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Hey! I'm Ingrid and I'm an 18-year-old girl. I've been role-playing for four years and am looking for more people to expand my pool of role-play partners. I'm a literate writer (and I write in third person, past tense).

Anyways, I have a character that I haven't used in ages.

Her name is Liel bat Judas (a Hebrew patronymic meaning "Liel, daughter of Judas" since her parents don't use surnames). She is a Nephilim, but half-demon and half-fallen angel rather than half-human like the other Nephilim (which makes her a full-fledged spiritual being). She is tall young woman (aged 21), standing at 5'10" with a slender and curvaceous frame. Her parents are the demon Judas (a close friend's character) and the fallen angel Ori (my character). She has dark brown hair, amber eyes that are a shade lighter than Judas's, and a face possessing stunning loveliness inherited from Ori. She dresses in whatever, but her style can range from quite feminine to a more neutral tone. She has lightly tanned skin.

Raised in an unorthodox but loving household, Liel is a compassionate but witty individual. As a half-demon and half-fallen angel creature, she is a much more spiritual entity, unlike half-human Nephilim and cambions, whose half-mortal heritage "ground" them to the world of tangibility. She has a strong sense of justice and stands up for what she thinks is right. However, sometimes she can be rather self-centred at times and this self-centredness is what makes her sometimes blind to the troubles of others. While shy and quiet upon meeting, she eventually gets settled once she's more familiarised with other people. She's very patient, but if somebody pushes her she can display a rather fiery disposition. She's bisexual, interested in either men or women.

In her true form, she is half the size of her angelic parent. She has an unfathomably large wingspan, with a visage that is terrifying and indescribable to human eyes (sort of like how the Bible depicts angels, but also horrid in a sense since she's half-demon as well).

You don't have to use a face claim, but if you do I'd prefer it if it was a real one (or at least a realistic one, like a sketch).

From this, I'd like to make a plot with you if you're interested! :)

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