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why don't you get a grip?
hello, and welcome, everyone! my name is logan, and i'm seventeen years old. i decided to revamp my old search thread, so here we are! i have about seven or so years of roleplaying experience, and about ten years of writing experience! i go by he/they pronouns, and i'm currently a senior in high school. due to quarantine and everything, i've decided to come back to roleplaying in order to fill in the time!

my writing style could be described as lit/advanced lit, and i normally try not to put a limit on how much i write, because it honestly depends, but i can normally on average crank out two paragraphs minimum, and i do try to mirror. i always write in third person past tense, and i normally write from the male/nonbinary perspective. i can get in at most one reply a day as of right now, but that number may change, i'll let you know if something changes! for romance, i have the most experience with m// or m/f, with a preference towards m//. also, realistic faceclaims are required for any roleplay with me. i am ghost/ditch/whatever you wanna call it friendly, as long as you let me know! i will try my best to do the same for you. if you're simply not vibing with me or my writing style, lemme know, i won't be offended! i'll do the same for you as well.

for fandom roleplays, i can do either oc/oc or oc/canon! i normally roleplay in threads here on rpn, and will only use discord for ooc chat! doubling is not required but preferred. now, onto my fandoms and original plots!
all of these lists are pairings that i wish to have, where i'd be playing the oc in oc/canon pairings! if you see a fandom you'd like to roleplay, pm me with a list of characters you'd like for me to play.


- oc x oc
- oc x steve harrington
- oc x jonathan byers
- oc x billy hargrove


- oc x oc
- oc x jason grace
- oc x percy jackson
- oc x leo valdez


- oc x oc
- oc x stiles stilinski
- oc x isaac lahey
- oc x scott mccall
- oc x lydia martin


- oc x oc
- oc x james "bucky" barnes
- oc x sam wilson
- oc x steve rogers
- oc x pietro maximoff
- oc x matt murdock


- oc x oc [ONLY! i don't do oc/canon for this fandom.]


- oc x oc
- oc x sam winchester
bolded roles are roles i'd prefer to play, but i'm pretty flexible with it!

just like this

MUSE A's never been lucky with love. and with them being off at college, their parents are almost expecting them to come home with a partner for MUSE A's siblings wedding this fall. MUSE B is MUSE A's roommate, and has been trying to hide their ever growing crush on MUSE A for the longest time. MUSE A is desperate at this point, and asks MUSE B to pretend to be their partner for the wedding. MUSE B just wants the earth to swallow them whole at this point, but they agree. they're in for a weekend of the worst pining they've ever experienced in their life. and oh god, why are these feelings surfacing again?

getting late

MUSE A's seen it all. as a prominent businessperson, it's hard not to. but they're getting tired, and they decide to take a step back from all the hustle and bustle their company brings them. they decide to move back to their hometown and try and make a different name for themselves. MUSE B is the owner of a little coffee shop in their hometown, and runs into MUSE A β€” quite literally β€” one morning, sparking an almost instantaneous friendship. it doesn't help matters that MUSE A starts falling β€” hard.


MUSE A is a world famous model, constantly in demand by the top designers of the world. MUSE B is a world class athlete, a star in their own right, having clawed from the bottom to the top of the totem pole. they couldn't be more than opposites, being in the papers for completely different reasons (MUSE A for headlining new york fashion week, MUSE B for winning the championship the third time in a row) all the time. a charity event being held brings the two of them together, and a friendship blossoms, feelings start to linger. but MUSE A's got pr relationships left and right, and MUSE B's too busy with [respective sport] to keep up a relationship. especially with cameras constantly being shoved in their faces, but who knows. they'll make it work.

look what i've done

MUSE A's used to having everything handed to them on a silver platter. i mean, what else could you get used to, being the child of a mafia head? they've got a superiority complex a mile wide, and a feeling that they can do whatever they wanted without repercussions. MUSE B is the one tasked by MUSE A's father to keep them in line, be a bodyguard of sorts. and every day, they can only wonder just why god cursed them to have this job. but then MUSE B finds themselves sharing way too many longing glances with MUSE A in between meetings, touches that last longer than they should. and, well... shit.


- angel x demon
- witch x witch hunter
- mafia member x innocent
- rival teachers [ think science teacher x art teacher, english teacher x gym teacher, etc etc ]
- powered x non-powered
- model x photographer
- rich x poor
- royalty x non-royal
- florist x tattoo artist
- single parent x kindergarten teacher
thanks so much for reading! i'll post updates and whatnot every so often, but please please please send me a pm in response to this thread! tell me about yourself, about your writing style. please tell me one interesting fact about yourself, that wouldn't be easy to tell about you. otherwise, i'll ignore your pm. thanks so much for reading, y'all! have a lovely day/evening/night wherever you are!
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why don't you get a grip?
hello, hello, lil bump and also an update, i changed all of my original pairings up to see if that would catch some more interest!


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hello there ! i'm interested in witch x witch hunter ?

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