1. Aisling

    Umm HEY

    hello i guess just found this site..i used to have 20000+ posts on some other site and it all died and i was kinda grown up with roleplay so im looking forward to find this site active and looking forward to meeting you all...
  2. Ixacise

    JRPG adventure using OVA

    I got a serious jonesing for doing my own  take on the genre. Tonally this will be played pretty straight, but that's not to say it won't tongue in cheek or be playing with certain elements. So definitely expect some number of the various well worn cliches and tropes like crystal macguffins...
  3. Danchou Tsubomi

    Noskoppa-sama | MLG Bleach Server (who is NOT a weeaboo, b-baka! <////<)

    "Git gud or get rekt, baka." Gomi Noskoppa ゴミ・ノスコップパ   Age: Forever 21   Appearance: Never stains her clothes or has Dorito dust/Pocky smears due to SKILLz.   Height:  4'9" (but don't call her short or she'll beat you up! >:O)    Weight: It's a secret~!  ...
  4. Junketsu

    Oi how we doin' boys?

    I am pleased to meet you all, I am new to this establishment, however I am not new to Roleplaying as a whole. I look forward to our future endeavors. Please feel free to ask any questions, and I will do my best to respond in a timely manner. ...Lowkey mad into Gears of War 4 fam.
  5. FiveYenn


    hey guys, it's a pleasure to meet you all and i do hope that we can get long fine! i'm riley, i've been roleplaying for about 5+ years now and i just really want to get back into it- i am currently still at school, but will be graduating in november this year; the same day pokemon sun and moon...