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East Park City was a average town, you could say. That being said, the previous sentence would be an understatement. And in the worst of ways.

There was little about East Park that was actually interesting, everyone living there looked the same, not in features but in behavior, most of the time. A mother and or, a father, and a child or two. All living in almost identical condos of a neutral, basic color. It was a bit bland, if you were to ask me. There was barely any hell-raising amongst adolescents, except the occasional robbery and small pickpocketing, thus East Park’s crime ratings were at an all time low. The cops were now given the higher risk of diabetes when lounging about the office to not bust anything but another package of donuts open. It’s sad, really.

Of course, it couldn’t be that boring. No town could have been so hideously dim and blunt like a knife my mother-in-law would slash me with on Thanksgiving Day. There was the hustle and bustle of everyday life for the students of East Park High. There were cliches, nerds, jocks, you name it, East Park had it. There were store fronts to visit, lakes to swim through, and days of occasional sun to bask in. The clouds would often block out the sun, which wasn’t surprising in Maine. It was like your life had been planned out before in some forsaken destiny...

But who wouldn’t like to write their own story?


hey! it’s ollie, and after binge-watching a combination of The Office, Glee, and Riverdale, I thought up the oh so original idea to make a high school roleplay, because for some reason, I’ve been craving such a thing. I was thinking that, much like Glee, that we would really be able to watch our characters, those of whom I would prefer to be around sixteen and seventeen, grow up and graduate from high school. I don’t exactly know how all of this will play out, but I’m quite excited!!

I will only be accepting up to seven to eight people, at most.


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This does seem rather interesting, though being a non-American, please correct me if I make any mistakes as I believe our education systems are slightly different.


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I am going to make a girl but if u're okay with it, i'm cool with making a 2nd character that's a boy.
I'd be forced to focus less on the boy probably tho.
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omg defo interested, are you still accepting ??

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