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∆The Divine Vendetta∆


Little Horned Boy
Welcome, my lost children, to The Divine Vendetta; a vast dark-fantasy setting about the factions of man and their wars over advanced and ancient technologies, as well as the awakening of ancient, slumbering Gods.
The following is a larger project I’ve been sitting on for some time now, and while sort of a reboot, I'm excited to reintroduce it into the roleplay community, and more specifically, RPN. So please read on if you're interested in this setting of mine. I know it may seem like a lot at the moment – and while, yes, I am providing the laws of the universe and the overall backdrop – The Divine Vendetta is currently somewhat of an abysmal husk – a sort of inanimate golem if you will – waiting for the words of devoted roleplayers to breathe their own unique life into it. If all goes well, The Divine Vendetta will be a large scale sandbox that requires very little GM input and lets it’s players take control of their own stories, forging whatever tale their heart desires through interaction with the forces of the universe, and their fellow RPers. Whether you crave roleplay that is grim and hardboiled or whimsical and romantic, I hope to provide you with such a space. In return, all I will ask from you is maturity, dedication, and creativity.

  • |Play Style|
    In The Divine Vendetta players will be siding with one of four warring factions that currently dominate the world. This role play – if all goes well – should be in essence controlled by its players, with little necessary action or input from any "GM" figure. That being said, any progress/guidance the player's desire will still be given by the faction leaders (more on them in a second) and myself through the culminating story arcs of this RP.
    Due to my desire for a player-centric RP, the four factions at odds with each other will be built from the ground up by those of you who join in on my shenanigans, and headed in construction by a faction leader (who will naturally fall into a sort of "Co-GM" status should it be necessary or desired), with a few guidelines from me to help keep things congruent. Everything else between these factions will be almost entirely sandbox.

    The Divine Vendetta 's story will progress via factions and their members interacting, special events that I will occasionally create to introduce new elements into the ongoing arcs, and a world timeline that will be consistently updated to keep everyone informed on how their actions have affected the environment of the world and what's going on around them in current day society. As the story evolves, so should the characters and the world.

Faction Leaders (3/3)
- @Bulba (Irtona)
- @darkborn
- @SomebodyElse
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Little Horned Boy
Woof, it's been a year since my last bit of activity on this site. What a way to kick off the comeback, huh? Please ask all your questions and PM if you're interested in a faction leader role. I know it's a lot to read but I appreciate even a light skim!

edit: Woops, forgot to add info on the mercenary's guild. Just fixed that (you can find it in the factions tab).
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Little Horned Boy
Baa. Baa. I wish to join.

I've read some of it, and reading some more over time. Well crafted. Very well crafted. Excellently done, good sir.
Yeah, I'm interested. Meant to say last night haha
Why thank you kindly, dear travelers, for expressing your interest. Welcome to the fold.

Just a quick update for everyone: I've currently got one faction leader working through their process, but still need two more. I'll have character sheets available by tomorrow, however, I need all faction leaders present and accounted for before the shenanigans can truly begin. If you would like to step up to the plate, just let me know and I'll work with you through the process to make it entirely painless.


Junior Member
Hm... A sort of religious Inquisition? Or a group focused on reclaiming tech? Or both? (-cough- Brotherhood of Steel... -cough-)

Interest piqued for a faction leader. Gimme some time. I wanna crank up a good idea.


Little Horned Boy
Hm... A sort of religious Inquisition? Or a group focused on reclaiming tech? Or both? (-cough- Brotherhood of Steel... -cough-)

Interest piqued.
All entirely possible ideas. If you're interested in a leadership position, PM me and I'll get you started down the path.


Little Horned Boy
Would you look at that? Character Sheets are up! @Bulba @Mirgris @Keidivh @Soma Schicksal @Rumble Fish @darkborn @SomebodyElse

I am, of course, aware that info on the factions has yet to be posted, but I assure you I have two individuals working diligently on that side of things. For now, take a look at the sheet, brainstorm and if you feel so inclined, fill out as much as you are currently comfortable with until you can take a look at the presently available world governments.

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