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18+ in age please. i'm an adult so i need older folks.
lazy-literate. 2-5 paragraph responses on average.
threads > private messages > discord
i like real face claims but i guess i can use anime if you need.
ya need to know what you wanna rp when you contact me.
let me know if you wanna drop the rp, try not to just ghost
this is kinda important so i just wanna make sure it's known
i am not going to play the dom to your subs. period.
male x male | gay | m// | boys love | kissing dudes only

word bank
mix n match
modern - coffee shops. college. professors. coworkers. bars.
clubs. drinking. seasonal. lots of rain. neighbors. apartments.
friendly little towns. creepy little towns. towns with secrets.
workplace corruption. good cop bad cop. country. city. medical.
high school. rivals. frienemies. love hate. tattoos. flowers. tea.
gangs. warfare. military. penpals. amnesia. road trips. bands.
best friends. parenthood. pet daycare. volunteering. struggles.
street rats. runaways. addictions. underground. grunge. dirty.
homelessness. reporters. models. artists. photographers. art.
cosplay. vacation. already married. chubby. nerds. nuclear war.

fantasy - vampires. werewolves. demons. angels. reapers.
castles. kingdoms. gods. travelers. dolls. magic. elements. fae.
knights. royalty. elves. orcs. dating the devil. racial wars. spooks.
imaginary friends. pets becoming people. nightmare worlds.
dream states. pirates. merfolk. sky pirates. aliens. living dolls.
fortune telling. bounty hunters. androids. scientists. space pirates.
zombies. ghouls. survival. thieves. grand adventures. quests.

[ i've been struggling and now my daycare teacher has offered
to help out on the weekends ]

[ it's storming like fuck outside and someone is waiting it out
on my front porch ]

[ i started volunteering to ease my reputation, now i'm staying
because they work here too ]

[ you're just the bad type i'm trying to get away from and i'm
addicted to you ]

[ leader of the wolf gang? oh he's a werebear ]

[ i put a love note in the wrong locker and now you think i was
confessing to you ]

[ i need to find a fake boyfriend, stat ]

[ i had everything and now suddenly i'm living in a homeless
shelter ]

[ i'm just trailer park trash trying to make something out of
myself ]

[ i cursed you out on the street and now you're my boss ]

[ i was drunk and thought you were someone else. didn't stop
you from agreeing to make out though ]

[ i left my home town to chase after that summer romance ]

[ pretty sure my roommate kills people ]

[ the towns church is hiding a godawful secret ]

[ i'm a priest in love with a demon ]

[ people are going missing in the styles of urban legends ]

[ i date my boyfriend because my parents hate him ]
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Hit me up! I don’t bite
Hey if you’re still up for it I’d love to rp either the “I need a fake boyfriend stat” which I think could be pretty funny or anything along the lines of a modern werewolf kinda thing if you want to do somthing more serious.
Ooof, this thread hit me hard.
I'm interested in so many.
Like, I mean, Fantasy in general, hell yes. Anyways, here are some prompts made off your wordbank.

  • A small local god losing the last of his worshipers as the human populace find new cooler ones to worship. Especially since his powers wane as the level of Faith the populace drops. So he can't do those big flashy miracles anymore.
  • Hate dolls in horror, but I love them in the backlash from a curse or magic spell. Maybe a mage turns their assistant into a doll? Or they pick up a doll from the local store to use for some kind of homunculus or voodoo spell (Or maybe even as a gift for their niece/nephew/child), only for them to turn back into regular human size after enough contact with a magical being. Like they siphoned off enough magic, but have to keep siphoning magic until they figure out a way to reverse the spell...?
Here are the prompts you gave me that I'm interested in.
  • "I put a love note in the wrong locker and now you think I was confessing to you." - ... This both pains and interests me, as I've actually done this.
  • "I need to find a fake boyfriend, stat." - Could toootally tie this in with the doll thing with a mage literally making himself a fake boyfriend. I think that'd be hilarious.
  • "I cursed you out on the street, and now you're my boss." - Aight, so you said you don't want to play a dom to someone's sub... WHAT ABOUT a nice conflicting dom x dom (or really just two argumentative switches) relationship?
  • "I was drunk and thought you were someone else. Didn't stop you from making out with me, though." - Love this kinda shit, tbh...
  • "Pretty sure my roommate kills people."
Could do a lot more, and tbh I'd be a lot more interested in twisting some fantasy shit in, but I'm still perfectly fine with some modern if that's what you want. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
hello!! are you interested in doing something like a high school modern type au where an unfortunate pair of like a typical punk rock boy and a nerdy guy get paired on a project type thing?
or if youre not into HS stuff maybe coffee shop or professor/parent??

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