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i’m nova. it’s not my real name, but it’s what you can call me. i’m a 20 - something woman who is searching for a roleplay partner, as everyone else is doing, i’m assuming. i’ve been roleplaying for quite some time, i have a number of animals ( i live in a zoo, basically. ask me about them!), and i work with dogs for a living. i’m a super chill person, i’m just here to have some fun and not stress about it too much.

→ guidelines
  • Style and length: when it comes to style, i’m asking for 3rd person, past tense, canon x oc, doubling, the usual. as i mentioned before, i’m a super chill person, and that goes for how much i write too. sometimes my post can be more on the novella side, and sometimes i’ll give you two paragraphs. honestly, it depends on how much i’m into the roleplay and what’s happening in the scene.
  • Reply time: this varies with a number of things. the more i write = the longer it takes. i have a life outside the internet, as we all do, so i don’t expect a reply every hour of the day. sometimes i’ll post multiple times a day, other times will be once/twice a week. just vaires.
  • i'm well over 18, and because of that i ask that you are too. it's just a comfort thing.
→ what i’m looking for ←

Game of Thrones.

→ i've seen the show - working on the books. looking for: Jon snow, Jamie Lannister, oc.

Detroit: Become Human.
→ I've played the game. Looking for: Connor, Markus.

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