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{ blood in the water. }
[1x1 search.]
iโ€™ve been in a rage
and iโ€™m headed your way

with the devil on my fcking shoulder

quick info.

hiya! welcome to my new & slightly updated partner search thread!​

01. nameโ€™s evelyn, iโ€™m from gmt+2 and i am over 18. i am quite active and do my studies online (even without the quarantine), so iโ€™m often lurking here (aka procrastinating). lowercase only in ooc.
02. my replies are usually anything from three to ten paragraphs and i do try to mirror. at the moment, iโ€™m looking for partners who write atleast three paragraphs.
03. at the moment, i am looking to play female mains. currently interested in fxm and fxf, with a slight preference for fxm.
04. ooc chat is very welcome. iโ€™m the type to send moodboards and like to chat with my writing partners. this is not mandatory, but will help me keep interest and come to you with plot ideas.
05. i am quite active, but donโ€™t require you to be. while i do love rapid-fire, iโ€™m also open to daily replies / a couple of replies a week. ghost-friendly, but a heads up would be appreciated.

theme bank.

1. cravings.
  • mafia drama
  • street gangs
  • addiction
  • mental health (correctly written)
  • messy yet passionate relationships
  • obsession
2. mixโ€™ n match.
gritty and dark themes / police interrogations / power struggles / drug addiction / toxic relationships / reluctant soulmates / stockholm syndromes / underground fight clubs / drunk dials and texts / arranged marriages / two mafia families uniting / one-sided love / messy love triangles / fake dating turned into actual feelings / kidnapping gone wrong / troubled youth / cults / betrayal and blackmail / on-and-off relationships / love-hates / old flames / assassins / forbidden romance / corrupt cops and lawyers / wrong time and wrong place / so wrong but it feels so right / actual sociopaths and fucked up minds /

3. thatโ€™s all.
i also do come with prompts & pairings, which will be shared over pm. i would love to hear any ideas you might think iโ€™d be interested in or if you have any characters youโ€™ve been wanting to play!

shortly about you.

please be atleast seventeen years of age.

seeking for partners who write a minimum of three paragraphs. if you write more, awesome!

while i do love rapid-fire, iโ€™m open to quick replies / one reply a day / a couple of replies a week.
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I'm new on this forum, but I'm a pretty experienced role player. i can role play sentence at a time or 12 page essay at a time. I like to play honorable but broken characters. I usually play male characters as well but don't mind being a female. My biggest preference is fantasy and magic, but I don't mind mix/matching it with any other style. I absolutely love dark, gritty, and am not afraid of any iffy or commonly shied away from topics.

I just wanna hop into some Rp-ing and would love to have a rapid fire session but I ain't always promise that consistently.

(also did you know 'blood in the water' is a song?)


tall and confused
Hi there!

I'm super interested in doing a FxM roleplay right now and personally prefer playing the male. Saying that, I'm also down for FxF!

I'd love to hear your pairings if you're still looking for roleplaying partners? Shoot me a message if you want to chat more :)

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