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Help ⊱ the desperate search for bbcode help ⊰


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hi friends!

so i'm biting the bullet and attempting to throw myself in the deep end with learning bbcode. the problem is that i have absolutely no idea where to begin. i have basic coding knowledge (i can somewhat pick apart others' codes and know how to manipulate them to use for character sheets and whatnot), but when it comes to creating my own from scratch, i don't know what the heck i'm doing. where do you start? how do you organize coding? how do you make layouts? do you create the background on a program like gimp first and then transfer that over? or can you manipulate everything simply through code on rpnation?

i have so many more questions lmao. if anyone would be willing to spare some of their time to give me literally any kind of help, whether it be links to tutorials/resources, codes i can try to pick apart and learn from, or to message me and try to help me get started, i would appreciate that more than anything!

thank you loves
- sereiin xo


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Well, I usually start with two things:
1. What am I making the code for- this will answer me questions of aesthetic choice, what parts I want that are more relevant for reading and so on.
2. Paper Layout- I draw a layout on paper of what kind of end product I hope to achieve, a basic schematic just organizing what goes where.

As for resources, there’s the two BBcode guides RPnation offers to begin with, and there is also this CSS site, which can often be put into divs, but I don’t know how to get to it on phone, so I’ll add links once I get home.



Where do you start? How do you make layouts?

The best place to start are the pinned guides here in the BBCode center. RpNation has both basic and advanced coding. The place to start for coding here would be using the basic bbcode tags to get a feel for how things work then going deeper into the more complex stuff which is based off CSS.

As far as where people start, it's all different. Sometimes you can draw out a concept you want. Others just wing it and see what they get. Or some may even use references to get inspiration and ideas. I've used all three to varying degrees, though these days I more use references and inspiration kinda things.

How do you organize coding?
Inline, always remember the order of your code tags. Think of them like layers almost. As for classes, I try to treat it like a CSS style sheet.

Do you create the background on a program like gimp first and then transfer that over? Or can you manipulate everything simply through code on rpnation?
Both. It depends on what you want. I use pattern images to repeat to make a simple background. Solid colors are just code. It all depends on what you want.

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