1. PerpetualAnxiety

    Sanders Sides Roleplay

    I'm looking for people who would like to roleplay Sanders Sides. I generally roleplay as Virgil and Remi, but I am able to roleplay as Logan.
  2. Le Fuzzy Maraca

    On The Battlefield

    You play as a man from Roman times. You're sitting inside your home, thinking about life. Suddenly, you hear a knock on the door. You go to answer it. You slowly open up the door, and a man in military armour stands before you. "Hello, sir. Are you.." What will be your name? A. Mytus Regulan...
  3. Ari Watson

    Realistic/Modern Need 1 guy for a One Couple

    Ari's brother is the head of a gang. Brendon is the head of their rival gang. . Brendon and his crew come to Ari's family's warehouse to buy drugs from her brother, but when the rivals get in a fight over the amount of money that should be paid what happens with Brendon and Ari? will he protect...
  4. Elwin

    Nation Building Atrocitas City - Future dystopian fantasy RP

    Hey there! I am looking for a partner who would be willing and motivated to build this world and the stories within it. I want someone fairly wordy and literate who isn't afraid to develop multiple characters and secondary characters throughout, of both genders. I have left the plot fairly vague...
  5. zebedeebones

    End of the Olympians

    OOC Chat: End of the Olympians OOC Character sheet page: End of the Olympians CS list This RP is set in 500BC in an alternate timeline where magic and the Greek Gods exist, along with practically all the crazy shenanigans that happened. Except in this timeline Olympus was overthrown, this is...
  6. NeonCLockwork

    Interest Check : Thomas Sanders' Others?

    Hellooo! Would anyone be interested in a rp with Anxiety and Roman? I have a Prompt already written out, I just want to know if anyone would be interested in doing it.
  7. Invidia

    Fandom Lost Items - PJO/HoO RP (LadyMasquerade x RudeDude)

    @RudeDude feel free to post le starter here :')
  8. Sol.

    Fantasy Loyalty is Earned {Sol. x XiaoLu}

              Face Claim: Dallas Flashman Wade Credit: angeldustmt.tumblr Character Name: Lar Macrinius Age: 31 {roleplay with @XiaoLu} "It's not my fault! Do you understand me!" The voice echoed through the camp, men surrounded the Camp Prefect as he was held tightly, struggling against the bonds...
  9. SleepyBuddha

    Titulus Zilean

    Name: Titulus Zilean Age: Immortal (stuck at 25) Gender: Male Pronouns: He his him Orientation: [Your preferences.] Species: technically human Cabin: [Which cabin are you in? Will be assigned.] Personality: Calm Quiet Absent minded Kind...
  10. dwale

    Camp Daybreak

    .overall { width: 471px; background-image: url(""); height: 265px; overflow: scroll; margin: auto; color: white; font-size: 30px; border-radius: 10px; }...
  11. Shepard

    Imperium! - CARPE ROMA

    Quo Usque Pro Roma Ibis? Have you ever played Rome Total War and wished you could play it with your own individual twist? That's what CARPE ROMA is here to do.    I've been dying to have a Roman era RP. Rome would be split RTW style with as many houses as necessary and the SPQR...
  12. FirstAidan

    Roman Slave and master RP (ignore prefix)

    Hey so I've been doing a bit of research lately on the ide of slavery in the Roman era.  It's so topical.  I'd LOVE to RP it (not in a kink way.  Nah).   I think my character would be the slave, taken from Brittania in a battle. He is a miller's hand so is unskilled.  So isn't seen as being...
  13. dwale

    Daybreak Institute

    d a y b r e a k / i n s t i t u t e {slide=open|200|WITH EACH END, COMES A NEW BEGINNING}he camp that had become a safe haven for demi-gods all over the world, was destroyed. Several young heroes lost their lives to the warring elements around them, finding themselves fighting those they once...
  14. dwale

    Camp Daybreak

    Camp Daybreak Our Program Demi-Gods of all shapes and sizes are welcome to our camp anytime of the year! We provide a monster-free and safe environment for Greeks, Romans, and the occasional Egyptian. Our program is funded by the Gods themselves and we have plenty experiences campers...
  15. John Raptorfist

    Teutoberg (Always Accepting)

    After the crushing defeat at the hands of the Germanic tribes, the Roman legions have retreated back across the Rhine. But this peace will surely not last forever. The Romans will return in greater numbers to finally conquer the German lands. The tribes must band together or fall divided.
  16. Boondox

    Stolen right from underneath your nose. (One on one)

    Under construction. A roman based rp with @Circus Girl Patches
  17. Ryzokuken

    WarGames: Clash of the Mythologies

    WarGames: Clash of the Mythologies Okay, so I've planned about this for a pretty long time, is anyone up for a Clash of Mythologies kinda Nation Building RP, in where heroes and characters from a variety of regions and cultures fight for dominance. It would be kinda cool, I think, and...
  18. travelbypages

    We're Never Leaving

    In 1964, people were being sent to Asylums by the mass. Whether is was because you were homosexual, you were blamed for crimes, interracial loves, or other little reasons that should not be a big deal but are to the society. What were you submitted my doctors note, or by society differences...
  19. Musik Addikt

    The Assassination School

    As soon as you're accepted you can start. Korosensei Koro-sensei flies into the classroom, through the window,"Sorry I'm late class. THe US Government weren't very hospitable. Now then I will do roll call while all of you attempt to assassinate me. Good Luck!" He takes out a notepad as...
  20. Leggomyeggo


    So yous guys, me and a friend of mine once had this roleplay about a Colosseum. Yup that Colosseum, anywho we were talking about a reboot and it'd be awesome if some more people would be interested in joining cause its always more fun that way. It's basically just an era roleplay taking place...