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  1. Vega
    After taking in my surroundings a little bit better I check laser burst comms to realize that I was needed. One of my teammates needed a wormhole to get in the same as my team did.

    “Alright, It’ll take a few seconds but it should appear in front of you shortly”

    I holster my weapon and begin manifesting another wormhole signaling for my teammates to cover me. Before long the dark void-like creation appeared and I made it dissapear. Assuming it would reappear in front of the other team (it does), I wait for vocal confirmation on my wormhole.

    (Sorry for the long delay yet short post, dealing with a lot of stress right now. I’ll try to keep my focus on the RP from now on.)
  2. (Hey everyone. Wanted to say that this RP is still going on, just that Thanksgiving Break happened and I am currently in finals season. I'll get something up soon to continue the RP!)
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  3. @Errant Raider

    (Mind replying to my earlier DM post? Just asking before I do another Adrian post)
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  4. Adrian

    After getting into the wormhole and into a safe position, I already noticed several Smierc grunts running down the halls, just barely missing us from view. With that said, I quickly started to patch myself into one of the computer terminals near the recharge station. Noa manages to get a cargo manifest and shipping schedule to the main Cesena-01 Fragment facilities. There is also evidence of several production blueprints of the Smeric's superweapon, making our mission look a bit more hopeful for the New Union.

    "Since this outpost appears to be under lockdown, we're going to have to get creative. Nearest cargo transport left the outpost just a few minutes ago. Can you patch us in via wormhole if we get the coordinates to that cargo transport?", I ask the Sabre Corps soldier who got us to safety.

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  5. (Was starting to get worried this had kept going but I'd lost my notifs.)


    Despite the eradication of his peoples at the hands of the Smierc, and though technology eluded him often, Ilik was not a foolish or unwise man. The Empire was a singular, cohesvie unit, with many having strict regimes, rules and plans for all emergencies shared across the whole of their masses. This meant any Smierc should, could, and would fight side by side with any other Smierc and experience no issues. Any tactical mind would be proud.

    But Ilik had long since learned their ways, the way they moved, the way they responded.

    The way they breached a room.

    Hearing the dazzler skip a few times on the metal, Ilik thought little of it as the device erupted. EMP waves coursed over his organic armour, and with his back to the device it's flash did little to impede him. Next came a handful of shots, shattering or ricocheting on the walls of the room. Then, then was the noise he'd waited for. Footsteps as the Smierc poured into the room followed by silence and confusion. They couldn't see him. They had no idea where he could be.

    "Eyes up!"

    With a start all Snierc moved to jump out of the way, but one was too slow. There was a sickening crunch as Ilik dropped off the ceiling and slammed a foot into his back, shattering it and the soldiers life in one swift landing. Not even flinching as the fastest responders began pouring rounds onto his armour, Ilik reached out and brutally backhanded the nearest soldier, sending him careening into the wall with a resounding bang. The next casualty was the soldier to Ilik's first victim. Thrusting forward with his spear, the head punched clean through the abdomen armour and out the back. Hefting the spear and the Smierc, Ilik swung his spear and let the corpse fly off and knock another off of their feet.

    Making short work of three more Smierc as they tried to bring him down Ilik took a moment to pull a crystal that had managed to barely pierce his chitin armour out before letting out a teeth rattling roar through the hall way. They would know that death was coming.

    (Kind of a shorter one than planned, but on a time crunch. Will get a post for Six up soon too.)
  6. DM

    The sudden movement of Retribution caught the Smierc strike team off-guard and cost them the lives of three soldiers. The leader of the group called for back-up, knowing that Retribution already is a force to reckon with. The other Smierc soldiers waiting outside became hesitant in their mission, knowing full well that even with Mortus Troopers it would be difficult to deal with the alien mercenary.

    The Smierc soldiers continued to fire their rifles towards the hulking brute, trying their best to keep the damage localized to the loading docks rather than the rest of the outpost. If Retribution makes his way to the main facilities of the Cesena-01 Fragments, it would be a disaster.

    Unfortunately for the Smiercs, there were other forces as well.


    Still waiting on Corporal Stepford's response to the wormhole question, I begin to scout out a possible exit point. One of the recon drones already noted what seems to be a massive firefight happening near Sector 1's loading docks. It would make for an ideal cover should a hostile encounter occur between the New Union task force and the Smierc guards. They would assume that it was whatever is ravaging the loading docks did the handiwork, rather than New Union forces. At least, that's the hope.

    "Friendly units, we're making out way to the Sector 1 loading docks. There's already a huge firefight occurring there, so we should be good on covering our tracks if we need to use our weapons. Fireteam Nexus will lead the way, since our drone is now replacing the Smierc's security footage with periodic loops to keep them from noticing our presence, over."

    With that said, I quickly order Sergeant Amis to take Corporals Seidel and Carboni and cover the team's flank while Corporal Ingris and I start moving down the halls to the loading docks. We should be able to get the cargo manifest from a terminal there, allowing us to warp to the cargo transport that left just a few moments ago.

    By the time Fireteam Nexus reaches nearby the loading dock, the clash of crystal-bolts against the superstructure become definitely noticeable. Taking a peek with my HoloRifle, I find what appears to be a gigantic tank of what appears to be a non-Smierc wasting away at the Smierc security team. Seems like we may have an unlikely ally, though for the purposes of our mission we must keep the unknown soldier as a potential threat.

    "Let's slip past the chaos. Corporal Seidal, I need you to take out those incoming guards."
    "Roger that Captain."

    Seidal takes a well-aimed pot-shot and stops the guards dead in their tracks. Unfortunately for us, it seems like the Smiercs fighting the other unknown entity noticed our rather large group.

    "Oh great... Open fire!", I yell into the local comms.

    There's not much of a choice here. We need to get these Smiercs silenced before they report our presence to the outpost...
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  7. Ashley Miller

    When the weapons free call was given, I was a little more than happy. "Make 'em count!" I called to my squad, cycling the bolt to fire a new shot. I wasn't afraid in the slightest that these Smierc. We had killed so many, there was no point in counting. They had shot at me and only hit me once. I had been thrown to the dogs as bait, but in turn I killed them.

    It was this new alien that scared the crap outta me.
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  8. (Just to clarify, where are each of the fireteams right now?)
  9. (Everyone is near the outpost loading dock to retrieve a cargo manifest/schedule to get the coordinates of the recently departed cargo ship in order to use a wormhole to its location)
  10. (Remember, the big four armed alien is your friend. Well, at least not your enemy.)
  11. Raijin
    "Open fire!" The order that came through the comms jarred Raijin for split second before the Hearing Protection cut down the noise. They were now in combat. It's been too long since I've been a battle.

    Raijin began to open fire on the Smeirc using his DES-T, electrocuting three grunts at once. He continued to sweep his DES-T in front of the Fireteams, causing the crytal bolts and holo-bolts flying through the arc to detonate. The grunts were obviously intimidated by Raijin's weapon and began to back away. Taking advantage on their hesitation, Raijin activated his Adaptive RCS and propelled himself at 60 mph towards a small group and knocked them down.

    As soon as he knocked over those grunts, he noticed a large four-armed figure fighting off a group of Smeirc using spears. This thing is obviously hostile, but it's only targeting the Smierc. Best to wait, lest we make an enemy that can wipe out grunts this easily.

    Raijin made another sweep with his DES-T, but one of the Smierc on the ground recovered and knocked the weapon toward the four-handed creature, shocking the grunts it was fighting, and potentially the creature itself. So much for not making an enemy out of it.
  12. J

    So. Despite our best efforts to stay hidden with the wormholes and clever tactical movements, we (or rather, something else) triggered the alarms on this outpost, and now, with every passing second, the chances of us getting our objective done are splintering into increasingly smaller numbers. We're gonna have to fight our way through and out, tooth and nail.


    "Give them hell!" I yelled over my Fireteam comms channel, almost deafening some of the guys. My trigger finger did the thing it was basically born to do, and I indulged myself in the adrenaline rush, after the pent-up tiptoeing we've been doing up until now. My rounds tore through the Smiercs' Bio-fields like fists made of steel. Bless the mad soul who thought up custom-tipped armor piercing holo-bolt rounds.

    As the Raijin fellow begun going absolutely bonkers with his abilities, me and my Fireteam provided a solid backbone for the New Union forces, our holo-bolts forming the calcium part or whatever. Wait, isn't the entire thing made out of calcium- whatever, suppressing fire!

    John and Danny practiced their New Union training and did some fire-and-maneuver, taking advantage of any pieces of potential cover in the loading dock to conceal themselves from the oncoming fire. Carlie stayed in a stationary position, behind a few boxes, putting down a steady stream of slow, accurate sniper fire, while Parkins, Davo and I stayed up front, with our shields up, tanking the hits and dishing out damage.

    But then ol' Raijin accidentally zapped the elephant in the room, the big guy with the fuck-off spears. My AI has trouble identifying this guy, so it just marks him as UNKNOWN, in all caps. Dramatic, but I think it's justified, seeing as how this guy managed to fight through at least half a squad of Smierc with just spears and shit. I think.

    Confused, and frankly, a bit scared, I tried yelling out to the guy. Stupid of me to think that he'd speak our language, but trying is better than not trying. "Oh shit, we're sorry! Sorry! Friendly! We're friendly! Sorry!" Repetitive words, but it's the best I can do, under fire, firing a machine gun, facing a four-armed giant dude with fuck-off spears.
  13. Raslan

    "So, what's your story, who'd you piss off to get sent here?"

    It felt like the question bounced around in my head for quite a while, before I actually managed to voice an answer.

    "Ohoh . . . What can I say, friend. The Collective tends to send conquered species to the fronts." I pause for a moment. After all this time, as a loyal and excellent warrior for the Collective, the term "Conquered species" for my people still leaves me with uneasy feelings. But enough of that, I can't allow Six to see me brooding all over. After all, we've just met, and she's been the most welcoming personnel on this station I've encountered so far.

    Before I could change the topic of our conversation, a message over comms rudely interrupted. A shaky voice, with chaotic noises, grunts, screams and gunfire in the background.

    "We're calling for reinforcements in Sector 1 loading dock. Many warriors have falle- THE RETRIBUTION IS HERE! SEND BAC-"

    Oh dear. worrisome. The outpost appears to be invaded. But there were no alarms?

    Before long, more reports came in. This time they were about groups of intruders, also near the said loading dock.

    Blast. Right, get it together. Enough of that. If the station is attacked, we need to hurry to the aid defending it. Perhaps my questions will be answered later on. Also, the man over comms mentioned "The Retribution". Why does that sound familiar to me . . . Is it that one individual that has been waging a personal war against the Collective? I've read about something like that . . . Somewhere. Or heard of. I'm not sure, but that's irrelevant. However, if I remember correctly, this "Retribution" is considered by most to be quite a formidable fighter, and is mentioned with fear by the grunts.

    Perfect. Its head shall be mine. Such act would also undoubtedly improve my reputation in this outpost. Considering how I just arrived and already given the Pułkownik bad impression of me.

    I contact my squad and command them to rally near Sector 1 loading dock. I am more than eager. Meeting the Retribution in combat shall be a great honour.

    "Well, that sounds like work." I said to Six. "My squad and I will meet this "Retribution" in combat, and see if it's worth its reputation." I could sense a proud grin forming on my face, but I couldn't help it. "I don't mean to deprive you of glorious combat, and you're welcomed to join us, but there are still groups of intruders to deal with, and I trust you might just make quick work of them."

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    About how many non player characters would you say are with the group?
  15. @Errant Raider

    (NPCs? I'm not sure. That's up to each RPer and their Fireteams. Also, try to use parentheses for OoC talk in the main thread.)

    @Komrade Kommissar

    (Sorry for the inactivity. College finals are annoying, and I've got 2 tomorrow. Hopefully, I can get something up late tomorrow or the day after.)
  16. @Perambulation

    (Oh no it's alright. You should focus on those finals. Best of luck!)
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  18. (Finals is finally over, lol. @Komrade Kommissar , in one of my previous DM posts, I mentioned that the outpost had alerts issued after Retribution's break-in, so update your post with that in mind.)

    (Waiting on @Errant Raider , as @Kabboom has J interacting with Retribution)
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  19. (Congrats on surviving @Perambulation, I have midterms next week so bless me...)
  20. (what a twist guys, guess what. Finals upon me, hitting this very weekend, extending across the entire next week. Don't expect much posting on my end)
  21. Six

    The hybrid watched as Raslan grew quiet and pensive, taking plenty of time to answer her question. At first she thought perhaps the man really had done something to earn his place here. Instead a somewhat somber tone took over as he admitted to be of a conquered species. Six knew she had been made as a weapon, defunct as she was for that use, but that had been her purpose. Whether they were her people or not, she had never quite had the same mindset that let her sit easy with the idea of subjugation.

    Of course that somber attitude changed quickly as the alarm went off, and Six's tail lashed from side to side instinctively as she was set on edge. Perhaps she lived a sheltered life for a Smierc, because she quite frankly hadn't the slightest clue who Retribution was or what he was about, but she did see that Raslan took it seriously.

    It only took the man seconds to stand and lope off down the hall.

    Suddenly realising she was left basically alone in the mess hall Six seized up Raslan's leftover fork, locked in on his scent and leaped up to take off after him. At last she finally had something to go do!


    It hadn't taken long to wade through the forces through that first hallway. It had led him to a larger cargo room that afforded him much more maneuverability. That said it gave much more range for others to go after him. A bit of a double edged sword but not one he was worried with as rounds upon round shattered or splashed across his armor. Wading through the fire like rain in a storm the massive force that was Retribution cut down any that opposed him until he found himself surrounded.

    With eyes only for the Smierc he didn't once notice the secondary group that had arrived. In fact as he hefted his spear and threw it, pinning a Smierc to a wall, he was hit by waves of electricity. He wasn't in any way protected from the discharge either, but it wasn't enough to overload his body. Reaching out and grabbing a Smierc by the ankle, he swung the alien around and slammed it down on some device that was spewing high voltage madness into himself and the Smierc.

    Disgusting aliens the Smierc were, using a weapon that would kill their own people in an attempt to fry him.

    As the weapon stopped, either by chance or by happening of breaking it the weapon turned off under the broken corpse of the Smierc he held. Hefting the body, he swung it around and threw the body into another as he picked up on noises behind him. Rounding on the group that seemed to be approaching, the massive Smierc-Killer pulled his four daggers and found himself looking at a group of notably not Smierc.

    In fact, even as Smierc rounds ineffectively hit his back, the closest one looked panicked and worried as he poured rounds out of his weapon, muttering something in some language that Ilik didn't know. Realising he wasn't being fired on and not particularly worried about what they could do to him he turned his back to the unknown group and began closing on the nearest Smierc available.

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