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“maybe the galaxy is endless...” — ollie

w o n d e r

I. um, hi! it’s ollie, and although i am a bit new to this website, i am not new to roleplay. i’ve been roleplaying for nearly seven years now. which makes me sound really old and now (is seventeen-going-on-eighteen old?) that that’s finished, let’s continue.(btw, before you ask, i purposely spelled my username wrong. sorry not sorry.)

II. i do live within the eastern time zone, yet have constant time to participate in roleplaying.

III. i do appear to be professional... but i am seriously not. once i get into an ooc chat, i become a dank meme lord. constant cringe and laughing emojis. pepe is my dad (welp, there goes my reputation)

IIII. i am definitely ditch-friendly, but must be told in advance, due i take time to respond ic, because i can be a freaking long ash writer


: be at least fourteen years of age.

: i am alright with a tad bit of angst.

: do be able to write literately, and at the LEAST five solid sentences.

: i ask questions if i am confused by your reply ic or ooc.

: i am completely open to suggestions!


; i do prefer fxm, as i can play either. (i tend to work best with a female. I can also do fxf and mxm (if persuaded) POV)

; third person writing (i’m a bit lenient on the topic)

; i prefer real face claims opposed to anime, depending on the roleplay it may change

; for there to be least a tad of romance involved


* ~ my craving rate from 1-5

__ percy jackson (oc x oc?) (canon x oc?) ****
__ harry potter (oc x oc) *****
__ disney (no frozen lol) ***
__ marvel (spiderman homecoming) ***
__ it (2018) [me while writing: doesn’t smell like caca to me, señor!] *****
_ soulmate au*****
__ miraculous ladybug (oc X oc) [I NEED THIS — darker themes included
— bts (x oc) (OH YES)****
— BNHA****
— pokèmon gijinka***


__ mystery incorporated (oc: tabitha martins—the nerd x the foodie and their dog/the leader)
for the keep out signs that are ignored, for the suburban air that rots like the benevolence of coolsville citizens, for excersing ghouls and unmasking criminals.

__ the planets as people (i honestly don’t know how i thought of this)

__ camp rock (can be elaborated)

__ slice of life - two teenagers from two different states. one accidentally phones them, thinking they are calling a number that a cute student had given them. this is where their story begins.

__ teens as spies - two teens from the opposite sides of the world are paired together as spies in training. Will their personalities clash or will it lead to something more?

pm or comment if you wish to join
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I'm up for anything BNHA related! Although I must warn you I can only roleplay as a few canon characters ^^;
I can list them if you want, but I'd prefer to continue this in PM, if that's okay.


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Hello! I'd be interested in some BNHA, but I wanted to ask; how do you feel about OCxCanon for the BNHA universe? I'd totally be willing to double up in return if you wanted that. =)

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