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eArlY sUNseTs ovEr MoNRoeViLLe

apocalypse; noun;
an event involving destruction or damage on a catastrophic scale;



You'll never take another breath for granted.

Ah, Monroeville. Not too big and not too small, the perfect city for anyone to make their home. Offering an eclectic mix of quaint old manors, a hazy downtown with exciting nightlife, bustling suburbs and plenty of parks and green space, Monroeville has something for everyone.

Or, should I say, it had everything.

Some way or another, sweet little Monroeville ended up ground zero for the worst outbreak in the history of humankind.

Go figure.

No one really knows who patient zero of Monroeville General Hospital was, or even how he or she contracted what would come to be known as the Red Plague. Why red, you ask? For the blood. Entire streets turned a sickening shade of it, and some even swear the sky went crimson on that first godawful day.

But it's not like the name or details matter now, anyway. Whoever they were, they died that day... and so did Monroeville.


First things first, this is a basic open world-ish zombie setting with a few twists. Yes, the description and coding are kinda basic, that will be fixed if this takes off.

The rp would start off on the day of the outbreak like most zombie rps are known to do, although if it lasts I wouldn't mind skipping ahead to different dates later on so the characters could have a chance to deal with things like weather, seasons, travel etc. and keep the rp fresh.

As for the twists, if I revealed them all here, it would make for a pretty dull rp experience. That being said, a big one is that although upwards of 95% of people infected by the disease turn and become highly contagious within days or a week, around 2% - 3% are non-contagious and can survive for months or even years with no major psychological symptoms. The sufferers would still display the early symptoms of the pre-turning phase, but would simply continue to live as themselves until they either died of said symptoms or were killed in another manner. With proper pre-apocalypse medical care, these individuals might even survive for decades.

Even rarer still, there are a tiny number completely immune to the virus. How many of them there are out there is unknown, but these people do exist.

Suddenly, it isn't so easy to kill the person who's just been bitten, is it? Because despite the odds, surely your loved one is part of the few with one of these unique abilities?

And as for those "lucky" few non-turned carriers, the unpleasant symptoms may be the least of their worries... after all, how many are going to believe they're really just carriers and not simply lying for a few extra days of selfish survival?

Having used this in a previous rp, I know it offers plenty of dramatic potential.

Now because it's a pretty huge setting, the rp would remain open indefinitely and has unlimited spots. Multiple characters are encouraged with the chance of death in a setting like this, but I also promise not to randomly take out your hard work.

I do, however, strongly encourage the creation of unique characters that aren't all the same generic hardened survivalist or military/police guy. One of these characters in a group can be okay. Ten of them is beyond boring. No psychotic murderers or similar either. Leave those in the low-budget slasher films, thanks.

The OOC would be on Discord, as in my experience it always leads to a more lively rp. I might have an on-site OOC as well, but the majority of it will take place on Discord.

I think that's about it...

Oh, and if you get the title reference without googling it and this rp happens to take off, I might just give your character an extra item or minor perk for your excellent taste. DM or PM me the answer so you don't spoil it, and yes, I'll know if you're cheating.

code by spookie​

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I'm hurrrr.
interested as well!
never done an apocalyptic rp.. but maybe I should try this out
Sign me up!
sign me up yo! i'm down. i'm a sucker for apocalypse plots
I'm in if there's still room!
thank you all for your interest, i should have the cs up by sometime tomorrow.


Sweet Serial Killer ❣️
Late dawns and eeeeaaaaarly sunsets.
Just like my faaaaavooooriiiiite scenes.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Anyway, please let me join.


You found me in a constellation~
I'll probably kill off my character when summer comes and I go on a hiatus-
And then come back with another character afterwards and beg to rejoin xD
Anyway, interested!
I rarely use Discord but I might be on a few times?? I'll try.


unironically edgy emo
I'll probably kill off my character when summer comes and I go on a hiatus-
And then come back with another character afterwards and beg to rejoin xD
Anyway, interested!
I rarely use Discord but I might be on a few times?? I'll try.
your poor characters xD we do have an onsite ooc as well, it's just not as active. i'll add you to the pm with the discord.

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