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―― ABOUT ME !hello! my name is olivia (liv for short) and it's nearly been a year since i've joined the site, and since i have no care for my school or social life i decided to make an one x one thread! i tend to write two to three paragraphs, sometimes more if i feel really inspired. i'm also that person who prefers to play the female role but i can play male if we must, i have terrible experience from random strangers starting conversations with me and then asking if they could play female (and nothing else) in a one x one. i prefer to use realistic fcs and i'm happy to rp either in pms or a thread. we can also chat in discord as well if that's easier but i prefer to rp on rpn please! so please take a look through and either pm me or tag me so we can start plotting! please note i do not do smut since it's against rpn rules or rp furries!!
―― A N G S T ! i don’t give a damn about you. no, nothing can change my mind. no way. i’m happy just to let you walk away. don’t think about you at night, i’m happy to be alone, its okay. but that was yesterday and now i’m driving in my car, words won’t get me far when they don’t mean shit. i’m calling you at 3 am and i’m standing here right outside your door and i don’t think that my heart can take much more. i’m scared of cracking up again i just want it to be like it was before and i don’t think that my heart can take much more.

muse a & b are ride or die lovers. muse a is involved in criminal/gang activity, muse b is muse a’s partner in crime. together they pull off ludicrous and extravagant heists; for anyone else it would be impossible but together they are unstoppable. muse a showers muse b in diamonds and rolexes and sports cars and muse b loves every minute of it. in a pinch, they know they’ll bonnie and clyde it. they would kill for each other, and they would die for each other.

everyone’s heard of the perfect neighbor, but what about the bad influence? muse a is seemingly a good person who follows the rules all of the time, but they’re curious as cats. they try getting close to the muse b, the person everyone crosses the street when they see them walking. at first it wasn’t romantic, it was just to see why everyone was so scared, but then it turned into something neither of them expected. after a late night spent together in a shared room they realized they connected more than just neighbors and friends, but what’s the rest of the neighborhood going to think? are they going to keep it a secret from everyone? are they going to deny their feelings? only time will tell.

muse a and muse b were born with super powers, and are unaware that each other has them. they attend school together, and are fairly vocal about their hatred for one another. when they are assigned to save their city from daily evil together they fall in love, unaware that behind the mask is their sworn enemy.

muse a is the child of death and unbeknownst to muse b, muse a was watching muse b's birth from the corner of the hospital room. fascinated by life, muse a left an imprint on muse b. as the years went by, muse a saw muse b being bullied at school and couldn't do anything but watch; as taking the life of muse b's bullies would've been suspicious. however, muse b has been kidnapped and muse a is extremely pissed.

―― F L U F F ! what about a plot where muse a is a waitress or something and she’s working a shift one night and like this group of super hot cops come in and she has to be their waitress and she’s trying to not act weird but she can’t help it and they notice it and are teasing her about it, but muse b is doing it a lot more than the other too and like maybe the diner requires her to wear skates and maybe she like stumbles and ends up spilling like soda, water, etc. on muse b’s crotch and she’s like ‘omigod omigod omigod’ and he just thinks it’s cute and funny and so he leaves her his number on a napkin and maybe she panics and doesn’t text him because she thinks he’s intimidating AND THEN MAYBE THE NIGHT DAY SHE LIKE LOST A BET OR SOMETHING AND HER FRIENDS MAKE HER GO SKINNY DIPPING IN THE LAKE EVEN THOUGH IT’S TRESPASSING AND THEN THE POLICE COME AND HER FRIENDS DITCH HER AND OH SHIT IT’S MUSE B AND SHE LIKE COMES OUT OF THE WATER TO SEE HIM STANDING ON THE DOCK AND HE’S LIKE ‘why didn’t you text me?’

a hot as fuck high school music teacher who never really got out of his leather jacket and biker phase and used to be in a band but now teaches high school students what real music is and is notorious for being arrogant and vv sarcastic and a kindergarden teacher who loves kids and wears lilac/pink/purple color cotton shirts and smooth pants and is cute as a button and imagine him teaching the kids to make flower crowns and music teacher sees a flower crown on him and smirks and teases him about how cute he looks.

give me a we broke up because i had to move away because of school and we knew we couldn’t do long distance but oh my god i’m home for christmas and you’re still beautiful and we’re wine drunk slow dancing to the sound of elf on the television and you smell like hot chocolate and i miss you so much please don’t let this end again

muse A was adopted into a rich family when she was just a baby. because she is so used to being the center of her parents’ affections, when she learns that they are planning on having a baby — one of their own — she begins to rebel. a part of her newfound rebellion is hanging out with muse B, a mixed-up poor kid who’s from the “wrong side of the tracks”. though her friends try to warn her about muse B’s promiscuous ways, muse A finds herself falling in love with her complete opposite. what will happen when she realizes their worlds don’t mesh, and that he might not feel the same way?

plot where character a and character b meet on a family vacation. they have a kind of “summer of love” thing, but never see each other again afterwards. however, when character a goes back to school in the fall, there’s character b, sitting right in front of her in math class.

―― E X T R A ! the police chief’s worrisome daughter that is always coming to check on him at the station falling for the headstrong detective who always gives the chief hell.
muse a and b are immortal beings that have been with each other for centuries, reincarnating into a new person with the same tattoo. although muse a can be a flirty man whore, he's still in love with muse b but she's not sure she can say the same.
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Hey there lil pumpkin.

As I indicated I love angst plot #5 with my character being male muse b?


also fluff plot #1 with me being the female character coming back from the travels??? :3


❛ i uwu u ❜
Hey there lil pumpkin.

As I indicated I love angst plot #5 with my character being male muse b?


also fluff plot #1 with me being the female character coming back from the travels??? :3
yesyesyes i need this, did you want to do this on pm, thread or our discord server ??


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Hello hello! Would you be interested in potentially doing a murder-mystery esque plot, with the two characters being something along the lines of rival detectives that both excel at their jobs being put on the same case?

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