1. SupremerMemer

    Paradox Quest: Dimension Hoppers

    Check the links for lore, battle rules, and the sign up thread
  2. jasmichelle

    Fantasy  New Haven [character sheets]

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  3. TheGrandPygmy

    Fantasy  Delphinium (Closed)

    Greetings! I'm here looking for a partner for a roleplay idea that's been brewing in my mind for a while! This will be a steampunk style mystery with magic and intrigue. It is slightly based off the Ghibli movie, Howl's Moving Castle, so expect some fantastical elements! Here are some things to...
  4. Lithia Lace

    Fantasy  World of Twilight

    One world destroyed by light, one world destroyed by darkness, from these two worlds a single soul was spared and reborn into a world of grey. Together these souls must save this new world and learn there is more to life than black and white. The Basic Idea A World of Grey is kind of an Isekai...
  5. Son of Malfurion

    Fantasy  The Tower of Yor (Group Check/Recruitment Thread)
    Index: Tower of Yor

    The Tower of Yor So, you've come. By yourself or with an army, you have only your skill and the luck of the divine draw if you wish to assail the 100 floors of the Tower of Yor. Ruled by the self proclaimed God Lord Malfurion, it's harrowing vaults are home to...
  6. Mikapika

    Fantasy  Long Term High Fantasy RP

    Hi! Thank you for checking out my post, my name is Mika. First things first, I would like to set some guidelines for both of us to follow during this roleplay, I'm not strict, nor am I a highly critical person! The most important thing is that we get a long term roleplay that makes us both...
  7. Soap

    Fantasy  【Wicker's Grove】𝕀𝕟𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕖𝕤𝕥 𝕔𝕙𝕖𝕔𝕜
    Index: Interest check

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  8. Nightliss

    Fandom  Charmed inspired RP (OCs and different plot)

    There is no escape from destiny. Try as you may but if it is meant to be it's unavoidable. CA (character A) is at college, CB and CC lead their own lives as well. The three never met or at least never talked for very long. Until that night. On the trail of the same demon or by chance the three...
  9. WolfSol

    Fantasy  Ritual [closed]

    Between @WolfSol and @indulgence- [div class=wrappernoborder] [div class=header][div class=fancyquote]Ritual[/div][/div] {slide=[div class=accord]About[/div]} "After the tragic events of the Mana Grave War in the twentieth century, Magic in all forms was strictly forbidden. For it was decided...
  10. Zer0

    Vault Hunters (OPEN)
    Index: First

    - Vault Hunters - Hey Vault Hunter, Apologies for all the dangerous risks and inconveniences you had to go through to get this letter. One can't be too careful these days, with all the witch burnings, mage slayers in disguise asking questions and raiding forts with all the authority of the...
  11. indulgence-

    Multiple Settings  Summoning Partners

    No longer searching for now! Hey there, I'm Ezra and I need a few people to write with! To make sure things can run smoothly and easily here's some important to know information. Preferences First, I'm an adult, and just generally prefer writing with other adults over minors. Not a hard...
  12. AtaraxiaCyrrux

    Fantasy  ~Looking for long term, dedicated, and fun RP partner for 1x1 fantasy/ WoW RP~

    Looking for RP partner with experience, open mindedness and engaging RP style! Dedication and Enthusiasm are a plus! Hi there! I'm Angel, and I'm looking for an RP partner who's interested in role playing themes such as Fantasy, World of Warcraft, and Dungeons and Dragons! MY RP STYLE: I'm...
  13. Nine of Swords

    Fantasy  [CLOSED] The Descent (Dark fantasy, action-oriented dungeon crawl)

    Do you want power? Glory? Love? Or do you want redemption? Then come to Gehenna, where all this, and more, can be in your hands... Premise: Your character decides to descend into Gehenna, a mysterious and dangerous maze-like structure, to retrieve an artifact that is said to grant any wish the...
  14. TheAdept

    Fantasy  Looking for a good Sci Fantasy RP?

    Me and my friend kinggunlucky are working on an RP set in an original universe we created. We kind of went and put the cart before the horse and already posted the IC and OOC for the rp, but I wanted to make sure people saw it here as well. The OOC: Futuristic - Agent of Maniacles OOC and...
  15. dawningEclipse

    Fandom  Looking for a Tom Riddle

    Hi! I am currently looking for a Tom Riddle. I have this prompt here with my character, a female OC named Cora Carter who is a Seer. I haven't been able to get much out of this prompt yet, though I would really like to. I would love for someone to match length and if you have any ideas on where...
  16. ObviouslySketchy

    Multiple Settings  A Partner Search? In THIS Economy?

    Hello everyone! My name is Mello and I am looking for - you guessed it! - roleplay partners. In the interest of time I will make this brief. Patience Since I am a college student in my final years and am also working a full time job that takes up most of my day, I won't be able to post...
  17. Coldasksc

    Fandom  Various fandom partner search

    Hey, I’ll try and keep this short and sweet. I only RP canonxcanon and I’m looking for a few things at the moment. I’m not necessarily looking for a romantic RP so don’t be put off if you have no ships for the character although I will list my ships below. RPs i want are as follows: Marvel I...
  18. Ambiloquous

    Fantasy  Nykios and Diianta | IC

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  19. rosehearted

    Multiple Settings  Rain, walk with me! (craving modern-magical mxf, open to all pairings)

    The manner of my existence is that every so often I come crawling back to this website, carrying with me this intense desire to write and write and write. I suppose it helps that I'm still on break so yeah! Free time is plenty. So, here's some things you should probably know about me: -I'm 20...
  20. Ambiloquous

    Fantasy  Nykios and Diianta | Twin Worlds of Night and Day

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