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The Sleepy One
An Open Invitation
Hello fellow members of the BBCoding Community,

So I created a discord server a while back to help others with their bbcode, and would like to open it to other people as well. Everyone is welcomed, and no worries if you don't know how to bbcode, we can help you. General coding enthusiasts are also welcomed. Of course, this is mainly to help people make bbcode posts, and as of right now, not to take requests. We're willing to cover the most complex parts of CSS as well as simple bbcode functions.

There are some rules to the server:
Be civil. Constructive feedback is good and all, but no one wants to be told their works are shitty.
Questions are welcomed! Don't be afraid to ask something if you don't know it.
No NSFW. Please, we're a coding community.
This is a private server. We reserve the right to boot you off.

Again, this is a private server, not an RPN site server, so judgement and discretion is reserved within me and the mods of the server. That being said, we aren't very strict on the whole "coding only" thing, and are really just here to have fun.

If you would like to join the BBCult, PM me (@Alteras) or @glucose guardian for an invite link.

Happy Coding!~
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The Sleepy One
So a bit of an addendum here. I actually maintain a running list of small tips and tricks that i've found while working with bbcode in the server. These are usually too small to warrant any post, and are often just solutions to edge case problems, but it's slowly growing, and some of these are really really useful for those who want to work with more and more complex code but are running into CSS and browser issues.

Some stuff includes alternate ways to render Font Awesome Icons, fixing webkit problems with flexboxes, etc.

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