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  1. Commander Rabbit

    Fandom  Rabbit's Fandom Search

    ♡ About Me ♡ Hi! You can call me Rabbit. I'm 25/f, and I work full time as a dog groomer. I like horror and romance, and love them combined! I'm a shy person, but I'm very friendly and would love to make more friends on this site. I recently took a break from role-playing, as I was overwhelmed...
  2. jessielushesu

    Fandom  Mutli-Fandom Partners for 1x1 !

    Hi! I'm really new here, but I love roleplaying and I am half asleep now so I'll edit this with more info later for now, *Here's a list of things I roleplay* Degrassi The Next Generation: Season 1-7 is not listed at the moment, but it's what I'm looking to roleplay the most! Hello, here's a...
  3. Nocturne.

    Fandom  Umibe: Our Seaside Home | A Pokémon Roleplay — OOC

    For all OOC chatter!
  4. Nocturne.

    Fandom  Umibe: Our Seaside Home | A Pokémon Roleplay — CHARACTER SHEET

    Full Name Age Gender Role Type Specialty (If any.) Pokémon Team 1. Pokémon + Type + Level 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Appearance (Picture or description.) Personality History Extra
  5. Nocturne.

    Fandom  Umibe: Our Seaside Home | A Pokémon Roleplay

    Umibe: a home for Pokémon and human alike. A region off the bay of Pokémon World's famous seaside, it's much like all regions before it: Trainers dream to be the Champion, battling Gym Leaders and fellow Trainers alike to fight their way through the ranks— a variety of Pokémon run awry, which...
  6. TheDragonKing

    Multiple Settings  Roleplay Partner Search. (Fandom or Fantasy)

    Hello All :) I'm looking for roleplay partners that are interested in doing a roleplay with me regarding any of the fandoms I'm interested in (which I will list below) or a fantasy/adventure roleplay that we can collaborate on and come up with ideas for. So, my fandoms are: Avatar: The Last...
  7. kirigiricup

    Multiple Settings  Plotting with kirigiricup? (Craving Seraph of the End)

    Hello all, the name is kirigiricup... kiri for short. And I’m looking for some roleplays! A little things about me: — 18 years old, Cisgender female, feminine pronouns — 8 years of roleplaying experience — Semi advanced to advanced. — A little slow with the replies so be patient please —...
  8. VirtualToken

    Multiple Settings  Pokemon Roleplay ((CLOSED))

    I have a few amount of rules (on my profile) but honestly im open to anything, just really wanna pokemon roleplay... so chat with me if you have questions or a roleplay you wanna do. I usually do Adventure, Romance, Fantasy and so on... so yeah!
  9. Sole Survivor

    Futuristic  Space, Starships, and Aliens? Yes please!

    do aliens intrigue you? does exploring the unknown regions of space pique your interest? then why don't we take a trip to the stars together? currently i'm looking for a couple people who would like to write something that explores the wonders of space. i'll admit this is partly due to my...
  10. HowlingWoods

    Fandom  Doctor Who? : Incoming, the 21st Century Einstein [Looking for someone to play the 10th or 11th Doctor]

    It all started with a simple message to a friend... And so, low and behold, I search for a partner who hopefully is interested in this self-indulgent idea of mine. Below is my character form, followed by what I'm looking for in a partner. Don't stress if you don't meet every requirement! Chat...
  11. Janai

    Fandom  Searching for a 1x1

    hello all I'm Janai and I'm a 23 year old female looking for a 1x1 :) So Im from Australia! I have 8 maybe 10 years roleplay experience. I have limited knowlage in gramma but I know the basics so please don't kill me for that I can write up to 3-4 sentences per post or more. I'm currently...
  12. terutiramisu

    Multiple Settings  Plot with teru?

    Hello so I have no active roleplays going on and I would love to change that! Which is why I’m up for some fandoms and originals! I can do MxM, MxF and FxF. As for fandoms, I only do Canon x OC or Canon x Canon About Me: — Semi advanced to advanced — Can use anime or realistic pictures — Quite...
  13. Autumn W

    Realistic or Modern  Looking for Roleplay Partners! (Fandom's And Pairings Inside)

    Hello and welcome to my roleplay request thread, my name is Autumn but you can call me Audie. I just wanted to say a couple of things before I got into the pairings and things, I'm pacific Daylight time but I say up until three for no reason. I can write up to three or four decent sized...
  14. kqlechips

    Fandom  Red vs Blue?

    Howdy! I'm new to this site so idk how things work exactly, but I'd love to do a RVB roleplay! I'm okay doing canon charas, ocs, or a mix of both. Feel free to contact me with any ideas you have as well! Doesn't need to be a "ship" rp, romance or not is fine. I prefer to rp during the seasons 1...
  15. SociallyAwkwardSoul

    Multiple Settings  Here We Go Again

    Bored in the house and I’m in the house bored- Okay, so let me just say this: I’m pretty sure I’m a terrible person. If I offend you in any way, shape, or form, please tell me so I can fix it. That’s all for my quick author’s note ................ Getting into many different types of rps, and...
  16. LucyInTheSky

    Fandom  Looking For A Roleplay Partner

    Okay, let’s try this again! I’m looking for a short term/long term roleplay partner. There will be some days that I may not be able to reply much, but I will most definitely make up for it when I have free days. I just work a lot! I’m looking for someone who is over the age of 18. I am in my...
  17. Discord12333

    Fandom  Bendy and the Ink Machine/MHA RP (OPEN!!!)

    Hey all! I am new to RPN and was hoping to make a new friend on here! I'm currently looking for a semi literate partner (2-3 sentences) who is intrested in doing a BATIM or MHA role-play! I'm cool with using oc's since I have a few myself. As for the story, we can collaborate on that if you...
  18. calamity__

    Fandom  multiple fandom 1v1 checks : )

    Hello all my name is calamity and I am searching for a rp partner or two !! I have never used this site before so I am a bit of a novice when it comes to how it works and where things are, and the lingo around here, but I do believe I am in the right spot for this lol. I do not know how people...
  19. LucyInTheSky

    Multiple Settings  Searching

    Hello everyone! I just recently started watching some new television shows (new to me, not new to the world) and I thought it would be really fun to get back into roleplay again! I am really, REALLY searching for someone to do a One Tree Hill roleplay with. I’d really like to roleplay as Brooke...
  20. pekoyama

    Fandom  Canon x OC Fandoms Roleplay? DOUBLING INCLUDED!

    *insert very awkward greeting here* okay so I’m new here but am not new to roleplaying! Anyways since I’m mostly into fandoms, I’d love to do a Canon x OC Roleplay as long as we double up to keep things fair. I will do ANY gender pairing. MxF, FxF, MxM, etc... I’d like for my partners to be...