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  1. { dress me up and
    watch me die }

    a private rp between @rosewine and @witchery only

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    location... eden (club).
    with... harvey > unknown woman.
    outfit... xxx
    tag... @rosewine
    Lucifer Moretti has been called a lot of things in life; a player, a wolf in sheep clothing, even a cheeky devil. But never in his everlasting lifetime has he been called a saint before. It's not like he has never heard the word before, quite contrary in fact, with his dad being the greatest saints all time it's all Lucifer has ever heard. Yet when he heard the bumbling brunette squeal with excitement and hug him, it felt foreign to him. Lucifer pushed the young girl off his chest with a slightly confused look on his face as the girl tried to calm herself down. With a quick inhale from his cigarette, Lucifer spoke once more. "No problem darling, just remember that you owe me a favour now." The demon purred with a sultry tone escaping his lips. The brunette girl nodded eagerly before rushing out of Lucifer's club.

    Lucifer's shoulders finally relaxed as he sat back down on his favourite barstool with his half-finished whiskey in one hand and his cigarette in his other. Loud music blasted through the wall as Lucifer released a soft groan from his lips, gulping the last of his drink and flicking away the cigarette from his grip. The male didn't want to deal with bargins anymore, that's why he left Hell. Lucifer rubbed his temple with his thumb and index finger before glancing over towards his only human friend, Harvey. "Kiddo," Lucifer's voice roared over the music as he called out for his friend. "What day is it?" He asked with a sigh, only to groan at Harvey's answer. Lucifer raised a hand at his bartender, signalling for another drink. Lucifer leaned back on the marble bar with his elbows as he admired the party crowd in front of him.

    Yet as he waited for his drink to be made, Lucifer's brown eyes noticed a blonde staggering around at the entrance of his club, looking like a lost lamb in a crowd of wolves. Lucifer stood up from his seat, stuffing his hands into his black slack's pockets before strolling towards the woman with a confused look. "Are you alright, miss?" He asked with a charming tone in his voice.
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    As her eyes fluttered open, her lashes flickered quickly like butterfly wings as she attempted to get a clear vision of where she was and what she was seeing. Everything was a colorful blur to her as she squinted, her head moving around in circles as she tried to remember what she was doing before . . . well . . she blacked out. As her vision slowly returned to her and her sight cleared up, the young woman took a deep breath, wrapping her arm around her small frame for some sort of comfort and protection. Her arms tightly enveloped her body as she slowly stood up and off the pavement grounds.

    However, it seemed she was having more trouble standing up than sitting as her legs felt numb, a sensation that felt all new to her yet it wasn't. Her legs wobbled as she attempted to find the nearest wall to lean against as if she was a new born doe that just learned how to walk. Taking a deep breath, the young woman decided to do breathing exercises, something she sort of remember saying or perhaps doing before, then again, she was breathing right now, wasn't she? A few moment passed and she heard a voice in the distance calling out a name that seemed slightly foreign to her. "Maria. . . Maria. . ." The voice echoed out-loudly. . maybe. . or was it in her head?

    Nevertheless, whatever it was, the voice came nearer and before she knew it, she felt a random breeze blow right through her small frame. With a small yelp, Maria crouched down, only for the voice to ring louder in her ears and before she knew it. . .it felt as if everything was. .right with the world. The confusion, the numbing sensation, the ringing in her head - all of it disappeared and in a blink of an eye a flood of memories came to her. After a few moment of silence, Maria opened her eyes, seeing the world in a new light as she gasped softly. "Oh no, did I black out again?" She mostly spoke to herself seeing as there was no one else in sight.

    Taking a glance at her surroundings, Maria bit her lip lightly, wondering where she had staggered off to. She hadn't been around this part of 'town' before. But, nevertheless, she picked up her feet one-by-one as she looked around for her cellphone only for her to realise she came empty-handed. Picking up the pace as she felt a little too exposed in the open air with only her, the streetlight, and vacant parking lots with the accompanied sidewalk, Maria walked down different pathways and chose different turns only to find herself finally, after two hours, approaching civilisation. From a distance she could hear blaring music and a huddle of people crowding an entrance of what seemed to be a bar.

    Debating back and forth with herself as she wondered if she should head there or go on her merry way, something inside her told her to go to Eden as if a magnetic force was pulling her towards the building. Taking her chances and out of curiosity, Maria looked down at her outfit, shaking off any dust and unwrinkling any wrinkles she may have had during her trek. Shaking off her nervousness, Maria sighed once more before walking towards the crowd near the front entrance. Her nerves were sky-rocketing as she found herself rubbing her fingers together to ease the nervousness she was feeling. It was the first time she ever stepped foot in a place like this and she could imagine the screams of excitement from her friends when they hear about her small adventure.

    Soon, it was her turn to head inside the bar. But, as she walked in, she felt. . so out of place. . so new. Everything was just. . .the lights were dim and the different light exposures inside the bar made her eyes widen in awe. It was a little troubling as she tried to maneuver herself around inside Eden but nevertheless, Maria just stood around, taking in the sights. However, as Maria was about to head further inside the place, a male dressed in a fancy suit approached, his voice echoed in her ears as she found herself gazing up at him, staring into his chocolate brown eyes. His voice was soothing, calming even, as she felt her nervousness easing. His eyes felt. . . warm to her though as she continued to slightly stare, but the more she did, the more she felt herself feeling slightly more vulnerable, exposed even because a handsome male was talking to her. "Oh, goodness. When was the last time she spoke to the opposite sex?" Last time. . she made sure to duck speaking to them every chance she gets and here one was. . just suavely coming up to her and she wasn't running for the hill. It wasn't a bad feeling getting paid attention to. . but she felt slightly insecure as she wondered if she was under-dressed. She hadn't remembered when she even went out after coming home from work, but it seemed she had tonight, but for what? Nevertheless, Maria hadn't realised but she found herself smiling softly, admiring that a male would go out of his way to talk to her, especially when she just met him like a few seconds ago. However, as Maria found herself slowly getting her head out of the clouds, it was only them she remembered the male had spoken to her.

    "Oh!" She jumped slightly, taking her eyes off of him, feeling slightly embarrassed, "I-I'm sorry. . .I'm not sure. . I mean, yes, yes! I'm okay. It's. . it's been an interesting night so far." She nodded reassuring, sort of rambling towards the male and saying more than she should. "Thank you for asking. I guess. . um . . if you haven't noticed, it's just. . I am not really used to being here, going out, and finding myself at a place spontaneously. . as if I was pulled by something to come to Eden." Maria spoke sincerely, only to wave her hand, chuckling nervously. "A-anyways, you probably don't want to hear my ramblings. So, how about you? Are you alright?" Maria asked genuinely, waving off her own comfort as she provided her undivided attention and concern to the male before her. She hoped she wasn't being too . . awkward as she circled the attention back to him, not liking the spotlight too much.
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  4. [​IMG]
    Moving his head from side-to-side before going full circle, a small crackle and pop could be heard from the tightness of his neck muscles. The young man loosened his shoulders by shaking off his arms and legs. Anything that could be of value to him was slowly stripped off of him and neatly placed away. The item of necessity that came off first was his nice suit jacket as he rolled up his white, buttoned up sleeves, hating to see the edge of his sleeves all dirty. Lastly, he took off his tie, loosening the area around his neck as a small, cheshire grin appeared on his face.

    “Done yet, pretty boy?” A taunt filled the cold air in the darkened alley. The sound of the owner’s voice could have been comparable to a laughing hyena with its overly exited, sloppy mouth and drool dripping from the corner of his lips.

    The young man, also known as Alec, on the other hand, laughed harshly, shaking his head before sighing as he placed his hands in his pocket. And with slow trepidation, Alec made his move towards the surrounding gang members who were aiming to get Alec on his knees for "revenge". Cocky, stupid bastards. As if. Without warning, the fight began and fist were being blown towards his shoulders, kicks being thrown towards his legs, but Alec managed to maneuver himself well-enough to block off the impacts as he dodged them. Alec was on the defense, watching his opponents strike him one-by-one - from the left, from the right, everywhere. But, he wouldn't back down. Sounds of grunts, groans, and bodies hitting the floor could be heard in the darken alley. However, none of those blows, hit, and body slamming on the ground was Alec's defeat, instead it was the so-called dogs of the opposing company trying to bring him down for calling their bluff and exposing their corruption.

    The men were messy, uncoordinated and only used their body weight for impact. Stupid moves, indeed. However, Alec couldn't have expected for a hit to land on his jawline from his blindspot or for those dogs to call in reinforcements, causing him to spit out a little bid of blood and lose some of his balance. Sounds of laughter escaped the bastard who managed a blow on him, but that only fueled Alec's anger even more as other the other members got to their feet, hands occupied with bats and whatever they could find in the alley.

    "4 against 1? How fun. I never had a chance to have a fivesome." Alec grinned, spitting out the rest of the blood as he wiped his mouth, seeing that his shirt was wrinkled and pants "bathed" with dirt on them. Without any hesitation, Alec moved forward, his adrenaline kicking in as he felt more alive than ever. One-by-one they attacked him, but he managed to find sweet spots that blew them out of the game. The violence was ascending as blood splattered on the concrete grounds of the alley, but Alec never had a conscience. They messed with him and there's hell to pay, no? After 30 minutes passed with those over-weight dogs panting, Alec managed to take one "hostage", wanting to crush his larynx so he couldn't breath anymore. But, since he had the mercy of "angels", he decided to bruise the captive up a bit more before letting the others run off to their 'companions', not bothering to think if the captive wouldn't be able to walk again.

    With a loud sigh, sweat managed to pour down his face as his shirt was sightly damped from the humidity of the night. He could definitely go for a cold glass right about now but with the mess he made with those loots and them struggling to get out of the alley, Alec decided to watch his "masterpiece".
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  5. N A O M I // M O R N I N G S T A R

    where... an alley way.
    with... alec.
    tags... @rosewine
    outfit... xxx.
    pain ached all over naomi’s body, her feet landing onto the concrete street with full force. her luscious, white wings flapped behind the angel as the world around her slowed down in mere seconds. naomi’s body was adorning inappropriate clothing for a mortal world. angelic white silk wrapped around her body loosely, hiding the curves on her body and making her look like a rectangle. naomi strolled along the bush street until she found a woman about the same height as well wearing a much nicer outfits. the brunette whispered a little prayer under her breathe before punching the woman. the woman slowly fell backwards in slow motion, her smile still on her red lips. naomi caught the woman and dragged her away from the crowd before she began to undress the woman and replacing the woman’s clothes with her own. a satisfied smirk formed upon naomi’s lips as she dusted herself off and slipped the red jacket over her shoulders. with a roll of her shoulders, her wings disappeared and the world around her returned back to normal speed as naomi hurried off to find her idiotic brother’s club.

    as naomi continued to way to the club, she heard a familiar voice in a dark alleyway. she rose a curious brow as naomi cautiously moved closer to the noise. her eyes quickly adjusted to the light as she noticed a familiar face throw punches everywhere. a groans escaped naomi’s lips as she rushed in to help the male, making sure she stayed in the shadows in the meantime. as if it was a graceful ballet, naomi threw punches towards men bigger than her. sounds of grunts echoed in naomi’s ears like a symphony as she kicked the last guy in the stomach with a sharp kick with her knee. the woman stood there, small splatters of blood decorating her new jacket. her gaze landed on the male next to her, alec stark, as her breathing became heavy and tired. “what happen this time, alec?”, she mused with a raised sarcastic brow.
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