1. LadyOfStars

    Fantasy  Saga of Two Worlds

    Once again man’s hubris has brought about an unfortunate outcome, this time caused by the overreaching of the Emperor. From the imperial throne he ordered the death of the Water Dragon, guardian of the border between the mortal and spirit worlds. In her death that invisible barrier has fallen...
  2. Jigajig

    Fantasy  テンブレード: The Ten Blades

    500 years ago, close to the Grand City of Souraoi there was a swordsman of the utmost skill, living within the mountain side. He was wise, benevolent, patient, and a skilled fighter and a legendary blacksmith, earning him the title "Waizu Kenshi". Waizu Kenshi one day had a terrible vision. He...
  3. gwenpool

    Fantasy  Tales of Jeogoa *sign-ups*

    ROLEPLAY THREAD: TBA OOC THREAD:Fantasy - Tales of Jeogoa *OOC* LORE THREAD: Fantasy - Tales of Jeogoa *Lore* Admins: @Gelatinous and @Mystical Birb Tales of Jeogoa is a fantasy setting of politics, magic, spirits, and what have you. This is semi-sandbox, meaning as long as you understand and...
  4. ParrotParfait

    Multiple Settings  Some tea or some food perhaps?

    Hello, my name is Jin-Ho, and I'd like to have a chat with someone, but not of the usual fare. In this roleplay, I'll be serving food and drinks I make myself while having a nice chat. Who, you may ask, am I having a chat with? Anyone you so desire! From a space opera, an urban fantasy, a...
  5. enzerubebii

    Multiple Settings  a gods need love too rp

    a lil pitch for vday if anyone is interested. Some gods have it all.. the lifestyle...the affections....however what happens when one religion of a god kills another? This is what happened to Anubis. Little to some know but he had a wife. Anput. She was his loyal lover and protector of Osiris...
  6. Ambiloquous

    Fantasy  Cyphra | About Zeros

    Cyphra Zero. A placeholder digit, an arithmetic symbol denoting the absence of anything, the additive identity, an oval standing on its shorter curve, and a mark invented by a bunch of post-primates who one day decided “you know, it would be nice to have a character representing nothing”. While...
  7. MitsuMitsu

    Fantasy  Alice in Wanderland-- IC

    As soon as your character is accepted and you have an idea for your first post, you can start. RULES (in no specific order): The basic rules of any roleplay-- no god-modding, no metagaming, no killing other people's characters without permission, etc Please make sure your posts are at least...
  8. MitsuMitsu

    Fantasy  Alice in Wanderland-- a darker Alice in Wonderland roleplay

    OOC: Fantasy - Alice in Wanderland-- OOC Lore: Fantasy - Alice in Wanderland-- Lore IC: Fantasy - Alice in Wanderland-- IC CS: Fantasy - Alice in Wanderland-- Character Sheet In a world below Wonderland is Wanderland. This is where the remains of the creations of Wonderland live, where...
  9. Wojak.

    Nation Building  Considering doing a WW3 RP, anybody interested?

    Post name says it all really, but I’ll explain a little further. I was wondering what would happen if WW3 had started in early 2020, and what this timeline would be like! This is my first time in a nation building RP, so I hope you can all bear with me! Feel free to ask questions and make...
  10. InsaneBlathers

    Fandom  Levaithan Lands
    Index: Prolouge - Bud Town + Route 1

    Prolouge Bud Town + Route 1 Layout Bud Town is a small town, with not much to see. There are basic accomodations (Pokecenter + mart), an inn called the Brooding Rookidee Inn, a port, and a lab for travelling reasearchers to use, which is often occupied. Researchers like to observe the strange...
  11. NeoGlorian

    Fantasy  Land of Feroxia - [Lore] [Adventure] [Romanic or Platonic] [Long Term]

    From the perpetually-shrouded lands of Mystenvale to the Wild and Magical Fae forests of Afauna, and from the Crystal-rich mountains of Havenrift to the colossal Dire trees of Cyrenor and everywhere in-between, Feroxoia is a land filled with history, magic and mystery. Feroxia is medieval high...
  12. InsaneBlathers

    Fandom  Leviathan Lands
    Index: CS

    Plot The Seamint is a legendary treasure that is supposedly able to provide one with enough funds to have anything they could ever want. The problem? It is rumored to be on an island that only takes physical form once every three years. Go on an adventure with your Pokemon, travelling through...
  13. Reinhardt

    Fantasy  The Roaring Sky

    TALES OF VERATTIA:The Roaring Sky It had been several weeks since the day that the Stormchasers was formed. To many, it was marked the start of a new age - where fear of the storm would soon be no more, where those who have fled would be able to return to their homes. To some, it was a futile...
  14. Reinhardt

    Fantasy  The Roaring Sky

    TALES OF VERATTIA:The Roaring Sky Valheim, one of the many continents scattered across the vast world of Verattia, once stood proud in its unmistakable glory. United under one banner, the people of land lived in peace and prosperity. With the Geirskul Empire's just and firm leadership, they...
  15. BorkTheDoge

    Nation Building  What if the Axis won WW2 RP/Minor World Building

    Hello to all who may be interested. This is just an interest check for an rp that will take place, in alternate timeline. Specifically one where the Axis Powers won the second world war as you could obviously tell by the title. While this unfortunate world and the rp that it will take...
  16. LofiCat

    Multiple Settings  ‘Vacations In The Last Days Of Earth’ Interest check thing

    H i So, I was sleeping, and then, it hit me, what if- I host an roleplay for once in my life about a ‘last days of earth’ plot.. thing! So uh- heres this! A small group of highschool friends decide to spend their Summer Break together on a small island, since somehow their parents where nowhere...
  17. The Chrestomanci

    Multiple Settings  Creating community outside societal norms

    Mostly I want to create beautiful stories that subvert societal norms and assumptions. I'm interested in the ways marginalized groups can make space for themselves outside dominant culture. Basically belonging outside belonging systems but without the rules. Found family living on a farm...
  18. FireMaiden

    Fantasy  For Astoria! (Reboot)

    The journey to solving the mystery to what's happening in Astoria and stopping what may be a giant tragedy, is a long one. Chapter One
  19. gwenpool

    Fandom  Transgressions -- A Multifandom RP *OOC*

    Role-play thread: Fandom - Transgressions -- A Multifandom RP *roleplay thread* Signups: Fandom - Transgressions -- A Multifandom RP *sign-ups* Admins: Myself, @Gelatinous , @oki_den , @Mystical Birb This is for general discussion, as well as any planning you wanted to do with people.
  20. gwenpool

    Fandom  Transgressions -- A Multifandom RP *roleplay thread*

    SIGN-UPS: Fandom - Transgressions -- A Multifandom RP *sign-ups* OOC: Fandom - Transgressions -- A Multifandom RP *OOC* Admins: Myself, @Gelatinous , @oki_den , @Mystical Birb