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Fandom — yet another search thread | updated, 11/8

Sub Genres
AU, LGTBQ Friendly, Romance, Slice of Life


hey, y’all.

with the amount of roleplay searching i do on a daily basis, i am absolutely sure you have seen me around here somewhere.

but, if you somehow haven’t, hi — i am tarantulahawk and i have been an avid roleplayer for over nine years. i started on the website quizilla (which has long since been shut down) and then my love for cooperative writing just snowballed from there.

if you’re interested in writing with me, please continue to read this search thread to see if we might be compatible as partners!


— please do not get angry if i delete your comment down below or the message you send me if you’re interested; generally that means i am not interested in roleplaying whatever you’ve asked me about or i don’t think we will mesh well. please try again later!
— i only do oc x canon roleplays, so please don’t ask me about oc x oc or canon x canon.
— do not comment below or message me saying something like “wanna rp” or “let’s roleplay (insert fandom here)” and leave it at that. i roleplay to make friends, so please at least give an effort in introducing yourself to me before asking about roleplay.
— and in the same vein as that, please actually chat with me ooc! i swear that i’m actually pretty chill and i love to talk and exchange memes and make moodboards/playlists for our roleplay.
— one thing i am not chill about is being ghosted. just tell me you don’t wanna roleplay anymore. it’s that easy and if you ghost me and then come back later asking to roleplay again, i am probably gonna say ‘no’.
— please provide a roleplay sample in your private message or comment!
— i do not roleplay using one-liners. i expect at least two decently-sized paragraphs per response.
— unless you are willing to just play my love interest, we are doubling up.
— please be eighteen or older; i am nineteen and i don’t like roleplaying with people below the legal age, especially because i like mature and realistic themes in roleplay.
— i am fine with m x m, m x f, and f x f in roleplay. i am most practiced with m x f and m x m.
— in order of preference, here is where i will roleplay; rpnation forums, discord, google docs. i do not roleplay in private messages or over email, so please don’t ask.
— if it’s obvious to me that you haven’t read my rules thoroughly, i’m not gonna roleplay with you. it’s that simple.


if a fandom is italicized, i really want to roleplay it and if it’s left normal, i might roleplay it if you have a good plot in mind.

video games
dream daddy
— undertale
— detroit: become human
— cuphead
dragon age: inquisition
— dragon age: origins
— hunipop

tv shows / movies
harry potter
— twilight
— pretty lake
— that 70’s show
— supernatural
the hobbit
— marvel
— sherlock

cartoons / animated movies
— invader zim
hazbin hotel
— camp camp
— disney
• frozen​
• tangled​
• moana​
• big hero 6​
• monsters inc.​
— dreamworks
• flushed away​
• rise of the guardians​
• kung fu panda​
• madgascar​
• ice age​
• over the hedge​
— transformers: prime

— tokyo mew mew
— naruto
— black butler

— creepypasta
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Hopelessly in love with several fictional people
My dude - it's been a hot minute since I've seen a request for anything Undertale related bahhhhh
Might you be interested? I'm down for pretty much anything, especially oc x canon relations
I'm a third-semester illustration major if that's relevant haha - I have a few examples of my writing on my Toyhouse account, but here's a shorter one-shot that I did! Where do I go? on Toyhouse

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