1. Jaredthefox92

    Warmachine and Hordes roleplay?

    I know Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy are popular roleplay topics on here, but what about warmachine and Hordes? Would be really neat to make characters from the Iron Kingdoms of Immoren and see how they all work out, not everyone has to be a warcaster or a warlock too. Would that be a...
  2. GraceOfOurLady

    Fandom  Looking for an RP partner(s) for the grim, dark future

    Hello! My name is GraceOfOurLady (Or just Grace), and I am looking for partners for a one on one roleplay set in the dark future of Warhammer 40k. Some things about me, I can take a few of these at the moment, as I have very few ongoing roleplays. I can respond at least once a day, sometimes...
  3. FearItself

    Realistic or Modern  Golden age: Hero wars.

    Downtown Manhattan Red guard As Joseph stepped out of the precinct having just dropped off a low teir purse snatcher his attention was caught by several pings from his helmet signifying new jobs being posted on the hero work board. He selected the rop of the list to see the new missions...
  4. Trigger

    Realistic or Modern  Cheesy But grounded TOP GUN Rip off

    Wanna fly with the best? Love the 80s? Hop in with the Tophats aboard the USS Greene, a Nimitz class supercarrier. We got pretty ladies, Tomcats, high powered weapons and all the cassettes you want. Seriously though, I’m running a possible Cold War flight rp and I’m looking for wingmen.
  5. VyotteVylicious

    Fantasy  Tales of Torailin (Private)

    Map of Torailin (subject to change through the progression of the story) (Roleplayers @NickNacks and @VyotteVylicious)
  6. Abendego

    Realistic or Modern  Recruit - F.N.G.

    As a new recruit of "Calypso Defensive Solutions", a paramilitary private defense company based in the United States, You'll find yourself paired with a mentor tasked with bringing your potential to an edge. Enjoy a life of training alongside a battle proven agent, and experience the human side...
  7. Trigger

    Realistic or Modern  On the Road to Berlin! (1944-1945)

    Ladies and gents, we’ve come so far since Dunkirk; this momentum cannot be lost. We are currently in Holland, it’s time to push the bloody Jerry’s back to Berlin! (Detailed, squad based WW2 RP. Depictions of warfare not suited for everyone, British rooted and tea-fueled banter accordingly...
  8. Trigger

    Realistic or Modern  Looking for comrades to fight in an alternate version of World War II. No I do not support the Nazis.

    In a plausible version of our Earth, World War II has ravaged both Europe and America, the Axis have pushed the Allies to last sections of China and Britain. It is up to you brave souls to assist the various Allied powers to drive the forces of evil back towards their own lawns. Very detailed...
  9. VyotteVylicious

    Fantasy  War Beyond Our Nations (Looking and Open)

    Hello there! Let me start off by saying I'm VyotteVylicious or as many would call me Vy, and I am looking for a partner that would be dedicated as I am when writing a story we enjoy. I am a novella (my word count ranges from 1500 to 6000 words per post) writer who is in search for someone who...
  10. Sushi Muncher

    Realistic or Modern  Project Brethren [Ongoing|Open]

    Author: @Lexielai Credits: @sugarvine, @Alteras This code leverages flex boxes, transitions, and media queries as its core. It was designed with mobile compatability in mind from the start. Significant credit goes to @sugarvine for providing inspiration and debugging support. Note that this...
  11. FearItself

    Realistic or Modern  The Last Arms Race

    Set in the year 2021 but in a world with a completely different history. 1st world war 1 & 2 were rolled into one 46 year long conflict which cost The lives of more than 500,000,000 people world wide. This war began in 1925 and ended in 1971. The war finally came to an end when the Us unveiled...
  12. That Guy Over There

    Fantasy  Would You Like To Build a Kingdom~? (Isekai/FxF)

    To you isekai fans: Tsuki ga Michibuku, Death Mage, Overlord. There, you now understand my craving. To those of you non-isekai fans: Don't worry! I promise I won't shun you, and we don't even have to play this as an isekai, I just like that as a fun little element. P.S, Isekai means "another...
  13. Rocket Strike

    Realistic or Modern  Behind Enemy Lines

    Takes place in an alternate Earth The year is 1962 The Kingdom of Cartheria is at war with the Gemrarian Republic. The war has been going on for 3 and the Cartherians are now on the retreat. And are hoping to make a counterattack at the Port of Dakahn. This is where you come in. You can be...
  14. Trektek

    Fantasy  Light In The Darkness (IC thread)

    The Imperial Palace The Kelaran Imperium was an institution that had been around since its founding after the events of the Great Demon War thousands of years before. It stretched for thousands of miles from the heavy and hot sands of the Cinbar Desert in the South west, to it's frozen tundras...
  15. FearItself

    Futuristic  Chaotic Cosmos

    Every species has its golden age, for humanity it came during the 23rd century where nuclear energy studies allowed for the first perpetual motion engine. Just like that all of the world energy problems vanished. What followed was a wave of ingenuity that radically changed the human race...
  16. Trektek

    Fantasy  Light in the Darkness

    The Premise The Kelaran Imperium has stood the test of time since it's founding after the Great Demon War thousands of years ago. But now, it's might is beginning to fade. It's enemies both without and within are starting to gather. Warlords and great beasts are nipping at the heels of the...
  17. TerrinX

    Multiple Settings  Many Ideas (FxF)

    Pairings Nerd girl x Popular girl Goddess x Goddess Goddess x Human Werewolf x Human Vampire x Human Park Ranger x Forest Spirit A.I/Andorid x Human Etc/Suggestions welcome Settings Regular Modern Fantasy Zombie Apocolypse Road Trip Space Etc/Suggestions Welcome...
  18. Snackofthefuture

    Multiple Settings  Looking for an RP partner

    RP Partner Search- Hey guys whats up! My name is Connor though I usually go by Snack when it comes to RPs. I am a college freshman alternating between West and East coast for school, I really enjoy writing and drawing having done each respectively as a hobby since around middle school. I've...
  19. SadistPoet

    Futuristic  [Main] Pretty Pretty Slaughter

    July 5th, 2032 The residents of New York City were just winding down from their "Independence Day" celebrations. Despite living in strange times, the tradition never went away. Little did the people of New York that the day following Independence day would become blighted - July 5th, 2032 is...
  20. Steel Accord

    Fandom  For Honor: A worthy opponent.

    Not looking for romance, but camaraderie and friendship would be ideal. Looking to RP with just another player in the setting of For Honor. Could play as allies, enemies, or one then the other due to the shifting nature of the faction war. Now I’m a dedicated Knight and I feel the most...