1. ggrp2019

    Fandom YouTuber / Let's Player Roleplay! [Fan or Original]

    I know this concept seems obscure, but I think it would be fun to explore. I promise I'm a mature and literate writer! - We can do a roleplay with either our chosen YouTubers, or an original one with our own OC internet personalities. Or both! - I would love to do shippings. I heavily prefer...
  2. Sneezes in Braille

    Fandom YouTube RP

    My last post got no traction so I’m gonna ask again if anyone is up for a YouTube RP. Requirements: -OC -Clean -Willing to play multiple characters -No word limit but most type more than ‘He smiles’ or ‘She frowned’ Optional: -Romance is allowed, but again, must be clean -2+ OC’s If you are...
  3. Sneezes in Braille

    Realistic/Modern YouTube RP

    Hello there! Before we start, I just want to let you know I am knew so forgive me if I’m not familiar with all of this site’s functions. Now onto the main event! I am looking for a partner to partake in a YouTube(r) rp with me. Few rules: 1- You have to make an OC 2- There is no word limit...
  4. Destiny111

    YoUtUbEr RoLePlAy

    Hi all, I am looking for some long term 1 X 1 Roleplayers who are descriptive. I would like to do a YouTuber based roleplay. I'm comfortable with OC X CANNON. I feel like especially in this kind of fandom it works out best. I know quiet a few YouTubers, more so the common ones. But my tastes...
  5. Caiotic

    Fandom YouTuber RP? ♡

    I guess I've gotten into the habit of posting RP search threads on my days off... Side note,,, if you don't know who the two are in the GIF above, you're probably in the wrong place (meaning, you probably don't watch the YouTuber's I'm looking for). I still love you, you just won't know who...
  6. Destiny111

    Fandom YouTuber RP

    Hi all, I am looking for some long term 1 X 1 Roleplayers who are descriptive. I would like to do a YouTuber based roleplay. I'm comfortable with OC X CANNON. I feel like especially in this kind of fandom it works out best. I know quiet a few YouTubers, more so the common ones. But my tastes...
  7. 3

    Multiple Settings Looking for a 1x1 rp, here are some scenarios

    Basic: -YouTube RP -Singer RP -Zombie Apocalypse RP -Space Travel RP -War RP Shows: -RWBY RP -The Office RP -Scrubs RP -Rick and Morty RP -Final Space RP -Camp Camp RP Games: -BorderLands 2 RP -Halo RP -Call of Duty Zombies RP -TF2 RP
  8. SheepySharon

    Fandom Looking for Partners! *Currently Open*

    Hi there to whoever is reading this! I am currently looking for some partners for some roleplays, those will be listed after a few things that I want to have cleared. First of all, I work a lot, so I might not reply every day, but I'll try to reply at least three times a week, I hope to get...
  9. CasualGoth

    Fandom YouTuber RolePlay

    Hi there, my name is CG! I want to do a roleplay with: Markiplier x OC Markiplier x Darkiplier Warfstache x Oc Darkiplier x Oc Warfstache x Darkiplier Mark x Amy Antisepticeye x Jacksepticeye Anti x Oc Nothing filled with sexual content, romance/sexual content are not required for the RP, I...
  10. DarkledMind

    Fandom Who Killed Markiplier??

    I will not play actual Markiplier. I am uncomfortable playing real life people. Egos? That's fine. So I'll keep this one simple. I'm relatively new to the youtube ego fandom thing... I've never played any of these characters before, but I would love to try. I'm used to darker themed things...
  11. Ascarer

    Other Anyone Watch Puffin Forest?

    Not sure if Youtube Channels are to be posted on here, but I really thought some of these videos were gold and since they focus D&D, this would be a good place to share it. Puffin Forest Channel. Here's a really good video people may or may not have already seen as well: D&D Critical Role...
  12. Dante125

    Tech I am wanting to be a youtuber!

    I want to try the whole youtuber gamer thing as I've seen many do. I know it won't be easy, but what game should I play first? Skyrim Saints row 4 Star wars Knights of the old republic one and two. Oblivion Morrowind Would anybody watch these games?
  13. Lord Iapetus

    Realistic/Modern YouTuber OC RP

    Right of the bat, I want to get two things out of the way. 1. If you think this is an OC x Real-life YouTuber RP, then you should leave now, it’s not. 2. I do not have a computer right now. My family doesn’t own one, so I will use my phone. What that doesn’t mean, however, is that I won’t put...
  14. mallorypapes

    howdy, folks!

    jinkies i am terrible at introductions >//< obligatory awkwardness will follow hi!! i'm mallory, but you can call me mally if you'd like. i'm 18 and finally a week away from gradumacation!!!! woohoo!!!!!! it's been a while since i've made an effort to roleplay with anybody. my friend arcana and...
  15. mallorypapes

    Multiple Settings partner search! (always searching) || fandoms + tropes

    hey there, folks! the name's mallory, or mally for short! summer's coming to an end and i'm hoping to find some roleplay partners before i head off for college. should probably explain a little about myself, huh? 1. i'm 18 and like to refer to myself as an adult-in-training 2. i'm a complete...
  16. Karabunny101

    Fandom Youtuber RP

    Hello, welcome to this lovely thread. I am glad that you are here. I am going to be completely straight forward. I am really looking to have YouTubers RP. I have a lot of YouTubers that I watch and I may not list them on here. If you don't see a Youtuber that you like please by all means ask me...
  17. Her

    Other Anyone else a Youtuber?

    I just recently started doing Youtube videos of The Sims 4 and that kind of thing. I plan to also to Stardew Valley, and Endless Ocean. Anyone else do their own little Youtube thing? Maybe we can all subscribe to each other!
  18. AshleyBergie

    Other Youtube and Youtube drama?

    So I was wondering if anyone else on this site has been trying to start up a channel but due to the whole changes with the watch time and sub count issue is slowly starting to lose hope for the website and small youtubers starting up? (No this isn't talking about money and crap) Or if not I was...
  19. bbarnacle

    Multiple Settings hey ☆

    let's get straight to the point. - i am 13 years old. if you're not comfortable rping with someone of that age, leave. - please respond at least 3 times a week. i understand that life gets in the way. - i usually reply with around 1-7 paragraphs. - i do mxm, mxf, fxf, platonic/friendship...
  20. seenboo

    Realistic/Modern Rp

    hi! So kinda really new on this site....... i'm sharing it with another person. Anywho i was advised to try the forums. On a different website i would always Rp and youtube was always my favorite thing to rp. So im looking for some youtube rp's! I don't have any requirments other than...