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bippity boppity

[Ignore any spelling errors/mistakes! I'll proof-read everything again tomorrow when I can properly edit on my PC.]


‣ Hi, my name is Brook! I've been RPing for around eight years, and I've come a long way in terms of how well I write, and how much I can/will write. While my group RP slots are filled up, I've been looking for more partners. (Two more, or so!) I want to preface some things before I go into my plots/pairings, so we're all on the same page. (Then we'll go into rules! Jk it's not that many.)

‣ First and foremost, I post a lot per post. Recently, each of my posts have been pushing the 600-1k word range. (On rare occasions and opening posts, my length can go up to 2k words.) No, I do not expect my partner to hit me right back with a 2k post, and would actually prefer they don't. However, I do want to hit that sweet 600-1k word range. It's a lot, which is why I wanna say it first before the rest of the thread! How long is 600-1k? It's a good few meaty paragraphs, depending on how they're broken up. (I also may shorten my length if we reach a dialogue-driven area in the RP.) It's important to me that I get the same amount I'm giving, nothing against people with different RP lengths! (Everyone is on different wavelengths, get it?)

‣ Coding-- I'm not too big on small font codes, or ones that you can only read in light mode. (Aka white text on white backgrounds.) That being said, those are really the only things I dislike because it strains my eyes a bit. I do prefer some type of coding when it comes to IC posting-- Light or heavy, I don't care! I usually use a light code, with a tag and location box. I just like a bit of organization like that when it comes to posting.

‣ Frequency-- I'm a bit weird with my own frequency. Sometimes I can reply multiple times a day, or it'll be every other day. I can assure you, however, that I will tell you when I'm gonna post next! Especially if it may be longer than expected, I'll always give ya a heads-up. As for my partners, I'm actually a pretty patient person. I can wait weeks for replies, IF you update me. I will get worried if you suddenly vanish, so a little 'Hey, I'll be gone for a bit!' is good for me! I'll settle down and wait happily for whenever you're ready, without any awkward bumps. Normally, I'll just check in on my partner if they're gone for a week without a single word, out of concern for them. Other than that, take ya time!

*Note, it's normally a good indication I'll reply soon if I like your post! It means I read it, and you should expect a reply in the following hours or next day if it's late.

‣ OOC Chatter? Yes! I have a discord, and I'll happily add you on it to discuss anything OOC -- Whether it be updates or just plot discussions. I can also use PMs, as I get notifications through discord whenever I get a RPN PM. I'm pretty good about replying quickly, so if you feel I'm taking a long time, it means I got distracted and I just need a slight bump. (Seriously, just double message me. I'll do it cause I like talking!)

RP Rules!

‣ Ghosting-- I wanna get this out of the way first. I don't really like ghosting too much, so pleaaase just tell me if you aren't interested! I won't be offended, though I'll probably just send a "):" to express my momentary sadness. Sometimes the plot isn't what you want, or you just don't click with my writing style. (Or maybe I'm super lame ooc) Whatever the reason, you don't even have to disclose why you're dipping, just tell me you're outtie. It'll allow me to find a partner again sooner, and you don't have to drag your feet through an RP you don't like.

‣ Respect-- More specifically, respecting what I may dislike, and just being nice in general! I'm big on respecting others triggers, so I want you to tell me beforehand so nothing comes up IRP that you're especially uncomfortable with. That being said, I'll tell you what I'm uncomfortable with too, and I hope you'll respect that! We're here to have fun writing, no one wants to be uncomfortable in the story they're creating.

‣ Doubling-- I may have people drop for this, but I don't like doubling too much. Preferably, I want to focus on one main character with a myriad of NPCs we can both control when needed. It's just a personal preference with how I write, and how much I have to write. (Considering I enjoy writing a lot for one character, I don't want to drain myself on multiple characters I may not be too invested in)

‣ Location-- I want to RP in threads, sorry! I understand the appeal of RPing in PMs, but at this point, I prefer to keep my RPs public and in threads. It's easier for me to keep track of for some reason with all my PMs, and it works in with my current organization. I don't do email/discord/docs. (Sorry, I'm a stickler for this!)

‣ Typos? Duh, they can happen. Probably a typo or two in here, cause I'm writing this and watching Jeopardy. That being said, I do tend to correct my own typos after a bit, and I try to keep them at a minimum. I write a lot, and I expect my partner to do the same, so I'm okay with a few misspellings or awkward wording. That being said, I do want my partner to have a strong grasp on writing and creating stories. It's jarring to have a ton of errors when I'm RPing, and I'll likely drop the RP if it happens often enough.

‣ The dreaded question...What gender do I prefer to RP? I need to put this in here, because it's important. Since I don't double, I normally stick to one gender. And (unfortunately) that gender is female. I understand there are a lot of people who enjoy playing females on that site, but this is nothing against them. (I'm one of 'em!) I just don't enjoy playing males for RPs personally, and I want to enjoy what I write. (I'll obviously do male NPCs, but I'm just speaking main character wise.)

Following up-- I like romance in my RPs, but it's normally not the main focus. Character dynamics are hella important to me, and if the characters don't click as friends, much less lovers, then the plot does feel stale to me. I don't want to RP any romance where an abuser becomes a lover, because I'm not about promoting those sort of relationships. (I don't really want to RP any type of toxic relationship, in fact.) I don't personally find the appeal in it, so I won't do any sort of romance with that. (Characters do not have to like each other right when they meet, but that's much different than someone being abusive.) My main preference for RP is MxF, so please note that too.

‣ Plot. With. Me! I love talking about plots. Sometimes I may sound a bit vague whenever I want to plot, so I need someone who can bounce ideas back and forth with me. Make plot-lines up as we go, I don't care, I love it! But I do want a plot, and I want an end for the RP. (The RP could go on for months, I'm serious when I say long-term! But I want an end goal.)

‣ Art/FCs-- I'm gonna use realistic/stylized art for my characters. (No anime-screenshots, or anime-style art. Think x or xx. I personally won't be using any real people for my RPs, but I don't mind my partner using them. (Though I would highly prefer if they did use FCs, that the person is famous or public with their photos. Please don't steal from people's private instagrams!)

Plots and Pairings!

Below you'll find plots and pairings I'm interested in. I'm definitely more inclined to work on the plots more than the pairings, but I'm including both for a reason. (Also, if you have an idea and you think I might just be a good partner for, send me a PM! I'll give it a listen, cause these plots surely aren't everything I'd be open to doing.) One of my plots specifically has an OC I've made for it already, and includes some art of them! (Also, I may totally get art of our OCs once the RP really gets rolling, just cause! I'm terrible at saving money, so might as well get some bomb-ass art with my extra cash!)

When I don't have a pre-made character, I'll be referring to the character I'd prefer to play with [Muse A.]


‣ Ending a War How-To [Historical/Rome/Magic]
(**Disclaimer.** I would love to do this RP, but I am stupid. I don't know a ton about Rome, even if we're moving into a more inaccurate-fantasy setting. I need a partner for this who is actually smart, and knows a bit more than me about Rome. I'll do my research for sure, but someone to correct me or at least guide me would be amazing! Right now, I'm looking for a more fantasy setting that resembles Rome in many ways. I also have art of my own OC, so I'd prefer to play the seraphim. Gives me an excuse to not know much about Rome, anyway)

When the current Emperor is killed in the middle a raging war, his only son is given the throne and the mantle his father previously carried. Ready to continue on with the war that killed his father, and seek revenge, the new Emperor suddenly finds himself with a winged visitor that only he can see. Claiming to be his 'guiding seraphim,' this angelic woman has one goal-- Stop the war. But you can't just stop a war randomly, and the Emperor doesn't want to stop the war. Butting heads with each other, both of them try to find a solution to their disagreements.

Meanwhile, the opposing forces are planning something dark and far more important than the squabbles of the two.

‣ Messy Modeling [Modern/Realistic/Somewhat slice-of-life]

Modeling is hard enough, especially when one is also studying to be a lawyer. Muse A is a struggling law student, who jumped into graduate school way too quickly. With a mounting debt, she picks up a side-job as a model. Unfortunately, she becomes pretty popular pretty quickly. (Though most people would love this sort of attention.) Faced with new-found fame in a community she never existed, Muse A is thrown into a whole-new world. Unexperienced, she gets absolutely trashed one night at a premier party and ends up dumping her drunk proudly onto a fellow guest her age, mistaking him for an ex-boyfriend. [Muse B]

Of course, when it comes to the next day at her shoot, she finds out the stranger is actually a famed photographer in-charge of her most important and expensive deal. If that wasn't bad enough, the press seems to think they're dating or something along those lines, and Muse A is dealing with an insane professor dead-set on failing her. Muse B has his own worries too, and they're all about to come crashing together over one big photo-shoot. (I trust that my partner for this can come up with Muse B's own struggles.)

[WIP, more to be added]

Ice Skater x Hockey Player
‣ Noisy Journalist x Secretive Celebrity [Don't think stalker - Think terrible at getting a big scoop, and the celebrity finds it endearing]
‣ Rival Models
‣ Demon x Hunter [High-Fantasy Setting or Modern]
‣ Alien x Alien of different species
‣ Siren x Pirate [I do have a siren OC I'll show ya!]
‣ Freaky Friday [But it's two college kids]
‣ Superhero x Villain [I have a superhero OC, can be a villain if needed!]

[Always a WIP, I'll randomly add a new craving now and then~]
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bippity boppity
Bump. Been thinking possibly about a new plot, gonna stick it in the bump for a fat minute!

Technology never stops advancing. It wasn't long before society figured out the inner workings of A.I, producing near life-like androids. However, they're expensive, and not just anyone owns them.

But one company allows you to rent them, for one specific reason. When someone is lost suddenly, whether it be from natural causes or foul play. For whatever reason, moving hard can difficult, if not impossible for most. Without closure, people become stuck in the past. This is where the Replacements come in. These androids are specifically built to resemble the recently deceased, ordered by whoever lost them to gain closure. Programmed with their personality and details of their death, they slowly work through the process together in a week. And when time is up, they let them go on their own terms. The androids are peacefully 'put out of commission,' and the renter moves on with their lives.

Muse A is recently facing the lost of a lover. A fierce and passionate romance, it was almost as quick to end as it did start. Unable to properly cope with the lose, or even scared to let go, they rent an android modeled after their lost lover.

Must B hasn't been alive for more than a few hours, but they know all they need to know. They're supposed to be [insert name] for Muse A, and they'll be done in a week. Their only job is to make sure they receive the closure they need, and make sure they're able to move on in life without them. But Muse B is starting to feel things they shouldn't. Muse B is starting to feel like their own person, and that's not correct. It can't possibly be correct. And Muse A isn't who they thought they'd be. Were they really in love? Was it something else?

Together, both try to discover what it means to be human and yourself, while the clock ticks down. Seven days to figure it all out, before Muse B is put down. Seven days to collide and break it all.

So! For this RP, I literally have no preference which Muse I play! I think it'd be super interesting coming up stories from either perspective, and I really wanna mess around with this plot. I got some more ideas, so just PM me! (Bonus points if you specifically title the PM 'Wimble Womble.' No reason.)

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