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scoops troop
hi there! i'm luna. i took an unexpected hiatus from this site years ago but i'm looking to get back into the swing of things. i have a couple of cravings that i'll list below along with some expectations. please send me a PM if you're interested in roleplaying!

» 2-3 paragraphs per character for a response, as this is my own minimum.​
» good grammar, punctuation and sentence structure.​
» sticks to rpn rules.​
» is okay with violence, gore, cursing and mentions of alcohol and drugs and other mature themes.​
» flexible when it comes to genders and pairings​
» can ideally portray more than one character -- not necessarily as mains.​
» chatterbox! fangirl! not a requirement but you might just get that from me.​
» updates me with anything that might come up such as unavailability, problems with the roleplay, etc.​
» plots with me. driving a roleplay is exhausting and boring if i'm the only one doing it.​
» enjoys romance -- i require it for a roleplay to be interesting to me.​
» relatively active -- i don't expect you to be on 24/7 even if i am, but i like people i can talk to often, or receive replies from every other day because when there are weeks between replies, i tend to lose a little interest.​

my preferred crush is in pairings. i am more than okay to double up and play someone for you, but if you'd like to just portray the canon in the brackets, i'm good with that too.
» marvel (peter parker ; tony stark)​
» teen wolf (stiles stilinski)​
» twilight (edward)​
» stranger things (steve harrington)​
» percy jackson/heroes of olympus (percy jackson)​
» the maze runner (newt)​
» harry potter (draco malfoy ; ron weasley)​
» supernatural (sam winchester)​
» the hunger games (finnick odair)​
» disney (flynn ryder)​
» dreamworks (hiccup haddock ; jack frost)​

preferred role is italicised.
» vampire | human
» werewolf | human
» werewolf | hunter
» skeptic detective | psychic
» royalty | commoner (modern)​
» poor | rich​
» celebrity | childhood friend
» celebrity | non fan
» villain | hero​
» vigilante | hero​
» ghost | mediator
» superhero | superhero​
» disney​
» experiment | experiment​
» experiment | hero​
don't have official pairings for this, but if it inspires some of you, these character tropes are some that i adore. once again, preferred role is italicised.
» cinnamon roll | tough guy​
» smol but powerful | big but softie​
» looks innocent but is deadly | looks deadly but not as powerful​
» loud and energetic | soft and gentle​
» snobby and prissy | intimidating and rough around the edges​
» optimist | pessimist​


just sitting on a cloud, oh wow
hey there! i'd be totally up for something concerning marvel, percy jackson, or stranger things! some of your character tropes also stuck out to me. shoot me a pm if you're interested, if you don't mind c:


Human= no. Sloth= yes
I'd love to roleplay with you! I've been looking for ages to do a Ron×Draco roleplay! I'd also be interested in the Royalty×Commoner, and the Rich×Poor roleplay pairings. I have OCs that would fit both those roles! It would be nice to maybe do a vintage set one for the Rich×Poor though. I have a character that's a newsie. 😊


New Member
Hi I’m interested in either Disney, rich/poor or royalty/commoner (I’ve got a plot idea for this)? :)
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