1. BearlyHana

    Adachi Akahiko Academy (Open)

    CS: Adachi Akahiko Academy CS Welcome to Adachi Akahiko Academy, your average anime slice of life high school! This RP will focus on high school students and their lives. Adachi Akahiko Academy is a boarding school so every student has dorms. It also features uniforms. Rules: Nothing beyond...
  2. BearlyHana

    Adachi Akahiko Academy CS

    If you're applying for this RP use this template! Appearance: Name: Age: Gender: Sexual Orientation: Personality: Style: Likes: Dislikes: Fears:
  3. Illusive

    Taking Auditions - Rise to fame -closed now-

    Auditions were going on for a new up and coming band. Two best friends decided that they were good enough to face the world and rise to fame. They put adds in the paper, put posters all around their small town looking for musicians of all sorts. They wanted to create a new rock/metal band take...
  4. Amber10170221

    Fantasy Looking for detailed rp partners. Ignore prefix

    My name is Amber and I looking for partners who enjoy lengthy replies and creative detail. I like fantasy, modern day, realistic and slice of life roleplays. I have a variety of characters. I like to play my own gender or double. I only do mxf. Sometimes I will play a side character who is f//...
  5. kyuri

    Realistic/Modern Restless Nights || LF male

    X parties, makes noise - everything to escape the crippling agony. Z stays at home, blinds drawn, in constant pain from their own actions. On their way to possibly do something stupid, Z stumbles upon the club - of course the very place that X tends to go. Z considers taking at least one last...
  6. The Darkling

    Fantasy Looking for easy going partner for 1x1

    HELLO! My name is Velika and im looking for someone to partner up with for 1x1 possibly long term but someone who is ok with my not being able to reply 24/7. I really enjoy fantasy and slice of life RP and either MxF or MxM I dont mind either way :) its always fun to go over ideas as well. A...
  7. DeerPrince

    Realistic/Modern Roleplay with me?

    Hey there! It's me again.... I'm XiaoLu, or Lulu, whatever you wish to call me, and I'm a semi/advanced lit roleplayer. My responses range from about 300 to 3000 words depending on how inspired I am at the moment, but I will almost never give you less than three decent sized paragraphs to work...
  8. Virgil

    Realistic/Modern Partner research | Ideas

    Okay, so straight to the point. I am, as a player, into storylines that include drugs use, violence, and crime. Whatever can be added to that (like eventual romance) is totally fine with me. I personally have - at the moment - four kinds of plots in my mind and I will state them in a few. If...
  9. paranoid

    Realistic/Modern ♡ s e a r c h i n g ♡ o p e n ♡

    i n f o r m a t i o n hi! i'm paranoid. you can call me multiple things, i don't mind. i'm looking for a partner(s)! i haven't been roleplaying for a decade, but i have been roleplaying long enough if everyone wants me to stick around. i tend to play female characters more often, just because...
  10. SilverBlack

    Character Sheet Format

    Character Sheet Name: Gender: Age: Appearance: Personality: Brief Description of Their World: Memories: Powers/Abilities:   ~One character per roleplayer ~For appearance, a picture (preferably anime or semi-realistic picture) and a brief description is...
  11. SilverBlack

    Renaia - Realm of New Life

      R E N A I A Where do we go after we die? A question frequently pondered upon, and a question that has no definite answer. Do the good-doers go to heaven? Do the more wicked go to hell? Maybe some of the deceased do go to heaven and hell, but for others, their souls go to another...
  12. Kumiko Oumae

    With In the hedge.

       It all started thirteen years ago of a small band of people kidnapping young girls all over the region of japan. Kidnapping around twenty  of them and trapping them with in a large garden maze with in a tall cement barrier surrounded by trees . It at first was a scam to get a bunch of money...
  13. Samoyed

    Fandom Mad House! Character Sheet -

    Name (must start with the letter M):    Which child are they?:   (7months-9 years old for youngsters, 10-12 for the middle child, 13-17 years old for the big siblings.) Age:   Gender:   Appearance(I would prefer a real photo.)   Personality:  ...
  14. Samoyed

    The Mad House!

    Welcome to the Mad family! A rambunctious family of fifteen in their six bedroom, two in a half bathroom and a makeshift bedroom out of a den for the parents in their two story suburban house in Santa Rosa, California. Michelle and Matt Mad met each other in high school and been in love ever...
  15. Corgi

    Be My Bodyguard

        The biggest corporation headed by one of the most famous families in the nation. Though, this business has some bad rumors going around about it, that on the inside it's harsh, that this place might be ran almost like a crime syndicate. Still, nobody really knows what goes on at...
  16. Myla

    ✿ Slice of Life RPs ✿

    Ellos! :3 Rules and stuff you may want to know: ஐI usually only do F x M and FxF.ஐI could RP as Female or male, doesn't matter to me. However, I do have a slight preference to RPing as a female, but I definitely don't mind rping as a guy. ^^ஐGrammar! I don't mind spelling errors as long...
  17. Xey

    Town Of Secrets

    coding done by @Oasis @Adira @Zatanna @Illusive @MidnightSoul[/center] [/bG]{/slide} {slide=333| additional } Hello, I am Xeyran and this my first Rp as a gm so please forgive me if I make some mistakes or some parts of the Rp are not done well. For starters I'd like to...
  18. BIOPrototype3729

    Robert's Academy of Weaponry

    Credit to Yuu (Plasm) for the art. "Welcome, dear students and colleagues, to an academy unlike most. An academy where the firing trajectory of a round is simple maths. Where the effects of white phosphorus are the norm in biology and chemistry classes. Where horsepower and kilowatts are...
  19. Zer0

    The Cofee Pot Café (closed)

    In a major trading city by the ocean, sitting on top of a hill overlooking the sea, is a café owned by a time-travelling witch who grants wishes. If there is something you desire, or if mysterious things are happening and no one can help, come to us in The Coffee Pot café and for a price, we...
  20. TheGossipLink

    Undertale, trying to live a normal life! (Open!)

    Ruins, and Snowdin! Please post any content that takes place in the Ruins, or the general Snowdin area here.