She acts as the intimidating force behind Uriah. When he orders something, she makes sure it's carried out. She helps with the naked hanging of students if they do something wrong. She helps make sure that things get done, but she isn't consumed with her affiliation and it's standing, unlike some people. She also loves causing mischief with Uriah. It's not an 'all work no play' sort of thing. She's seen Uriah naked more times that she can count. It's gotten to the point that she's not fazed by it, but she does try to have a pair of underwear with her so that the entire student body doesn't end up scarred when Uriah uses his anima. She carries more clothes when she has a bag with her, but she always has at least the undergarment with her in a side pack. Uriah is more affectionate than what she's used to, but she thinks that they balance each other out: she makes him aware of boundaries/business, and he gets her to loosen up.
"I wonder if he would back down if I dared him to kiss Quinn."
Rob and Katerina have a good friendship, much to the horror of most people. They wreak havoc together. They're both chaotic and have no boundaries as to what they'll do. Too prideful to back down from any dare, the two of them constantly get into trouble. They're both also incredibly competitive, so the dares turn into a competition. Kat has gotten on the bad side of a lot of people because of the dares Robb gives her, but she doesn't really care. She enjoys spending time with Robb because they have a lot of fun. She wouldn't say they're besties, but they're definitely friends. She's happy to have him in Pandora.
"Everytime I see that kid I swear he has new bruises."
Kat recognizes that Ben sort of looks up to her. She's open to helping him train because he's a nice kid in her affiliation. When she saw him gain bruises between times when she saw him, she initially thought someone was bullying him. Upon further investigation, she realized that it was just because he was reckless, which reminds her of herself when she was younger- hell, it reminds her of herself now. She would protect him in any situation, but in a 'im your vice president, i'll hurt anyone who dares to set out with the intention of genuinely hurting my affiliation members' rather than a motherly way. This best exemplifies itself in training: while she wouldn't let anyone beat him to incapacitation, but she would push him to keep fighting even when he's tired or encourage him to spar with opponents who are stronger than him because he'll learn something valuable when he loses. She has begun carrying around a small stash of band aids with her because of how often he gets hurt.
If you see me in a fight, it's probably with one of these guys.

"Total asshole. He thinks he's cool and all, but he can't do anything but bully people."
Kat and Ethan are very similar: they both have a lot of pride, get into a lot of arguments, and don't think before they do anything. The two butt heads a lot and don't like each other much because of the previously stated traits. However, Kat never uses her strength to hurt people who are weaker than her just because she can or for her own entertainment. She has no respect for him. Even though he's a member of her affiliation, she would look the other way if someone were beating him up.
"She's infuriating! She doesn't even have a life of her own- she's just Syndicate's bitch. It's all she cares about, all she talks about."
The two girls are rivals and like nothing about each other. This pushes Kat to try to get stronger and stronger because she never wants to lose to Quinn. If Quinn trains for two hours, Kat makes herself train for three. They argue a lot and everything the Syndicate girl does manages to annoy her. She feels like Quinn does absolutely nothing outside of devote herself to Syndicate. Whenever she talks it feels like it's always "Syndicate this, Syndicate that." Hell, she's against Niko and Jack's relationship because Jack is in Pandora. That just seems ridiculous to Kat, who doesn't limit the people she likes to Pandoras only. Plus, that only makes it look like Quinn has a superiority complex, which only makes Kat dislike her more.
We're cool, I guess. Nothing special.

"I think he's the only person who has the same amount of hate for Quinn as I do."
Their mutual bond comes from how annoying they find the Syndicate girl. Other than that, things are pretty neutral between them. Kat doesn't really support or oppose his relationship with Nikola as long as he doesn't go spilling any Pandora plans to his Syndicate boyfriend. She thinks it's nice that he's happy, but thinks that trying to find love in an environment where it can be taken away from you in seconds is foolish. He sort of reminds her of herself when she was with Solana.
"I don't know him except that he's friends with Jasmine."
Though Kat would never say anything about it, she and Zander had hooked up at a party once. He was an interesting, attractive guy and she just wanted someone to make her feel something. So, they had a wild night and parted ways. When she started hanging out with Jas, she noticed that she spent a lot of time with Zander and it made her think that they were dating, which was quickly cleared up when she mentioned it once to Jasmine. She considers them to be on pretty neutral terms.
"She's good at pranking, I just wish she'd tone the energy down."
Kat admires Kaia's pranking talent and values it, but sometimes her energy just starts getting annoying. She doesn't understand how some people are so... positive. She would call on the girl if she was planning a prank of some sort or have casual conversation with her, but they're not particularly close, which is where most people stand with Kat. She'd still protect the girl if the situation called for it because she's a fellow Pandora member.
"He's the Syndicate president, right?"
Kat herself doesn't go out of her way to interact with Ajax, but it seems that a lot of Uriah's pranks get his attention and she happens to be with Uriah when it happens. Most of her knowledge of him comes from Uriah; she's never taken the initiative of learning about him or fact checking. She knows that he likes and trusts Quinn, so he's obviously not a great judge of character.

Malachai Walker

What can I say, I love people

"There are two things that Ajax loves: food and sleep. If you try to take one of these from him... well, I'll pray to the Goddess for you."
When he was sixteen, fresh into the academy, Kai noticed Ajax sitting alone in the cafeteria. Being friendless and finding the boy to be pretty, he decided to sit down next to him and strike up conversation. He offered Ajax half of his sandwich when he saw that he didn't have a lunch of his own. Then, he would start talking to Ajax, carrying most of the conversation. He repeated this every day at lunch. Slowly but surely, the conversation would be less and less one-sided. Nowadays, they're good friends. Kai offers Ajax his expensive chocolates whenever his parents send them. They stargaze. Kai would do just about anything for the constantly-napping Syndicate president.
"Quinn and I are just friends. Well, actually, I don't know if we're even friends. We're just acquaintances, really."
Malachai loves having fun with Quinn, and boy do they have a lot of fun. He enjoys their no-strings-attached relationship. However, he gets disappointed when Quinn doesn't respond to his friendship making attempts outside of the bedroom. He doesn't expect them to be best friends or anything, but he didn't expect her to ignore him either. He doesn't see their relationship as anything serious and thus had no qualms with flirting with other people in front of Quinn or not being discreet when it comes to talking about his sex life outside of her.
"Zander's really hot. Not just looks-wise because that's obvious, but if you touch him he's actually hot. So, I take any excuse to touch him."
The two met when Kai ran into the vice president while trying to leave after hooking up with one of the members. The second the older boy told him to get lost, Kai was hooked. They have a cute sort of flirtationship. He admires Zander for his strength and the way he carries himself. Whenever he sees Jack and Zander playing chess, he ends up paying more attention to Zander than the actual game.
We're friends- sort of?

"Jack's good at chess, like really good. Who would have thought that a Pandora kid would know how to play chess?"
Whenever Kai has free time and sees Jack playing chess, he feels compelled to sit down next to the board and watch the game. The Pandora boy never fails to surprise him when he's playing. Kai considers himself smart, but, when it comes to chess, Jack's a genius. Being a sociable person, it would feel weird if he were to just sit there and watch, so he talks to Jack and, little by little, has built a sort of acquaintanceship-bordering-friendship relationship. Whenever he sees the chess genius with his boyfriend, though, he feels a pang of jealousy, but would never admit it.
"Things are so weird with her; when we party, she's all over me, but when everything's normal, it's like she doesn't even know who I am."
Chelsea makes absolutely no sense to Kai. Whenever they're drinking at parties, they flirt and oftentimes hook up. However, whenever he talks to her on a normal day, she ignores him. He doesn't really understand why since she obviously likes having sex with him. Is he only interesting to her when she's drunk? He doesn't expect friendship, but a hello back would have been nice. He's tried to ask her about it when they're talking at parties, but the topic gets changed and he never gets a clear answer and usually just forgets about it.
"Ori's a sweetheart."
Kai quite likes Ori, in a completely platonic sense. When he first say Ori, he found the whole notepad writing thing interesting, so he started talking to him. If he ever sees him alone, he'll go over and strike up conversation. The smaller boy offered him chocolate once and he was touched by the gesture. Sure, it was pretty crap quality chocolate compared to what Kai has had, but he acted like it was fantastic. When he gets expensive chocolate sent to him from his parents, Ori is the only person he shares with aside from Ajax.
"Ophi's not that bad, I don't really get why so many people don't like her."
Kai and Ophelia, for the time being, are on good terms. They flirt sometimes, but it hasn't gone too far beyond that for the most part, which is an interesting thing within itself. They talk casually. He has noticed that a lot of people seem to be wary of the girl, including Ajax. Most say the reason for it is that they don't trust her anima. Kai knows exactly how that feels, so he would never judge/distrust someone for that reason. He's personally never seen her do anything awful, so he feels like he has no reason to dislike her; he's giving her a chance.
I wouldn't say they dislike me- let's be real, who could actually dislike me?

"The way I figure it, if we're on good terms, there's less of a chance he and his little group will prank me."
Malachai has never been a fan of the pranking culture that developed within Pandora. He understands that they're funny and all, but he's not the type to go out and participate in it. He doesn't particularly know Uriah, but he's never had a bad interaction with the Pandora President, and wants to keep it that way. They're on neutral terms.
"He's dating Jack. Quinn isn't really happy about it."
Personally, Kai doesn't have anything against Niko or his relationship with Jack, but Quinn seems to and since Quinn does, Ajax goes along with it because he trusts her. He isn't particularly close to Niko, but Jack's nice, so he figures they probably have a good thing going for them. He's fairly indifferent, though perhaps a tiny bit jealous. He just tells himself that they're just going to end up hurt in the end, so there's not much to be jealous of.
"Seph is cool, we talk sometimes."
Persephone and Kai talk enough for him to give her a nickname because, let's face it, Persephone has wayyy too many syllables. They're on good terms and Kai enjoys talking to the girl and spending time with her, but they aren't particularly close. He thinks she's cute, but she isn't someone he active pursues or anything because he thinks their casual acquaintanceship-bordering-friendship is good enough for him.
"She's really positive, but I don't understand how or why. Good for her, I guess."
Since they're both in Syndicate, they know each other. Kai doesn't have anything against the girl. Neither of them has made much of attempt to forge a friendship, so it's just a neutral sort of thing. The fact that she can carry out a lot of Ajax's duties with Quinn is fairly impressive.
"She's more interesting than her sister, if you ask me."
When they first met, he was a bit taken aback by how upfront she was, asking him about his sexual conquests. The interesting thing about it was that she wasn't judgemental about it, but rather she seemed... curious? Impressed? It was something he wasn't used to. In fact, the girl's behavior in general is something he isn't used to. He's played cards and gambled with her a few times. Her energy can be a bit much for him, so he doesn't actively try to be best friends with her or anything, but he'd say they're on good terms.



and i got smarter i got harder in the nick of time
Akina's Relationships


Bennett Atticus Miles - "Who?"

Uriah Kershaw - "I think I've talked to him before... Once or twice."

Katerina Vilkin - "I think I've talked to her. I don't remember, but I know we've discussed something. Probably in class."

Rob - "Rob? Seriously? You're asking me that question? Get lost." When she's angry at him. "Rob? He's fine, we're kind of friends." When she's fine with him.

Ethan Coben - "Oh, I know him. A bit."

Orion Walker - "Oh. The emo boy."

Kaia Nightingale - "I know her sister."

Jack Kim - "I know Jack, kinda..."

Caspia Denota - "I know Caspia. Kinda."


Jasmine Bermout - "Genesis' president, yeah, I know."

Louis Blutmond - "He pointed at me and called me tall."

Sebastian - "Quack."

Bob - "Ehh, I don't really know Brendan. Or Bob, whatever you wanna call him."

Elizabeth Coben - "The girl twin."

Ashwyn Belle - "Okay, who is this again?"

Zander Monroe - "I know him as Marilyn Monroe."


Ajax - "Yeah, he's Ajax."

Cerin Valdis - "Yeah, he's the Vice President."

Kaye Nightingale - "Kaye? She's sweet."

Peresphone Vandergraft - "Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger's lovechild, her hair is Ron but she's too goddamn smart."

Daphne Quinn - "No thanks. Such matters are beneath me."

Curtis Laucron - "Curtis... Yeah, I know him, and me and him have a bit in common."

Ophelia Sinclair - "I heard she's scared of me... Am I really that intimidating? Or am I just tall?"

Malachai Walker - "Malachai, Maracas... Maracas!"

Nikola Reswar - "Nicola, was it? Nikola? Whatever, I give up."


Khione Silverblade - "Isn't she the short one?

Octavius Harred - "Ooh, Octavius? I wish I had his power... Wait, you're not writing this down, are you?"

Axel Luxforeas - "Axel? No thanks. He's a @#&[email protected]*!$ idiot who doesn't know how to [email protected]#$%&* do any [email protected]#%!&* @#$%, THAT LITTLE PIG!"


Smol Birb

Adorable Birb

Ethan Coben
H̵͈̫̼̘̤̟̭̞̬̑̀͊̂̀̑̾̽e̷͍͙̫̐̑́̍̂̈́͐̀͘ ̴̧̘͖̟̭͆̑͠m̶̝̠̊͌̒͊́͐̽A̴̘̹̻̲̗̥̗̯̖̣̋̎̓͒͝͠k̶̨͎̞̱̖̐͛̀̓̄̐̆͘e̴̤̞̊̈͆̍̓̀̿̕͝͠Ṡ̸͓̱̣͕͍͗̐͝ ̷͖̝̗͔͇̦̇̀̏͂̇͌͝m̵͕̻̼͕̦̋͋͊̐͜͝e̵͙̰͂́͌͠ ̵̢̛͍̣̯̱͉͇͉̫̀̈́̊̈́̚ḑ̸̞͇̌͛̅͑͊Ǫ̷̥̍̏͆ͅ ̷̹̯̦̣̬̯̝̉t̴̛̥͈͎̦͉̝̉̾̊̂́͗̃̃̕ḛ̸̢͖͓͙̲̈́̒̿̀̄͘r̶̠̹̣̣͙̦͖̽̀Ř̸̗͎̑̾̀́͑͊͋̚͘Ì̸̧̱̓̇̕͠͠b̵̡̻̻̱͖̙̟͎́̾͜l̶̰̹͓̳̺͙͚̭̓̌̎̈́͜E̵̥̱͕͌͑̄͂͛̀͜ ̶̙̲̭̝͇̌̍̔̽̄̀̆̀̕ͅt̴̪͔̯͍̹̞̪̼͊̿̏͊͋͗͘͠h̸̛̩̗̙̼͒͛͠Ḯ̵͎͖͈͎̥̰͌Ņ̴̥̝̙̞̮͒̈́͆͂̎͌̚g̶̞̪̬̥͈̝͗̄̍̿̽̽̂͋s̸̢̯̜͓̯̰̮̝̲̤͊̃̏̚,̷̟̙̮͉͓̞͉̈́̃͐͊͘͝ ̷̻͌̓͝Ḅ̵̧̧̧̹̻̇͘͝û̵͍̙̠̝͖͓̈́͋̇͂̿́t̶̹̃̄ ̴̩̥̾͆̈́̒͠n̴̛͔̈́̀̋̃̉͐̿͗o̴̖̲̹̭̿̍̎́̋͝ ̶̧̙͓͉̘́́̌̇̕͜Ő̵͇̺̠̦̣̘̄̀̽͋̊͒́͌̎Ǹ̸̨̯̩̮̜́͗̄̓̽͝͝ė̶̪̭̦̹̂̾͗̎̇̔͜͝͠ ̵͉̅̓̌͝e̴͇͍̺̼̔̋̔̕v̴͕̜̝̳̏̀͂̂͌́̄͋̊͘e̵̤̯̗͔̰̤̙̰͗͐̊̽̐̓͂͒Ŕ̶̘̠͚͈̼̪̻̝͕̭̄͋́̓ ̴̼̪͛̉̔̇̓̓̾̇̅̕n̵̤̙̗̣̳̱̜͚̒̑̇̉͐̋̒O̵̢̙͙̣͎̜̹̱̟͖͌̃͋t̵̼̳̳̤͂̔̆́̽̆̑̕̚͝ȉ̶̛̟͊̑̕͝C̴̡͈̠̼̝̮͑͛̆̈Ẻ̴̻̬͖̦̱͊̆̽̌͒̒́͆s̵̢̜̣͉̝͙͉͉̉̈́̏̉́͛̍͠.̶̩̤̺͖̻̘̊ ̴̡̣́͝I̸̗͓̬̠͉̬̙̼͊̀́͊͐͐t̸̪͇͙̹͐̄͐̈́̔͘͘ ̶̦̬̩̻̬̩̼̣̙̆͗͐h̷̘͉͂̎͐̄̊͂͠ụ̴̲̩͓͒̓̄̉̊̓͘R̸̢͖̲̜̭̜̗̲͓̰̾̌̀͌̍͂̉́͘͝T̴͇̦̜̠̒̈́̎̑̐̕͠͝s̷̼̼͍͍͇̰̊͒͆̊̽ ̸̝͖͍̗̃́̏́͗̐̿̍͗͠m̶̧͉̬͍̟̒ͅe̵̢̮̩̍͐̌́̆̄͜,̵̥̰̫̱̤̯͕̟͗͘͜ ̷̘̪̱̜̠̙͔̗̾͛̓̔͆̐͠͝͝i̷̳͒̒̌̓̎͋̀̌t̶̰̭́̿̈̀ ̵̼̲͙̙͔̙̘̩̱̎ḣ̵̢͉͚̘̖̑̄̐̑͆̍̀̕͠u̵̲̬͉̖̙̤͉͚͛R̴̫̲͙̞̣͓̱̓T̵̙̅̾̏͋͛̈́͗̾̏͝ş̶̢̩̩̖̥͍̘̐͊̈̀̓̏̈̋͑̚ͅ ̷̨̤̰̺̜͖͖̟͋̈́̇̿̾͗̅̋̽͝m̴͉̝̤͍͖͚͓̻̹̏̄́͆̋͂̌͒̈́̕ę̷̛̱͙͓̠͖̀̒̽̅̎́͜͜.̵̧̢̙͖͖͙̲̮́ͅ ̵̡̬͉̫͌̔̀̈́͂̉̽͊̃ͅĪ̷̛̟̫͉͓͔̫̫̯̯͊̋̈̃̈́̏͐ ̵͚͈̦̺̺̫̹͎̈͑͛͗̀̂ẉ̴̡̥͔̭̱̩̱̀͐̀̊͋̒̊̚͠á̵̦̟͖̊̃̚͝N̴̹̣̑̌̽̎̐̈́̕t̵͍̀̓̇͛͘͘͝ ̴̛̦̺̖̾̏͂į̸̜̝̖͔̭͍̩̥̈͒ͅŢ̷̨̦̙͉͚̬̜̫̥̆̏̇̈̀̐͆̊͛̚ ̵̥̯̬͉̖̉̽̈́̓̓t̴̯̠̤͚͕̑͊̈́̔̌̈́͛̉͠o̸̧̯̗͓̠̺̺̱͔̒̎̃̿̈́͘͘ͅ ̷̮̼̦̼̎͛͐̾̏̈́̂̓̀̾ͅÉ̶͉͖̹͓͍͖̻̓N̴̨̖̥̟̪̲̻͑́͋͝ď̶̝̥͖̫̋̾̐͂̓̈́̃̈͠,̶͎͖͚̝̊̉͘ ̸̱̥͔͔̮̀̄̒I̷̜̍̊͊̇̚̚ ̶̰̣̰̩͉̖̘̇̐̇̕͠ŕ̵̢͈̫͉̩̘̥̈́̈͒̈́́̈́E̶̹̭̥͋̈̅͂̅̿̄͗̚ͅÃ̷̞̰̼̮̟͕̩̮̲́̋́̾́̊̒ļ̴̪͓̞̬̩̀̀̋̄̈́̽̅͆̀̚ͅḽ̵̮̳̤̮͝ẙ̶̢̻͚̮̹̅̏̋͌̎͂̎̃͌ ̴̼͚̦̹̉̌̔̿̚͝ͅd̶̢͉̳̩͕̫̀̏͒͂͆͆̓̂̔ò̵̡̨̟͍̬͖,̷̢̩̮̓̒̑͗͂̌͗̕̕ ̵̻̼̎̅b̴̛͇͙̼̳̣̗͎͗̐͌̎͑Ṵ̴͔̮̙͖̟̈́͊̾̾̀͛́̄͛͜͠ẗ̷̤́̃͐̈̓̎̕ ̵̳̈w̸̘̩̱͔̒̈́͘ḩ̴͔̪̝̞͇̳̈́̏́͜a̸̢̧̛̻̮̺̣̻̮̪̿͌̓̍̑͛͝T̴̢̨͐ ̸̳͎̥̠̜́̆͝͝ć̵̯͇̹͕͉̠̞̮̜̺̊A̸̞̪͛̃̀̇͗̀̄̚n̵̗̘̯̘̭̳͈͌̏̑͒̎̌̏̚ͅ ̵̢̜͍̲̭́̇̂̆̚͝I̷͓̣̩͓̥̦̻͂̈́̿̑ͅͅ ̸̼̺̖̫̠̖̲͗͐̂͛̑͘͝d̵̩̱̘͙̬̱̗̏Ő̴̡̗̦̤̝̣̝͆̐͊̌̅̒.̵̟̓͗̋͑͆̅͜͜͝.̸̢̳̟͕̰͙̼̹̈́̽̀̎͗͛̐͝.̸̛̖̽͝?̴̨͇͖͙̙̮̗̖̫͒ͅ

"Oh! Ethan? I see him around every now and then, he seems like such a nice person! I, ah, have never really hung out with him, though, so I can't...I can't say too much, haha. I wonder if he'd want to be my friend...? P-Probably not, but still, it'd be nice to get to know him better. He's roommates with Jack, right? I'm, I'm sure they have a lot of fun together, since Ethan is such a nice person and all! Y-Yeah, nice...Ethan is nice, haha..."

Zander Monroe
"Zander? He's so nice to me! He's been a guiding figure for me when I joined Genesis, and I'm really glad he's been my friend. If I didn't have him, I'd probably still be wandering around the academy, lost. Though, since he's in a different year than me, I don't really get to see him as often as I'd like to. It'd be nice to hang out with him sometime! He also likes the chocolate I give him, and he'll give me a head pat when I give him one."

Uriah Kershaw
"U-Uriah?? Um! He's so kind! He sat with me on my first day, at lunch! He talked to me a little...he has such a nice smile...but anyways! He'll hang out with my sometimes, normally I don't like bothering him but he doesn't seem to mind me. Oh! I like it when he hugs me. Normally I'm not the biggest hugger in the world, but I really like it when he hugs me, I don't know why. I hope we can be friends forever!"

Bennett Miles
"My roommate! He's a good roommate, so far. He's not dirty or anything, and he says good morning to me each day. But, we don't talk a whole bunch during the school day, though we make small talk when we're in the dorm. I don't know a whole lot about him yet, but he seems friendly enough!"




it's finished! some of the characters still have no relationships with her but that's fine c:



cece's love life has always been uneventful. she's not the most well liked of people, blame her mouth and ego on it. but she doesn't expect much relationships to be going on in a place like this.

there's two boys on during her early teens but otherwise, her dating history is sparse.

however she had a few developments during her first year in requiem academy. if you wanna be one those, hmu please ^^


during the very beginning of her magister journey, cece had a run in with malachai. and it wasn't an immediate thing, but it happened.

she had fun while it lasted. though in reality, cece wouldn't never admit that she's still into him (in the most miniscule amounts, she swears).

nowadays, the only way they're still 'connected' is cece going around stealing and eating or blowing up his sandwiches.



an unexpected guardian ||

curtis is an odd case.

they met through a cigarette where she lends him a lighter and he de-stresses.

unlike plenty of other instances where cece takes charge and be her boisterous self, she's always calmer around him. she doesn't know what causes this change in nature, it's just an effect of personality mashing perhaps. it's an almost a laidback sibling-like relationship with mutual understanding.


a sister she never had ||

katerina was one of the first people who welcomed her to pandora when she began her journey.

she was the first to give her such a unique type of affection, posing as an older sibling with her protective and caring behaviour. kat stood for her in the little mess ups, showed her the ropes to get around in pandora and introduced the good parts of their president which later made him grow on her. she had learned to appreciate it and now considers the girl part of family regardless of what kat thinks, so far to call her sis on regular basis.

they spend the most time together sparring and the time afterwards. with their matching styles, it tends be quite the entertainment.

cece also acts as the charming wingwoman for kat, towards jasmine whom they both share an attraction for. but she allows them to be the couple she supports.



pandoran in training ||

bennett, or as she sometimes call him, miles is one of the people she immediately hits off with.

ever since his arrival in requiem and later joining pandora, she has been front and center of his journey.

she applauds his perseverance and is particularly fond of his recklessness. that being said, she was happy to take him under her wing, immediately inserting herself as a bad influence and awesome mentor (alongside kat of course, who seems to be more appropriate).

they spend their time together slaving away at daring challenges and her jokingly comparing him to a dog. he's a nice kid.


beloved president ||

and to think that she had bad intentions before she met him, which all changed to loyalty and joy.

he is more than what she expected, from a dangerous chaotic leader, to actual pure fun to be in the same room with. uriah brings out the best in cece whenever he's in her company and she genuinely wants to bond with him.

but with the levels of power being so drastic, she's supposed it's mighty unnatural to spend too much time with him. she respects their differences in terms of position.

she is often suggesting ideas of pranks to pull (usually tamer than what's really expected), orders to give out as well as trouble to brew.

though her sinister intentions has been tamed, one can't say the same for her ambitions.


soft friend ||

louis is a special case of odd pairing that came about through cece's insistance.

in the case of compatibility, cece finds herself toning things way down to talk to louis. but she doesn't mind doing so since he's as nice, sweet and wide eyed as the rest of the freshmen that she's all too eager to aid despite her absolute non-qualifications.


an odd definition ||

friends seem to be a word too strong and acquaintances isn't quite big enough to fit. axel is undescribable; like a...

anyway, he laughs at her stories and jokes, a rare occurance from all of her experience telling them. they talk from time to time and even went on one or two quests together.


humour me ||

jack is a pandoran, but not exactly a pandoran.

in some ways, that's what they have in common-- they don't exactly fit the archetype of trailblazing rebels always on the lookout for trouble. at least, cece never does her troublemaking out of motif or particular interest. she's also admittedly in it for some popularity reasons, as for her self awareness for looking being cool.

not to mention, he's extremely tolerable for her more self centered antics.


insignia buddies ||

bob is well... bob. somehow, cece finds the name bob condescending but that's just a personal opinion of hers.

he's someone she's friendly towards but to think of it, she tries her best to be helpful to the new guys in the school. they would need the support to go through with the academy.

cece is enthusiastic about bob in particular because they have their insignias in the exact same place which lead to a couple of selfies showing this exact feature together.


literal chill pill ||

bobbi is a soothing presence.


want someone to spend time with? who has no baggage or terminal pandoran panic disease? well bobbi is cece's go to person to just sit next to each other and be fine not saying anything. that kind of friend. (though it might be the aura talking).

but other times, they share a calm back and forth teasing, like vitrolic best buds. exchanging lighthearted insults that manages to crack cece some fun.


casual havoc ||

robbie, being in the affiliate was bound to end up here.

she sees him often enough, taking part in his bets and dares like she has a monthly quota to fill as per being pandoran member.

they don't spend much time with each other, though he's nothing but a thumbs up and a pass in her books.


visual egos ||

lance and cece are a pair. a pair indeed, and cece is very much happy to have him.

see, she always felt like within the affiliates themselves she had no particular... clique. or someone who she's spotted with type of deal. he calls them 'partners in crime' and they're sidekicks to one another, despite the other person's complaint. not to mention, they look good standing next to each other which cece finds as a part of their charm.

they both met under unflattering circumstances but with defining moments at their introduction which solidly gave the other a good idea of the kind of person they are.

lance stole something from her, and she blew him up. it's almost quirky.



average classmate ||

suppose, they're aware of each other. the know each other's names. they exchange some nods of acknowlegdement or good mornings.

cece can admit that she feel terribly uneasy but there's nothing to justify it. they're acquaintances, and honestly not much to say otherwise.


not-so-secret admiration ||

khione is effortless. she is beauty and she is grace, and cece would love to see her punch someone in the face.

as par on scouting her possible enemies should cecelia attempt to climb the ranks, she kept tabs on khione for the longest time. her first ever spectating was a fight that khione was in and it awes her how someone can be so concise in their power.

this admiration wasn't kept much of a secret when cece saw her during her first year, though she never actually went up to say hi from all that giddiness. the stark difference between her battle and normal personas was endearing. she would do much if it could mean somehow being friends.


in the name of wingwoman ||

boy oh boy does this woman have curves. the badassness. she digs it.

despite being much older than her, cece finds it absolutely natural to go to her and flatter her about how much of a great partner she would be. though ever since she learned that kat was interested, her motives have moved swiftly into wingwoman duties. especially on occassions all three of them look gorgeous, she'll highlight how great they all look.

besides all that, cece doesn't actually have any other chances to talk to her. jasmine is volumes and levels above her.


cat girl ||

persephone and cece don't have much reason to talk.

the only thing that she knows about penny is that she has a cat somewhere.


cool girl ||

elizabeth is a cool girl. an absolutely nice as much as she can tell. though maybe they're too different to ever be friends.


alleged twin ||

kaia and cece side by side; can you spot the difference?

the answer is yes, damn right you can!

kaia as a person is specifically not the reason that she avoids her. cece does not hate kaia's guts. actually, there are even some things about her that cece wishes she had like those lack of insecurities.

but she's in no place for that hate anyway. kaia is the senior, kaia is a prefect, kaia seems to be buddy buddy with everyone. sure, she can do her.

it's just that every once in a while, someone comments about them being similar. instead of taking it in stride, it just annoys cece to no end.

maybe one day cece would get around to actually trying to hold a conversation. especially given how many mutuals they have.


a sweeter nightingale ||

cece has crossed paths with kaye one or two times. they previously tried reaching out to one another and a connection should come about somehow from all that friend making efforts.



royalty who ||

it seems like he's not the most likable person. she's just against him. in general.


detached ||

there's a pattern here. any enemies of kat is an enemy of hers.

it's not like quinn would like her anyways even without kat's association.



??? ||



apathy ||

alternatively named, mr. no-sense-of-humour. also attached to exploding sandwiches by extension of malachai.


??? ||



??? ||


"But if you wanna leave, take good care,
I hope you make a lot of nice friends out there,
But just remember there's a lot of bad and beware."​

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