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A Woodland Nymph

Hello, and welcome to the story of Marie-Anna Thompson. A young, aspiring teacher with big dreams, still left uncrushed by this man-ruled country. On this particular day, Marie-Anna received both the best and worst news of her life, news that will change everything she knows about all she's ever learned.

It was a brisk spring morning; Marie-Anna was on her front porch, reading a new book she had recently bought. She was rather engrossed in it as she held it close to her face, barely even noticing the mailman as he was walking up to her white picket fence. As she got up to greet him, they both exchanged the usual formalities: "oh hello", "nice weather we're having", "how have you been?" His name was Henry, and he was a tall, charming young boy with auburn hair. This was probably his first job; so, she always did her best to make him feel welcome. Marie-Anna wanting to further the conversation, basically pulled the man by the sleeves, to keep him from his route. When one of the letters in her other arm, caught her attention. She slowly released her grip on the man, never looking up from the letter, only giving a faint wave as he left.
She held the letter in her hand for just a second, looking at the official stamps and fine handwriting on the outer casing. Unable to contain herself any longer, she ripped open the letter while letting out a squeal she hoped her neighbors did not hear. She held the paper an inch from her face as she read:

"Dear Ms. Marie-Anna Thompson,

We are pleased to inform you that your request for your own school has been accepted. If you choose to accept this offer, you will begin teaching at Kame School for Young Girls, in Kailua-Kona, HI, August 5th, 1912.
We cannot wait to here back from you. We will send you more details if the offer is accepted. We would like to inform you that children of color will be attending this school. If that is unsatisfactory, please respond promptly.

- Charles Morgan
Director of the School Board
Kame School for Young Girls"

A breeze rippling her dress was the only thing that could be seen moving as Marie-Anna froze in place. "H-Hawaii?"


Marie-Anna of course could not decline the offer! She had waited so long for this day! But what will she do so far from home, away from friends and family? And of course there was the matter of how to get there! She did not have much money for a fancy cruise line.

How should Marie-Anna get to Hawaii?:
>An old cargo ship with a bunch of rowdy men
>An experimental airplane that is guaranteed to not go down over sea
>A raft she makes herself, because how hard could it be to make a raft?

P.S. please let me know if I get anything historically inaccurate. This is a fantasy story, so I won't be trying to make it perfect, however I don't know much about history and am quite a perfectionist.


A Woodland Nymph


Finally the day came, and here we find Marie-Anna Thompson was running around her house like a mad woman; arms full of this, that, and the other thing. "Oh geez! I'm not forgetting something am I?" Does the plane even have enough room for all these suitcases? She contemplated these things as she shoved some pots and pans into an already over-flowing case sitting on her bed. Will there be time for gardening? Maybe I should pack my spade? She thought as she bounced up and down on said suitcase, attempting to close it. After what felt like forever, a click could be heard on the final piece of luggage as it locked shut.

Tripping down the stairs of her porch and dropping a couple of things along the way on her dirt sidewalk, Marie-Anna finally made it to an automobile of a friend that had come to give her a ride. Flustered in her haste, she knew she would be late if they did not leave right away! As the car pulled off, Marie-Anna's house with the "for sale" sign in front grew smaller and smaller. The small town turned into a wooded trail that soon opened up into wide fields by the sea.

Then, she saw him, her pilot and dear friend, Frank Conners. He was an engineer taught by his father and his father's father. When he heard that Marie-Anna needed a way to Hawaii, he was ecstatic to show her his secret pet project. At first she was terrified, If man was meant to fly, why wasn't he born with wings? She kept herself up many nights thinking these thoughts. However, after spending much time with Frank in his little shed, and helping him on some finishing touches in her spare time, she grew to like the plane. He even let her name the vessel, which she called Manu; Hawaiian for bird she had read. Their test flights were like a dream. She had never felt so alive.

Months of planning and work had prepared them for this moment. Strapping their things in a small compartment (sadly, having to leave some items behind), they were finally ready. After manually winding the propeller, the two of them were ready for a flight that no one had dared before!
"Here we go!"


A couple hours into the flight, and the awe and wonder seemed to wear off. Your hairs a mess, you've given up swiping the bugs off your goggles, and there is nothing to look at but ocean.

What should you do to help pass the time on this long journey?
> Offer to fly for awhile. Frank is probably getting tired.
> Take a nice nap. That is a sure-fire to pass the most time!
> Do a maintenance check. It's risky, but needs to be done.

P.S. The plane style is totally made up
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